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IDS Now, Cheetah, and Beyond. Jerry Keesee, Director Database Development, IBM October 25, 2006. 4. 1. 2. 3. IDS is a strategic data server in the Information Management portfolio. IDS has a rich history of innovation and technology leadership that will continue well into the future.

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Ids now cheetah and beyond

IDS Now, Cheetah, and Beyond

Jerry Keesee, Director

Database Development, IBM

October 25, 2006

Key take aways from today s discussion





IDS is a strategic data server in theInformation Management portfolio

IDS has a rich history of innovation and technology leadership that will continue well into the future

You have an advantage over your competitors because IDS is not a commodity

IDS is the optimal data server for high-transaction OLTP environments

Key take-aways from today’s discussion

Recent milestones
Recent Milestones

  • IDS 10 released: fastest, most-available Informix OLTP data server

  • IDS Express announced: serves broader range of customers and partners

  • PHP driver for PDO: enables whitespace developers on fastest growing dynamic Web applications platform

  • Express Runtime for IDS: greater SWG compatibility; designed for SMB partners

  • Oracle to IDS Migration Toolkit (MTK): enables migration path in competitive situations

  • Baan application benchmark: Informix beat Oracle (again!)

“IBM remains committed to the Informix platform… backing that commitment by investing to support and enhance the Informix software portfolio as technology evolves.”

-- Ambuj Goyal, General Manager, IBM Information Management

Ibm data servers strategy

#1 Leader – “Database World Wide Market Share”- Gartner

Key Industries

IDS has significant market presence within key industries including Telco, Government, Retail & Banking

On line Transaction Processing

IDS 10 increases the performance of OLTP applications

Integrated Applications

IDS is IBM’s flagship database for industrial-strength integrated applications.

Small & Medium Businesses

New Express & Workgroup editions of IDS 10 appeal to the SMB market. Low DBA requirements are a strong selling point.

IBM Data Servers Strategy

  • Continue leadership in all database segments with the right technology

    • Informix Family

    • DB2 Family

    • IMS, …

  • Capitalize on market strengths of Informix Dynamic Server (IDS)

Ids then now and what s to come
IDS: Then, now, and what’s to come

Administration Free Zone


Enhanced Data Services

2007 – Cheetah*

OLTP Performance


IDS 10


  • Web Services support for Spatial Applications

  • Performance and High Availability enhancements

  • Security enhancements meets Common Criteria specifications

  • Significantly improved administration functions

  • Enhanced support for unstructured data

  • Customizable footprint on installation

  • HDR Evolution

  • And much more….

  • Intelligent administration and monitoring

  • Enterprise security enhancements

  • Enhanced enterprise data management

  • Matrix-based replication

  • Enhanced administration functions

  • Continuous advances in OLTP engine solidify market position

  • Enhanced memory management

  • Enabled for sub-capacity

  • Fastest, most-available Informix OLTP engine ever

  • IDS Express

  • PHP driver

  • Baan benchmarks

* Subject to change


  • Timeline for delivery of these features is subject to change

  • Design and implementation for individual feature is subject to change

  • Not an exhaustive list

Features will be identified over the coming months.


  • Common Criteria

    • Providing the required assurance for security functions:

      • Identification and Authentication, Access Control, Audit, Communications Security and Data Protection

      • EAL 4 - The most rigorous evaluation assurance level for an existing commercial product

  • Label Based Access Control (LBAC)

    • Maintain tight control over access to data (Need to Know)

    • Restrict or enable access to rows or columns based on security labels assigned to users

    • Define exactly who has read and write access to individual rows and columns


  • Simplified Powerful Administration

  • Reducing TCO for Application Providers

    • Session setup

      • Database open/close triggers to allow session setup

    • Enhancements to IDS stored procedure language

    • Optimistic concurrency

      • Isolation committed read last committed

        • Readers don’t block writers, writers don’t block readers

  • Web Feature Service for Location Based Services

    • Web Feature Service Implementation Specification 1.1 from OGC

    • Build on top of Geodetic initially, then extend to other DataBlades

    • Leverage our investment in spatio-temporal technology and open it to more vendors

    • Uses XML (with GML extensions) to query, insert, update and delete features from a spatial data store using both geometry and traditional data types

    • Many GIS applications (including ESRI) have WFS clients that can consume this data

    • WFS data can be consumed by many different applications (Java, .NET, PHP, traditional 3rd generation languages)

  • Database application development
    Database Application Development

    • Strategy

      • Deliver superior AD capabilities

      • Provide comprehensive tooling allowing customers to create business applications including Web services with ease

    Ibm informix dynamic server on the move

    IBM Informix Dynamic Server –On the Move

    Bruce Weed, Program Director

    IBM Data Servers

    October 25, 2006

    Ids now 2c cheetah 2c and beyond

    IBM Information Management


    Major Change – Brand Name

    Why do clients rely on ids

    Recent IDS Advertising

    Why Do Clients Rely on IDS?

