the wmo gaw integrated global aerosol observing and analysis system n.
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The WMO/GAW Integrated Global Aerosol Observing and Analysis System PowerPoint Presentation
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The WMO/GAW Integrated Global Aerosol Observing and Analysis System

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The WMO/GAW Integrated Global Aerosol Observing and Analysis System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The WMO/GAW Integrated Global Aerosol Observing and Analysis System
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  1. John A. OgrenChairman, GAW Science Advisory Group for Aerosols Earth System Research Laboratory National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Boulder, CO, USA (with a lot of help from Len Barrie and Urs Baltensperger) The WMO/GAW Integrated Global Aerosol Observing and Analysis System

  2. OBJECTIVE • Improve climate and air quality assessments and predictions...through measurements and analysis of the spatio-temporal distribution of aerosol properties for up to multidecadal time scales

  3. Highlights from 2009 SAG Meeting • Updated the list of recommended variables • "core" variables unchanged • promoted some "intermittent" variables to "continuous" category, notably vertical profiles • Proposed transfer of WDCA to NILU • NILU is already hosting multiple long-term databases, can host WDCA with little extra work • Workshop on developing an international network of aerosol networks • Two new members, one new chairman • representing data user and satellite remote sensing communities

  4. Components of Integrated System • In-situ observations • Surface sites, ships, aircraft, balloons • Remote sensing observations • Ground-based and satellite • Active (lidar) and passive (radiometer) • Models • Weather forecasting • Climate forcing predictions • Air quality • Synthesis Products

  5. GAW Aerosol Variables • Core, continuous measurements • Aerosol optical depth at multiple wavelengths • Mass concentration in two size fractions • Major chemical components in two size fractions • Light absorption coefficient (at various wavelengths) • Light scattering coefficient (at various wavelengths) • Other recommended measurements • Vertical distributions • Microphysical properties(number concentration, size distribution, CCN) • Optical properties (backscattering) • Chemical properties (detailed composition vs. size) • Dependence on relative humidity •

  6. GAW Global Aerosol Network Status GAWSIS China Atmos. Watch Network • Many undersampled regions, many sampling sites not in database • SAG is working to recruit contributing networks and to update database Source: Zhang Xiao-Ye

  7. Sites with 4+ years in operation,>50% coverage, as of March, 2004 Aerosol Optical Depth Networks Latitudinal distribution Polar regions: 4 Midlatitude North: 50 Tropics: 26 Midlatitude South: 10 Total (2004) 90 Major data gaps Africa, Asia, India, Polar region and Oceans 2004-2009 UPDATE: 40-50% increase of number of long-term sites (GAWPFR + AERONET), expansion to oceans with hand-held instruments tied to AERONET International: AERONET, BSRN, GAW-PFR, SKYNET National: Australia, China, Finland, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, USA(4) Courtesy of Chris Wehrli, Davos AOD Calibration centre

  8. Cabauw Ispra Ensuring Comparable AOD Networks ADDITIONALLY: … algorithm comparisons … near-real-time data transfer Courtesy of Chris Wehrli, World Radiation Center Davos

  9. GAW Aerosol LIDAR Observing Network “GALION” • A federation of seven regional networks • AD-NET violet, ALINE yellow, CISLiNet green, EARLINET red, MPLNET brown, NDACC white, REALM blue •

  10. GALION: Aerosol Vertical Profiles • Objectives: provide a climatology of the vertical component of aerosol distributions, and provide input to forecast models of "chemical weather" • At a minimum, perform measurements every Monday and Thursday, in a time slot of a few hours around sunset • Multiple networks… Systems range from automated backscatter lidars to multi-wavelength Raman lidars • Consequently… Products range from backscatter profiles to complex retrievals of aerosol microphysical properties

  11. NOAA-federationNOAA-operated affiliated future sites GAW-affiliated Surface Aerosol Networks EUSAAR:20 European Supersites for Atmospheric Aerosol Research • The backbone of the GAW in-situ aerosol network • Not only stations, but audits, twinning, training, and scientific leadership

  12. Forecast 18 UTC, 7 May 2002 30-hr forecast GAW/AERONET Aerosol Remote Sensing Stations CALIPSO Aerosol Lidar Integrated Products: Observations + Models NASA A-Train

  13. Operational Research Dust Forecasting Centers

  14. Challenges for Networks • Increased coordination within each type of network • measured parameters • sampling protocols, QA/QC, data processing • find partners in undersampled regions • Provide information on measurements to a common database • e.g., GAWSIS • need to keep information up-to-date • Provide data in a common format to users • increase percentage of stations submitting data • not necessary to have a common data center

  15. Challenges for Integration • Enhanced interaction of the data generation and assimilation/modelling communities • Coordination among different types of measurements • Development of re-analysis products for combining different types of measurements • surface-based in-situ • surface-based remote sensing • satellite-based remote sensing • radiation budget

  16. GAW SAG-Aerosol Members • John A. Ogren (Chairman), Urs Baltensperger, Leonard Barrie, John Gras, Raymond M. Hoff, Thomas Holzer-Popp, Stefan Kinne, Paolo Laj, Shao-Meng Li, Gelsomina Pappalardo, Christoph Wehrli, Alfred Wiedensohler, Julian Wilson, Xiao-Ye Zhang • SAG website: • Comments and questions can be sent