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Your Trusted Partner in Endoscopy

Shanghai Aohua Photoelectricity Endoscope Co., Ltd. Your Trusted Partner in Endoscopy. Tel: +86-21-67681020 Fax: +86-21-67681019 Web: www.aohuamed.com. Company Profile. Established in 1994 Headquartered in Shanghai with a 70,000 sq.ft facility Over 300 employees

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Your Trusted Partner in Endoscopy

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  1. Shanghai AohuaPhotoelectricity Endoscope Co., Ltd.

    Your Trusted Partner in Endoscopy

    Tel: +86-21-67681020 Fax: +86-21-67681019 Web: www.aohuamed.com
  2. Company Profile Established in 1994 Headquartered in Shanghai with a 70,000 sq.ftfacility Over 300 employees 13 branch offices & service centers in China Exporting to more than 70 countries and regions The No. 1 Chinese flexible endoscope manufacturer Having over 30% export share in the whole flexible endoscope industry of China in 2012 3 R&D centers are in Shanghai (endoscope), Beijing (light source) , Wuxi (processor) ISO13485 certified, CE certified FDA registration are in the 510(K) stage, to be finished in 2015 Attending 30 medical exhibitions & professional endoscopic congresses each year. Joining of professional venture capitals as share holders
  3. Human Resources 12% 20% 28% 40%
  4. Business Scope Industrial Endoscope: VET/VEF/VEP Upper/Low GI Endoscope: VME-92(S), 98(S) (Video) VME-1300(S), 1650(S) (Video) XS-30, AGF-40 (Fiber) XC-1300 (Fiber) Surgical Endoscope: VME-6B (Video) VME-6N (Video) ABF-4/5/6 (Fiber) ANF-4/5/6 (Fiber) Veterinary Endoscope: VET-8015, 9215 (Video) VET-9830, 1330 (Video) VET-7915 (Fiber) VET-3504 (Fiber)
  5. Product Lines Image Processor Fiber & Video Endoscope Light Source Endoscope Washer Accessories & Spare Parts VME-2000 Video Gastroscope Xenon Light NQX-1 Endoscope Washer VME-2800 Video Colonoscope Dual- Halogen Light AQ-100 Video Bronchoscope Single Halogen Light LED Light Source Video Laryngoscope Video Choledochoscope Video Cystoscope Video Hysteroscope
  6. Product Development 1994 Opened a small factory for the accessories of fiberscope 1999 First fiber gastroscope XS-20 launched in China market 2003 Developed video endoscopic system VME-2000 2004 Fiber colonoscope XC-1300 and fiber bronchoscope ABF-4/5/6 added into product line 2007 Launched video bronchosocpe VME-6B and video laryngoscope VME-6N 2008 VME-2600 video endoscopic system launched 2009 National endoscopic R&D center was set up in Beijing 2010 Developed video endoscopic system VME-2800 2011 State-of-art Video system AQ-100 formally launched
  7. New Products: AQ-100 Entry Level VME-2000 High-level AQ-100 Mid-level VME-2800
  8. New Products: AQ-100 (advantages) Early diagnosis of lesion becomes more efficient High-definition image Compound band imaging (CBI) Hemoglobin enhancement function (HbE) Electronic magnification function Outline enhancement function Automatic brightness control function
  9. Compound Band Imaging(CBI)-the Differentiator -early detection of tumor made possible WHITE LIGHT AOHUA CBI More images based on Aohua CBI can be found in the AQ-100 Clinical Performance Folder
  10. Comparisons Detailed comparison can be found in the Product Comparison Sheets in the Product Comparison Folder
  11. Clinical Applications-By KOLs in China “AQ-100 has better image than Olympus 240 and is significantly better than all the other flexible endoscopes made by other Chinese companies. ” Prof. Yao Liqing, M.D., Head of Endoscopy Dept., Zhongshan Hospital “AQ-100 has better image than Pentax 3000 and offers the best user- Friendliness/operability compared with all the endoscopes made in China” Prof. He Shuixiang, M.D., Head of Endoscopy Dept., No. 1 Teaching Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University “AQ-100 is very sturdy and has excellent performance in the Chinese hospital setting of heavy-duty usage.” Prof. Wang Hong, M.D. Head of Endoscopy Dept., Guangzhou No.1 People's Hospital. 
  12. R&D and Innovation CTO-Mr. Xie ◇ Professor of Peking University (best in China) ◇ Ph.D from University of Tokyo ◇ Worked at Olympus for 9 years for endoscopy design, development and technology licensing ◇Won Olympus Presidential Award Mr. Xie
  13. Quality Control
  14. Certification
  15. Sales & Marketing-Domestic Business Aohua offers a high-quality yet cost-effective solution for the Chinese market China is one of the fastest growing market for endoscopy. Therefore, we are expanding our direct sales & marketing team through our 13 existing branch offices in China Our sales in China has been growing at 30% for the past 3 years and is expected to grow at the same rate in the future Shannxi Lanzhou Xinjiang Beijing Chengdu Zhengzhou Hefei Shanghai Chongqing Wuhan Guizhou Guangzhou Kunming Nanning 15
  16. Sales & Marketing-International Business (emerging market) The developing countries and regions present the greatest opportunities for Aohua and our sales is expected to grow at 40% annually going forward Aohua has built an extensive network through partnering with specialty distributors Aohua is no. 1 in China in terms of units shipped overseas. Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. Eastern Europe Middle East Asia Pacific Latin America and South America Egypt, South Africa, Central Africa,
  17. Sales & Marketing-International Business (Asian Pacific Market) AoHuasells veterinary equipment and spare parts through distributors AoHua is selling a lot of units to India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia market and keeping on investing more energy on market promotion and after-sale service. India Sri Lanka Pakistan Vietnam Thailand Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Australian New Zealand Asia-Pacific Area
  18. Marketing Activities HOSPITALAR 2013 HOSPITALAR 2013 DDW 2013 CMEF 2012 MEDICA 2012 CMEF 2013
  19. Analysis on Flexible Endoscope Business * Why Endoscope Growing demand for Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS), endoscopy is becoming a more and more effective way of support for MIS. Used not only for diagnosis but also for therapeutic purposes. Global market was worth USD 6.2 billion in the year 2011, Expected to reach USD 10.8 billion by 2017, growing at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 9.7% from 2011 to 2017. * Why Flexible Endoscope Market of rigid endoscopy devices segment has reached its maturity with a slow but steady CAGR of 2.6% from 2011 to 2017 Flexible endoscopes form the largest category in the overall endoscope market, contributing to USD 2.2 billion for the year 2011, with Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5% to reach $2.9 billion by 2017.
  20. Analysis on Flexible Endoscope Business * Why Aohua? Only competitive international player except Olympus, Fujinon and Pentax Similar quality as Fujinon and Pentax with more competitive cost solution Having similar market share as Fujinon and Pentax do in China market Having over 70% export share of flexible endoscopy system in China Establish service centers in different parts of the world
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