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Profile Uhuru

Profile Uhuru

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Profile Uhuru

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  1. ProfileUhuru BY: Carsen groth

  2. Introduction • Think of 3 different topics that would interest you enough to write a two page article about them. • Now consider all the different research and background information you would need in order to write an informed article on these topics. • Now think about how to hard and boring it would be to write an article that isn’t opinionated.

  3. Summary of my profile • My profile was on how the magazine Uhuru picks each article they do and what are the necessary steps they take in order to get their magazine published and ready for Iowa State students to read.

  4. Molly Bryant • Molly Bryant is the president of Uhuru magazine and a senior at Iowa State, she is the one I interviewed and helped me better understand the magazine as a whole. She joined this club because of a mass email and said she loved that it was a different kind of magazine and could openly express her opinions.

  5. Why each article is chosen • Each writer has the luxury of picking there own topics, and choosing what they want to express their own opinions about. When reading the magazine it become very clear how bias the magazine really is, throughout the years they have been criticized about their controversial and bias articles. Each writer must do a lot of research and find necessary background information on their topic, since the magazine is a freedom magazine it does become very hard to keep someone’s opinion out of their writings. Bryant did mention that the writers usually pick controversial topics as well because more people have stronger opinions about topics that are publically discussed and people are more likely to read about issues they do have an opinion on. Think about how boring magazines would be if nobody ever expressed their opinions!

  6. Editing Process • The process of editing this magazine as molly explained it, was each writer gets two weeks to write their article and get the necessary background information for it and then they give their rough article to one of the 5 editor in chiefs and each editor in chief tries their very best to not alter any articles but just to make sure they are ready for the magazine. The head of the visual department then matches visual art with the articles and designs a new cover that will intrigue new readers. They send it to a printer where she will put it all together for them and make it look more official and then they publish the magazine.

  7. The name of the magazine • The name if the magazine is “Uhuru” which is Swahili for freedom. They really try and to be culturally diverse and talk about topics that relate to everyone and get people interested in their articles. The magazine stresses that they are the freedom magazine on campus and every article is about something contemporary and something that relates to us now and to our age group.

  8. Conclusion • My profile on this magazine is that they are an opinionated bias magazine, but also a very interesting magazine. I think that their efforts towards being different and the freedom magazine on campus is working for them. I do think that they need to be less bias or more, depending on which way they want to go with the magazine.