    “… One customer runs 4,000 locations and more than 10,000 instances of the current IDS release with just 8 DBAs…”

    • “Nearly Hands-free” Administration

    • Blazing-fast OLTP

    • High Reliability

    • Extensive Platform Coverage

    …70% of phone calls worldwide route through IDS…

    …IDS powers the world’s largest retailers…

    8 of the top 10 U.S. retailers

    20 of the top 25 U.S. supermarket

    …Hotel Reservation systems…Emergency Phone Systems…Judicial Applications…National Security… Tax Administration…Customs…and more…

    Customers and partners continue to adopt ids 10
    Customers and Partners Continue to Adopt IDS 10

    Double Digit Growth Q1, Q2 and Q3

    Innovating with ids ids 10 scores at world cup with radio based tracking system


    IMP AG / Cairos Technologies AG

    Specializes in sports statistics, TV graphics and formats, multimedia and content systems

    Radio-based tracking systems

    Exact position determination

    In real-time

    Sporting events & industrial sector


    High availability & performance

    Real-time data management


    IDS 10 accumulates, evaluates and publishes data live during the match

    Innovating with IDSIDS 10 Scores at World Cup with Radio-based Tracking System

    IDS: The Official German Bundesliga Soccer Database and WM 2006

    Iod event in anaheim ca
    IOD Event in Anaheim, CA

    • Over 5000 people attended the conference

    • Informix customers, business partners alike, agreed that it was a great event

    • IBM IDS was covered in both Key Notes (Ambuj and Arvind)

    • Five Geo Business Partner Most Distinguished Achievement Awards were

      given out:

      • Informix BPs won 4 out of the 5 awards!

    Iiug news and views

    IIUG News and Views

    Stuart Litel, President of the IIUG

    October 25, 2006

    Highlights from iod from iiug
    Highlights from IOD from IIUG

    • After just coming back from the IBM Information on Demand (IOD) conference, some verbal highlights on the event

    • Sales, Marketing and Development executives from IBM sat down with the IIUG board for interactive discussions around the Informix business

    • Over 70+ sessions where held around Informix topics, including a general Informix meeting open to everyone at the conference

    • The IIUG was extremely happy with the IOD event!

    • The conference has been great and inspiring. The technical content was very good. The positioning of IDS was superb. You have done an excellent job!

      Kind regards,

      David Fraser

      Board of Directors

      International Informix Users Group

    Informix users forum 2006
    Informix Users Forum 2006

    • The Washington Area Informix User Group (WAIUG) based in Washington, DC, and the Southeast Informix Users Group (SEIUG), based in Atlanta, GA, are teaming up once again to present Informix User Forum 2006. This will be the premiere Informix regional user group technical conference in the world. This is a user conference planned and run by Informix users for Informix users.

    • December 8-9, 2006 in suburban Washington, DC (Fairview Park Marriott, VA)

    • Top technical sessions from users and IBM developers. Three tracks of ALL technical sessions

    • Keynote Speakers

      • Friday Dec 8 – Ambuj Goyal – General Manager of IBM Information Management

      • Saturday Dec 9 - Arvid Krishna – Vice President of Database Servers, IBM Information Management

    • For more information and to register visit

    2007 iiug idug conferences
    2007 IIUG / IDUG Conferences

    • San Jose, CA – May 2007

    • Run by users for the users. NO Marketing. All technical.

    • Sessions / Grids are about to be announced.

    • More USER Informix technical Informix sessions than any other conference

    • This event could not happen fro the IIUG side without the long hours and time of Board member Cindy Lichtenauer and her CPC people Kernoal, James and Tammy.

    • We hope to see you in San Jose. Check put for more information.

    Special announcement
    Special Announcement

    • THE IIUG / IDS Downloads are back

    • Just released this morning on the IIUG Web site

      • IDS 10 for AIX, HP, Linux Sun and Windows!!

    • Available in the IIUG member area (

    • ONLY restrictions:

      • Five process limit

      • Cannot be used in production environment

    • Special thank you to: Bernie Spang, Jerry Keesee, Bruce Weed, Cindy Fung, Gary Proctor and most of all the ENTIRE IBM / Informix development staff.