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Bowling Night... Fun Night.... Fellowship Night..... 17th March 2006 PowerPoint Presentation
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Bowling Night... Fun Night.... Fellowship Night..... 17th March 2006

Bowling Night... Fun Night.... Fellowship Night..... 17th March 2006

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Bowling Night... Fun Night.... Fellowship Night..... 17th March 2006

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  1. Bowling Night... Fun Night.... Fellowship Night..... 17th March 2006

  2. First, there were only few……

  3. Where’s everybody? This is not a fellowship with just you (Howard) and me!! Howard with the blue bowling ball

  4. Then, there were many……

  5. 1. Why are we jumping like this? Pretending to be wabbits? 2. Just look at them! Disgraceful, that’s what I’d call it! 4. Beats me!! 3. Now you listen. This is our strategy……. Wait a minute.. You are not in my team..why am I talking to you?

  6. Hey, what’s this chit-chat? Are we bowling or what?

  7. What do you mean, I can’t bowl ??? I love throwing balls! Where am I? What am I doing here???? Hmm, yummy, yum, yum. I better eat something first while they fight over who’s bowling and who’s not!

  8. Howard. Howard! Are you listening? For not behaving yourself, you have to pull your ears and stand in a corner until I said so. Have I made myself clear?

  9. What’s all this about girls and boys? I thought I left that at work? We girls have to stick together right? Sigh!!! Oh boy! Looks like it is going to be a long, long night!

  10. Why am I always picked on? Why do I always have to be stuck with ???? Why can’t I form an all girls team?

  11. Urg! What did I just swallow??

  12. Hmm, now that David is not looking, let me just take a quick peep.

  13. Don’t know about you, but we girls are having a great time. Can I have more red (or is it white?) please?

  14. No bowling for Bill this time… next time perhaps? Hmm, I really do like that red tie!

  15. What a lover-ly couple!

  16. Another lover-ly couple.

  17. Yet, another lo …. Oops! no... A couple of gentlemen, I am sure.

  18. Hsss….I am going to Kill you!!! What, I didn’t do nothing!!

  19. Hmm, I wonder what this is? Ummm…. Nice…I’d take all of it as no one is watching!

  20. No, no, no! This is NOT right! I am sure I got all the pins down here, here AND here!

  21. First, I pose like this….. And…. Off I go….

  22. Yea… am I good or what?! See my Rotary T-Shirt?

  23. Then I bowl with my shoes oFF First I bowl with my shoes, on….. OFF ON

  24. O..oh!! So, did I do better with shoes on or without shoes on? WHAT do you mean, no difference?? HOW can there be no difference? Oooo… my brain hurts!

  25. Oh no, you are not going to photograph my…eh..OUR scores… Go away.. shoo…….!

  26. …. So the winning team is….. Who wins????……

  27. Ian’s team (members: Regina, John, Tim and Jorn) won. I could have won of course, but I think it is better to let someone else have a chance this time. Next time, NO MERCY! Na, nana, na, na…

  28. Regina See, I TOLD not to worry – We will win!!! Tim

  29. Rotarian with the best individual score: David (Wright) Oh. Noooo . That should be me!!!!

  30. And next is Ian (oh he already has his share of the limelight…), David (Lindsay)…………..

  31. And next is Angela……

  32. Honestly, I am really, really VERY good! I am just handicapped tonight. I used to be the chairman of the Bowling Club……. See how well I pose. I can pose like this, like forever!!!!

  33. Go on.. move faster….no, no! arrr!!! in a straight line, you ‘blas…t’ ball!

  34. Stupid ball!! Always running off track!

  35. My goodness!! Who’s this?!! O oh! What am I supposed to do now? I think my fingers are stuck!!

  36. Hee, hee, hee!! Ha, ha! We cannot lose. Sure win! … I have been going around telling the ladies that the trick is to select the heaviest ball they can pick up (mass weapon of deception!)

  37. Hmm…. This is an easy job… I wonder if they are paid well… ?

  38. Nice style, ladies!

  39. Nice style, ladies!

  40. Nice style, ladies!

  41. More photos......

  42. He knows, you know.

  43. So what did I do? Everybody turned up (except the few nameless few, arrrr!!), and we all enjoyed ourselves, right??

  44. Indeed we did, David. Thanks for organising this fellowship! Well done!