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Superheroes. By Anthony, Jason and Sam.A. Idea. Our idea is to have a Super hero based film about a kid who gains his power from a mentally scarring accident. . Genre.

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By Anthony, Jason and Sam.A

  • Our idea is to have a Super hero based film about a kid who gains his power from a mentally scarring accident.
  • Our genre is a superhero film. We looked at what makes up a superhero such as what costumes are associated with a superhero and how he would move around, what sorts of powers he would have and how he would use them for the good of humanity. We also looked at particular camera shots and angles used in a superhero movie.
  • The story starts off with a child dresses up as a cowboy playing with a toy gun which turns out to be real and he pretends to shoot someone but accidentally kills this person. Few years later we see the kid again but more grown up in a mental institution where we find out he has telekinetic abilities because he was mentally scarred by shooting someone and killing them. We see a nurse who tries to reach out to him but he uses his ability to smash a glass that he was supposed to take his pills with. Then we meet a guard who bullies him and makes him mad so he punishes him because he is a bad person. Throughout his time in the mental institution he spoke about redemption and paying for his ways but showing others its wrong to use guns.
character breakdown
Character Breakdown
  • Kid- In our film sequence we have a kid who is dressed as a cowboy playing with what he thought was a fake gun before he kills someone and gains telekinetic powers from his mentally scarring experience. He will be able to move glass and harm people just using his eyes which glow blue when he is generally happy but red when he is angry.
  • Nurse- The nurse comes into the scene when giving the kid some pills to help with his condition which is his powers and she feels sorry for him and in her heart she wants to help the kid find redemption.
character breakdown continued
Character Breakdown Continued
  • Guard- The guard is the one who bullies the kid and thinks he actually has a mental problem so he picks on him calling him names and all sorts before the kid gets mad and harms the guard who goes through a seriously painful experience.
locations props
Locations, Props
  • Our 2 locations will be in the forest and in a mental institution. We will be using these settings because we want a scene of the kid running through the forest cause he just killed someone. We want the mental institution because we want a scene showing how this experience has affected the child and how he gained his superhero powers.
  • Props- Props which we want to use include a table, tray, pills, toy gun and a glass. We want the pills because the nurse will bring in the pills and try to reach out to the kid to make him see it wasn’t his fault. We need a table because it is where we will be setting down the glass before the kid throws it across the room using his ability. We need the toy gun because this is our main prop because its in the start scene when the kid kills someone not realising that the gun is real.
  • We will be using a nurse costume for the nurse to show she cares about the kid and doesn’t want anything happening to him and to show she has worries about the kid and what is going to happen to him.
  • We will need the guard costume to show that the guard is aggressive and the big bully to the kid by picking on him.
  • We also want a cowboy costume to show that the kid has no idea that the gun is real and that he is an innocent bystander just playing around like any normal kid would.
camera angles
Camera angles
  • In the first scene we will be using a tracking shot because we will follow the kid as he is running through the forest after killing someone without realising the gun was real.
  • In scene 2 we will use a long shot so that you can see the room that he is in and how he is feeling.