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Teen Dropouts

Teen Dropouts. By: Vadell Winston. Thesis Statement.

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Teen Dropouts

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  1. Teen Dropouts By: Vadell Winston

  2. Thesis Statement • Students dropping out of high school is a huge problem in America as seen in the U.S.A’s graduation rate compared to other countries, the cost businesses must have to educate employees, the increased likelihood that a dropout would become a criminal, dropouts make less money and are less likely to find a job, and the shocking statistics dealing with dropouts.

  3. Topic Sentence #1 • Dropouts in America is a problem when one compares the U.S to the world. • Evidence #1: Four years ago America’s graduation rate was first in the world, now it is 19th. • Evidence #2: In NC 93 students drop out everyday.

  4. Topic Sentence #2 • The money businesses must spend to educate dropouts is another reason students quitting high school is a huge dilemma. • Evidence #1: The employment rate dropped in January to 8.3% from 8.5% in December. • Evidence #2: Many disadvantages faced by dropouts cannot always be measured in Economic terms, although they may start with a lack of money.

  5. Topic Sentence #3 • Jail Criminals • Evidence#1: In the U.S alone, over 65% of convicted criminals are dropouts. • Evidence #2: Majority of criminals dropout and make dropping out of school one of the starters of criminal activities.

  6. Topic Sentence #4 • Making less money • Evidence #1: dropouts cost of taxpayer. • Evidence #2:Teens who choose to drop out of school before graduating pay a high price in the job market.

  7. Topic Sentence #5 • Less chance to get a job • Evidence #1: The lack of education costs American businesses over $ 25 billion each year in on the job education for workers who lack some of the most basic skills in reading, writing, and math. • Evidence #2: Many of the dropouts who do become employed find themselves in dead end for a job.

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