integrated coastal zone management l.
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Integrated Coastal Zone Management

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Integrated Coastal Zone Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Integrated Coastal Zone Management. Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency. Legislations. Law 4/94 for the Protection of the Environment Article 5 Responsibility of EEAA for Preparing ICZM Plans in coordination and cooperation with all relevant authorities

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Integrated Coastal Zone Management

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integrated coastal zone management

Integrated Coastal Zone Management

Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency

  • Law 4/94 for the Protection of the Environment
    • Article 5 Responsibility of EEAA for Preparing ICZM Plans in coordination and cooperation with all relevant authorities
  • Prime Minister Executive Regulation 338/95 of the Law 4/94
  • Minister of Environment Decision No 59/98 for the composition and function of the ICZM Committee.

Committee for Integrated Coastal Zone Management

Chairmanship of EEAA

Ministries of

  • Water Resources & Irrigation
  • Agriculture.
  • Planning
  • Maritime Affairs
  • Defense
  • Public Work


  • Privet Sectors
  • NGO’s
  • Advisors

Specified Agencies

  • Shoreline Protection
  • Fisheries Development
  • Ports & Light house
  • Urban Planning
  • Tourism Development
  • Egyptian Petroleum
  • Inst. Oceanography & Fisheries
function of the committee
Function of the Committee
  • Coordinate the action between coastal activities, land use planning and resources development.
  • In case of conflict of interest, define responsibilities and harmonize actions.
  • Balance the benefit between development activities and carrying capacity to insure sustainable development.
  • Prepare ICAM Plans and raise it for adoption.
  • Adopt rehabilitation plans for damaged ecosystems
  • Review environmental national contingency plans & raise them for adoption.
  • Evaluate & harmonize all development plans in the coastal zone and resolve conflicts.
definition of the coastal zone
Definition of the Coastal Zone

Is the land-sea interface extending seawards to the territorial water and landwards for at least 30 km in the desert areas, unless major topographical features interrupt its course. In the lower Nile Delta region, the landward extend up to contour line 3.0 m +.

definition of the integrated coastal zone management
Definition of theIntegrated Coastal Zone Management

It’s a Dynamic and Iterative Process Initiated, Designed and Implemented by the Government to:

  • Resolve conflicts among different uses of coastal resources, including Land-uses;
  • Promote Sustainable Development and Uses of the Coastal Zone Resources.
iczm means
ICZM Means
  • Integration of Objectives.
  • Integration of Instruments need to meet these Objectives.
  • Integration of Strategies, Sectors and other levels of Administration Policies.
  • Integration of Terrestrial and Marine components of the target area.
iczm includes
ICZM Includes
  • Information Collection
  • Development of Strategic Policy to guide Land Use Planning
  • Improvement of Decision Making Process
  • Managing and Monitoring the process.
directives of iczm plan
Directives of ICZM Plan

Within the limits set by the natural dynamic of the concerned systems and, taking into consideration the carrying and assimilative capacity of the coastal area. The long term objectives shall:

  • Balance the Benefits from:
    • Economic development and human uses of CZ
    • Protecting, preserving and restoring CZ
  • Minimize loss of human life and property
  • Insure public access to and enjoyment of CZ
directives iczm process
Directives ICZM Process

Shall insure

  • Awareness of issues of common concern
  • Facilitate the Dialogue and Exchange of views among interested and affected parties
  • Support the Cooperation among all parties
  • Basis for Coordination of Action
  • Fosters Integration & Harmonization of Management Plans
economic sectors involved
Economic Sectors Involved
  • Fisheries, Fish Farming and Agriculture.
  • Mineral & Oil Extraction, Petrochemicals & Refineries, Power Generation, and Industry in general.
  • Shipbuilding, Ports & Marinas, Tourism, Airports & air transport.
  • Governmental activities, Recreation activities, Military & Defense, Etc.
constrains and obstacles
Constrains and Obstacles
  • Legal conflicts among stakeholders
  • Lake of adequate legislations
  • Economic conflicts
  • Financial constrains
  • Political influences
  • Decision making and taking processes
environmental challenges
Environmental Challenges
  • Coastal erosion, and Sediment movement.
  • Water & Air pollution and Water Sanitation
  • Population growth, Tourism & Recreation, Mineral extraction and Over-fishing.
  • Transport congestion & Urban expansion.
  • Endangered & migrants species, & Habitat loss.
proposed iczm process
Proposed ICZM Process
  • Historical perspective
    • Major coastal environment.
    • Relative values of coastal resources.
      • Coastal & Commercial fisheries;
      • Coastal tourism;
      • Ports and shipping; etc.
    • Resource uses & activities.
    • Critical problems.
proposed iczm process15
Proposed ICZM Process
  • Governance Structure
    • Property rights in the Coastal Area (relative right of the public and private sectors).
    • Governance of Coastal Area (responsibilities, legal power, government organization and procedures).
proposed iczm process16
Proposed ICZM Process
  • Decision Making
    • Who makes critical decisions?
    • What criteria & information are used?
    • What are the major factors that influence decision-making?
    • How are decisions implemented and enforced?
proposed iczm process17
Proposed ICZM Process
  • Program Evaluation
    • Critical problems being addressed;
    • Critical problems not being addressed;
    • Ability of Governance Structure and Decision-Making process to address problems;
    • Prospects for changes.