colombia s long war with farc n.
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Colombia's long war with FARC PowerPoint Presentation
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Colombia's long war with FARC

Colombia's long war with FARC

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Colombia's long war with FARC

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  1. Colombia's long war with FARC

  2. Leftist progressives of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) watch a roadway near San Vicente de Caguan, January 1999. REUTERS/Jose Gomez

  3. Three people from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) take up positions in trenches around a seriously maintained rebel camp in the southern Caqueta zone, December 1998. REUTERS/Jose Gomez

  4. Colombian troopers think about a domain in San Juanito in the midst of doing combating with FARC guerrillas, February 1997. REUTERS/Jose Gomez

  5. Two customary individuals of the town of Dolores are asked for by FARC guerrillas to chase a Colombian policeman's pieces of clothing down masked weapons in the midst of an assault of the town in Colombia's central Tolima zone, November 1999. A related harmed policeman lies outside of anyone's ability to see with a nonconformist slouching above him. REUTERS/File

  6. FARC guerrillas take detainee three police got in the midst of a strike in the town of Dolores, November 1997. The got police were released to the press a couple of hours afterward. REUTERS/File

  7. Colombian officers pass on a FARC guerrilla hurt in fight in the midst of a strike in Guayabetal Meta region, January 2000. REUTERS/File

  8. A dead non military faculty lies in the road as Red Cross workers seek after for security a strike in Guayabetal, January 2000. REUTERS/File

  9. FARC rebels stand screen in the midst of a makeshift route after they ambushed Silvia town in Cauca domain, May 1999. REUTERS/Henry Romero

  10. A FARC rebel looks at a photo of unbelievable guerrilla pioneer Ernesto "Che" Guevara in a brief progressive focal station in San Vicente del Caguan, October 1999. REUTERS/Jose Gomez

  11. A Colombian officer covers his face as he looks at the body of a FARC rebel killed in fight, May 2000. The related people with FARC were going in two vehicles along a commonplace road northwest of Bogota, when outfitted power troops opened fire executing 10 suspected radical rebels. REUTERS/File

  12. A Colombian police officerruns as he holds his weapon in the midst of a guerrilla strike in Granada city, Antioquia locale, December 2000. Three Colombian policemen and three normal people were executed in the midst of the attack. REUTERS/File

  13. Two Colombian troopers watch in front at a truck seethed by FARC rebels in an unlawful boundary, deserting one normal native dead, March 2002. REUTERS/Juan B. Diaz

  14. 46 Colombian police held prisoner by FARC rebels bunch in a barge as they are escorted by guerrillas from behind, near the end of a two-day stream wander on their way to deal with being freed in an uneven release, June 2001. REUTERS/Eliana Aponte

  15. A Colombian contender is passed on by a Black Hawk helicopter in Puerto Siare, with gatherings of FARC rebels butchered in fight, August 2001. REUTERS/Jose Gomez

  16. A Colombian policeman lays on his rifle after a battle against FARC rebels in Granada city, Antioquia domain, December 2000. REUTERS/File

  17. Friends of Andres Felipe Perez look at his crate in the midst of his commemoration administration in Buga's police focal station, December 2001. Andres Felipe, a Colombian child whose deathbed solicitation to see his father, kidnapped by FARC rebels, before kicking the pail of harm touched the war-tired nation, beginning fresh stun at instigator captors who decried the child's last wish. REUTERS/Daniel Munoz

  18. An elderly woman lies all over the place in the wake of being hurt when a FARC rebel's weapon discharged in Paujil, February 2002. REUTERS/Jose Gomez

  19. A Colombian cop tries to put out a truck fire set by FARC rebels in Dagua, Valle territory, April 2003. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

  20. A Colombian warrior looks at the accumulations of FARC protesters executed in fight in La Plata, Huila district, July 2002. REUTERS/Daniel Munoz

  21. FARC rebels stroll through a guerrilla camp some place down in the unsettled areas of southern Colombia, June 2001. REUTERS/Eliana Aponte

  22. Colombian police and workers look at a truck blasted by FARC rebels in Dagua, Valle zone, April 2003. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

  23. Ingrid Betancourt, a French-Colombian government official caught in February 2002, is found in a video released by FARC in 2007. REUTERS/Daniel Munoz

  24. Colombian rescue pros endeavor to pull a crisis vehicle from a riverbank after mavericks blasted a platform in San Rafael, Antioquia Province, February 2002. REUTERS/Albeiro Lopera

  25. Colombian cops exhaust a body of a compatriot mortally shot in the midst of a gun battle against FRC rebels in Toribio, April 2005. Three cops and one young woman were butchered while 23 people, including eight cops, were hurt in the weapon fight. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

  26. Kidnapped Colombian equipped power Captain Yesid Valero signals in an undated video gained by Reuters in July 2007. The video brought news unprecedented for quite a while of the administrators, police and officers being held in wild camps by guerrillas in Latin America's most settled uprising. REUTERS/Reuters TV

  27. Demonstrators go to a test against the FARC rebel group in Bogota, February 2008. Colombians took to the boulevards the country over and abroad in a massive test to demand FARC guerrillas free detainees who have been held for an impressive time span in riddle wild camps. REUTERS/Daniel Munoz

  28. Colombian administrator Ingrid Betancourt smiles in the helicopter taking after a rescue operation in Colombia July 2008. Betancourt was spared after more than six years in the wild as a prisoner. REUTERS/Handout

  29. A woman audits the mischief to her home after an attack on a near to police base camp, blamed for FARC rebels, in Piendamo, November 2011. REUTERS/Jaime Saldarriaga

  30. Colombian threatening to sedate policemen stand secure ensuing to bursting a cocaine research office in Puerto Concordia, close Meta territory, January 2012. Operation "Republica 73" was away to annihilate labs that had a spot with FARC rebels. REUTERS/John Vizcaino

  31. Colombian police chase down the body of their partner who was executed by an auto bomb at a police home office in Villa Rica, February 2012. REUTERS/Jaime Saldarriaga

  32. FARC people continue running in the midst of a battle with the Colombian Army in the mountains of Jambalo, in the territory of Cauca, July 2012. Cauca region - alluded to calmly by troopers as Cauca-kistan for the power of fight there - has been a standout amongst the most sizzling regions of the dispute and it is a key reach for the era and transport of cocaine. REUTERS/Jaime Saldarriaga

  33. Natalia, young lady of Colonel Cristian Flores of the Colombian police force, and relatives pass on his representation in the midst of an entombment administration at a religious center in Bogota, August 2012. Flores went on in a strike by FARC rebels in the domain of Valdivia, Antioquia. REUTERS/John Vizcaino

  34. Students take an enthusiasm for a flight drill, on the off chance that they are gotten in a crossfire between the furnished power and FARC rebels, at a school in Toribio, Cauca, September 2012. REUTERS/Jaime Saldarriaga

  35. A cop reacts amidst the remaining parts of a police central command which was crushed by a bomb attack blamed for FARC rebels in the district of Inza in Cauca zone, December 2013. REUTERS/Jaime Saldarriaga