leadership development
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Leadership Development

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Leadership Development. OS608 November 6, 2006 Fisher. Some context for our discussion.

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leadership development

Leadership Development


November 6, 2006


some context for our discussion
Some context for our discussion

“Leadership is said to be everything and nothing.... Leadership is everything because it is infused in all that we do; it is not sacred. All individual behavior has leadership implications.... Leadership is nothing in the sense that it seems impossible to define completely. Decades of scientific study have yet to yield a single definition that fully captures the nature of leadership, much less articulate a definitive approach to developing it.”

Source: Day and Halpin (2001), page 1. (Emphasis added).

  • Review perspectives on leadership development
  • Discuss and evaluate leadership development examples
the big question
The big question…
  • Can leadership be taught?
  • “We have figured out how to change knowledge and skill, but it is the transformation of being – the identity, character, world views, and values – about which we still know the least” (Hill, 2004, p. 122).
some of this depends on the person
Some of this depends on the person
  • Learning agility, propensity for introspection and reflection
  • Willingness to seek and use feedback
  • Learning orientation vs. performance orientation
learning leadership through experience
Learning leadership through experience
  • “Experience gives the examination first, then the lessons follow.” (Kerr, 2004, p. 119)
  • Challenging work assignments, hardships, exposure to people
  • Pros and cons of relying on experience?
other approaches
Other approaches
  • Conceptual understanding
    • Knowledge of theories, models, techniques
  • Feedback
    • Current skill assessment
    • Coaching, mentoring
  • Skill building
    • Practice in a “safe” environment
toyota and leadership development
Toyota and Leadership Development
  • What does Toyota’s preferred leadership style seem to be? Why?
  • Critique the process used to teach Dollis how to lead at Toyota. What were the strengths and weaknesses?
overview of ge s leadership development approach
Overview of GE’s Leadership Development Approach
  • Entry level leadership programs
    • Two-year rotational programs
    • Sales and marketing, engineering, finance, IT, operations and human resources
  • Focus on rotational assignments continues throughout the career
  • Classroom education - Welch Leadership Center at Crotonville
ge and leadership development
GE and Leadership Development
  • Why do other companies like to hire high-level GE managers?
  • What key leader characteristics are they looking for?
    • Strategic skills
    • Industry specific knowledge and skills
    • Relationships
    • Knowledge of GE practices
      • Leadership development
      • Six Sigma
      • Performance appraisal
ge continued
GE, continued
  • Is the desirability of GE leaders on the job market good for GE?
  • What implication does this have for how GE develops its leaders?
succession management
Succession Management
  • Formal programs to identify people with leadership potential and provide them with developmental experiences
    • Generally includes leadership development
    • Requires identification of key assignments as well
  • GE process for identifying CEO after Welch
leadership development programs in business
Leadership Development Programs in Business
  • Describe examples
  • What do you think are the pros and cons?
  • Would this be effective for
    • Certain leadership styles?
    • Personal characteristics, behaviors, or outcomes?
    • Certain audiences, companies, or industries?
  • Also have external programs such as those presented by Center for Creative Leadership
reminder leadership case analysis
Reminder: Leadership Case Analysis
  • Due Wednesday November 8; 4-5 pages
  • Identify a case or example from another module in which more effective leadership would have helped a team or organization perform more effectively.
  • How would a more effective leader have done things differently?
  • Use at least one of the leadership models or theories discussed in class.
  • Cite sources used in APA format.
for wednesday
For Wednesday
  • Leadership case analysis due
  • Start segment on analysis and decision making
  • Review 'Managing Organizations' section of Gosling and Mintzberg
  • Read
    • Garvin & Roberto (2001). What you don’t know about making decisions
    • Sadler-Smith and Shefy (2004). The Intuitive Executive 
  • What does it really mean to “analyze” something?