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C h r i s t m a s. By Sara and Juanita . Christmas in Japan.

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C h r i s t m a s


By Sara and Juanita.

Christmas in japan
Christmas in Japan

Christmas in Japan is different from other countries like Australia and USA. Christmas is still on the same day as Australia (the 25th December) but there is still other changes. Japanese celebrate Christmas normally on Christmas eve not on Christmas day.

Christmas in japan for single woman
Christmas in Japan for Single woman

For single woman in Japan it is very important to have someone to spend Christmas eve with. It is also important to them for where they spend Christmas and what present they give a receive. There evening must be very special, pretty, and romantic.

R eligion

Christmas is usually about the birth of Jesus Christ but in Japan ½ of 1% are christen. A majority of Japan is Buddhism, Christianity, Shinto ect. But Japanese people still love celebrating Christmas even though many of then do not believe in Jesus Christ.

Christmas food
Christmas food

Many Japanese people have the ‘Christmas chicken’ on Christmas eve. KFC’s brilliant advertising most Japanese people believe that westerners celebrate Christmas with chicken instead of ham or turkey.

How they celebrate
How they celebrate

Japanese celebrate practically the same as western people, except with some differences. They mostly celebrate on Christmas Eve not Christmas day & they don’t celebrate Christmas because of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Merry christmas
Merry Christmas

To say Merry Christmas is easy-

Me ri- ku ri su ma su

To write Merry Christmas in Japanese



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