follow up on october workshop and overview on opposition in europe n.
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Follow up on October workshop and overview on Opposition in Europe PowerPoint Presentation
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Follow up on October workshop and overview on Opposition in Europe

Follow up on October workshop and overview on Opposition in Europe

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Follow up on October workshop and overview on Opposition in Europe

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  1. Follow up on October workshop and overview on Opposition in Europe EuroNGOs membership meeting 18 February 2005 Elizabeth Bennour, Director, Programme & Advocacy

  2. Opposition Workshop,4-5 October 2004, Brussels Workshop Objectives • To update knowledge and share information on new strategies/initiatives of the opposition in US and in Europe • To assess developments in the situation of opposition in Europe since 2003 and review actions/tools developed • To develop ways in which SRHR actors in Europe can use common pro-active approaches in advocacy and monitoring of the opposition

  3. Outputs/outcomes • Kept up momentum around opposition • Alerted participants on latest developments (e.g. Article 51, Lithuania, etc.) Action plan: • Parliamentarians • Sexuality education • Calendar of important events for 2004-2005

  4. Action Plan (1) • Consolidate the Brussels-based SRHR group and allocate tasks • Collect background information on MEPs and MPs – supportive and anti-choice • Approach MEPs and MPs open to SRHR, develop, maintain and cultivate relationships, provide quality and timely information • Produce fact sheets on opposition groups • Develop EuroNGOs website to store opposition news and host action alerts • Set up EuroNGOs Opposition List Serve

  5. Action Plan (2) • Develop guidelines/system for action alerts • Provide update and information on the opposition at the key international meetings in 2005 • Set common line of thinking and definition of sexuality education • Inform MEPs and remind supportive MEPs of existing reports and documents calling for comprehensive sex education

  6. Action Plan (3) • Introduce concept of sexuality education in EU Fora • Survey on Parents’ support for comprehensive sex education • Document existing information about myths of sex education • Meet with Vice-Chair of EP Women’s Rights Committee • Increase Youth participation

  7. Follow up on Opposition • Post-workshop coordination left very loose • IPPF EN agreed to report back at EuroNGOs meeting Issue: How to coordinate information flows, action and resources EuroNGOs Opposition task Force: agreed principles – October 2003 (revised)

  8. Opposition Resource Guide Opposition Resource Guide: a European view IPPF EN with PAI, PPFA, SIECUS

  9. Latest news on Opposition in Europe (1) • Buttiglione rejected as European Commissioner for Justice and Home Affairs • Irish woman (D.) takes Ireland to European Court for Human Rights arguing that inability to have an abortion in Ireland was in breach of her human rights. • UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural rights has urged Malta and Poland to review/liberalize their abortion legislation and SRHR policies. Euro-Fam campaigns against UN position. • Swiss anti-choice movement defeated in plebiscite on new law allowing embryonic stem cell research under strict conditions and did not succeed to collect the 50000 signatures to obtain a new plebiscite! • Swedish anti-choice organizations hold hearing in Swedish parliament on medical abortion

  10. Latest news on Opposition in Europe (2) • French opposition created coalition “30 years, it’s enough” on 30th anniversary of decriminalization of abortion in France • Secretary general of the Episcopal Conference, created an uproar within the Church when he said: "Artificial contraception has its place in the integrated and global fight against AIDS. The church is very worried and concerned by the problem." • New anti-choice organization in Finland to lobby against abortion. • Rejection of authorization for medical abortion in Lithuania

  11. Latest news on Opposition in Europe (3) The Slovak Situation: • Draft Treaty between Slovakia and the Holy See about to be voted by the government • Catholic actors to interfere in all spheres of society • A precedent for the opposition movement in Europe? • Slovak MA alerted IPPF EN: Statement to support SRHR and Women’s Rights in the Slovak Republic (January), distributed to all MAs of the region, to relevant key politicians in Europe: action was coordinated with IPPF CO – wide support and feedback • MSI circulated the news on WorldPop list serve • Article on Zaborska by Mary-Ann Stephenson, Monday February 7, 2005 – The Guardian