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Medical Marijuana In California

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Medical Marijuana In California - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Medical Marijuana In California. Are we taking advantage of the medicine?. By Peter Gil. http://medical-marijuana- /medical-marijuana-blog/ wp -content/uploads/2011/02/san- diego -medical- marijuana.jpg. Where is it from?.

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Medical Marijuana In California

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medical marijuana in california

Medical Marijuana In California

Are we taking advantage of the medicine?

By Peter Gil

where is it from
Where is it from?
  • Where the original flower is from is too far to accurately conclude.
  • The original purpose of this plant was to be used in order to create hemp for clothing, ropes and all sort of material goods.
  • In fact it was cultivated by the original settlers of this nation including George Washington in Mount Vernon.
  • Yet It was a known medical substance used by the ancient Chinese, Indians, and older civilizations

La Cucaracha, La Cucaracha

  • It is said to be brought up by the Mexicans that used marijuana for recreational use.
  • The plant was then cultivated for smoking use in California soon after but in fact it has been in use for medical purposes before.

The cucaracha, the cucaracha,Doesn't want to travel onBecause she hasn't,Oh no, she hasn'tMarihuana for to smoke.

La cucaracha,

la cucaracha,Ya no quierescaminar,Porque no tienes,Porque le falta,Marihuana quefumar.

what is medical marijuana
What is “medical Marijuana”?
  • Around the 1850s Medical marijuana in the extract form was available at all pharmacies in the US.
  • Yet in the beginning of the 20th century, The US government made the selling and buying of this product illegal in did not have the poison label on it.
  • In California 1889, a bill was passed that no marijuana was to be sold, bought, prepared, or owned without the prescription form a physician.

prop 215 compassionate use act of 1996
Prop 215Compassionate Use Act of 1996
  • This Prop was Conceived by Dennis Peron after the lost of his wife, who was diagnosed with AIDS.
  • Those in favor included the San Francisco Attorney Terence Hallinan
  • It allowed for patients with a prescription from their physician to own and cultivate marijuana for their own medical needs. This later allowed for dispensaries and clinics.
  • This was a state wide bill and Medical Marijuana is still illegal under Federal Law.

the prescription
The Prescription
  • A Physician will issue this statement to anyone they “consider” to need it.
  • The most common prescription are given to these: AIDS, anorexia, arthritis, cachexia, cancer, chronic pain, glaucoma, migraine, persistent muscle spasms, seizures, severe nausea, and any other serious chronic or persistent medical symptom
  • But they are many other medical symptom that can also be prescribed to.

what is cannabis
What is Cannabis?
  • It can be broken down to different main types of strains: Indica and Sativa
  • Indica Strain: Is a relaxant that is recommended for those with pain.
  • Sativa Strain: Is a stimulant that increases hunger and attention,
  • The Hybrid strain: A mixture of both
indica strain examples
Indica Strain examples

Grape Ape

Master Kush

sativa strain examples
Sativa Strain examples

Jack Herer

Green Crack

hybrid strain examples
Hybrid Strain examples

OG Headband

Blue Dream

medical marijuana dispensaries
Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
  • This are non-profit business that allow patients with a physician prescription to purchase their medication without any interference of the law.
  • They carry all the strains, edibles, and concentrates
  • Websites such as allows for quick an easy help on location to your nearest dispensary and their menu.
weedmaps com
edibles and concentrates
Edibles and Concentrates
  • There exist Different manners in which a patient can use marijuana besides inhaling.
  • Edibles come in many different forms. There is brownies, cookies, cake, candy, drinks, and even ice cream
  • Concentrates can be inhaled and it is stronger than regular buds due to the fact that it is the THC cannabinoids from the pant.
edibles and concentrates examples
Edibles and Concentrates examples

Edibles range from low doses

To really high doses

These are Honeycomb, oil, and melt.

can i get my medical card
Can I get my Medical Card?
  • Yes, it is that easy.
  • In today’s market the physicians have specialized in medical evaluations
  • The more of these clinics open up the cheaper it has become to get evaluated.
  • In fact there are many clinics that will match any price and it takes a matter of minutes to get certified.

taking advantage
Taking advantage?
interview w medical patient
Interview w/ Medical Patient
  • Are you a Medical Marijuana Patient?
  • “Yes I have been a card holder for over a year now”
  • If you don’t mind, for what reason did you acquire your prescription for?
  • “In all honesty, I got my prescription from a small medical clinic in the sunset for $50…haha I said I had insomnia and stress”
  • Did the physician not recommend you try other medications for your symptoms?
  • “Are you kidding me? I literally walked into his office he asked me why I needed a prescription and in a minute he signed my prescription”
  • Do you medicate often?
  • “Yes, having a medical card allows you access into these dispensaries and these clubs have a nice spread of bud so it is hard to resist”
  • Last question, Do you think the medical marijuana program is being taken advantage of?
  • “Honestly yes, take me for example, I bought my prescription and so have many of those who come to these clubs. The system has become corrupted by the doctors and dispensaries because they allow for anyone to get their card so that the clubs have more patients”
interview w bud tender
Interview w/ Bud Tender
  • What is a bud tender?
  • “Well it is similar to a bar tender but we serve the needs of the patients that come into the dispensaries and help them choose the best fit to their needs”
  • Are you a patient as well?
  • “Yes, I have been a card holder for 8 months or so and I found a job as a bud tender here at Waterfall Wellness”
  • Are all the patients you serve knowledgeable of what strain they need?
  • “No way, most first time patients have no clue, all they want is bud at first”
  • Have you seen a rise in the amount of patients you serve?
  • “Yes, I saw a huge increase of patients since summer has begun and many of them come in all the time”
  • Do you believe that all the patients that walk into the dispensaries are real patients?
  • “Well that is not for me to judge as long as they have their prescription they are allowed to buy as much as they need”
  • Last Question, do you believe that many are taking advantage of the medical marijuana system in California?
  • “Yes of course, especially cause it’s California, everyone smokes weed here and the fact that there exist clinics that are specifically made for cannabis prescription, there is no doubt that people get legal weed now a days”
arguments against medical marijuana
Arguments against Medical Marijuana
  • Medical Marijuana in California is only going to increase the amount of those who use the substance
  • The Medical Marijuana system is going to be taken advantage of by those looking to make a profit.
  • The Federal Government still has a strict zero tolerance of marijuana so even though some states have legalized it, it still remains illegal across the country.

the reality of medical marijuana
The Reality of Medical Marijuana
  • Medical Marijuana has been beneficial to those with legitimate symptoms.
  • In the last 2 years there has been many new dispensaries and clinics.
  • The amount of prescribed patients have increased with the new clinics that are specialized for medical marijuana cards.
  • And yes many are taking advantage of the system because of the availability in California
how to solve the issue
How to solve the issue?
  • It can simply be legalized and taxed.
  • But the the issue with legalizing marijuana is that there will still be the issue of taxing the plant and also the legal age in which it can be purchased.
  • In California, prop 19 was recently on the ballot which allowed for the legalization of marijuana but it failed.

in conclusion
In Conclusion…
  • Like any other substances in the world, we find a manner to abuse of it.
  • Although Marijuana has existed for thousands of years as a medical substance, we have found a manner to use it for pleasure.
  • Whether this drug will ever be regulated properly or simply legalized, we must find a manner to properly use it before hand.
  • Thank you for your time.
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