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The Prologue

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The Prologue
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The Prologue

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  1. The Prologue

  2. The Prologue • He met 29 pilgrims

  3. The Prologue • They were on their way making a pilgrimage to Canterbury

  4. The Prologue • They were going to see the shrine of St. Thomas à Becket

  5. The Knight • He had been in many battles. He was a true, a perfect gentle knight. He was on the pilgrimage to give thanks for his life.

  6. The Squire • He was the son of the knight, twenty-ish, agile and strong, fashionable and happy-go-lucky. He had curly hair and was concerned with attracting women.

  7. The Yeoman • The Yeoman was the Squire's servant. He was a woodsman, a Robin Hood type character.

  8. The Prioress/Nun • Her name was Madam Eglantyne. She spoke French, was dainty, pleasant, sensitive, andthe picture of medieval beauty (although her wide forehead was a sign that she wasn't very bright).

  9. The Nun’s Group • There was another nun, and there were three priests.

  10. The Monk • He was bald and fat. He had a preference for fine clothes and luxuries. He didn't care atall for the hard work at the monastery. He liked to ride and hunt even though it was against the rules.

  11. The Friar • He takes bribes for easy penance, and he knows the taverns and barmaids better than hedoes the lepers and beggars. Uses confession to exploit women. He is rather aristocratic; too good for the lepers. He lisps, and his name is Hubert.

  12. The Merchant • He has a forked beard and motley coat. He is careful with money, a good negotiator, andalways tells his opinions about business.

  13. The Cleric • He is an Oxford student. He didn't say much, didn't have a job, and just loved to learn forthe sake of learning. Rode a very thin horse because he was too poor to feed it.

  14. The Sergeant at Law • He seemed wise. He made a lot of money as a lawyer. He knew the law by rote, andseemed busier than he really was.

  15. The Franklin • He looked a little like Santa Claus. He liked to eat, drink and be merry. He was a countrygentleman with a dagger and a silk purse.

  16. The Tradesmen • A haberdasher, dyer, carpenter, weaver, and carpet-maker were there.

  17. The Cook • He was a master of his trade. He had a oozing sore on his knee, and was physically a ratherdisgusting character.

  18. The Skipper • He was from Dartmouth, didn't ride well, had little conscience about killing the enemy,and was a good navigator. He seems, actually, like a pirate.

  19. The Doctor • The Doctor knew medicine well, and took kickbacks from the pharmacist. He was notparticularly religious. He was dressed in red and blue/gray garments, and he loved gold.

  20. The Wife of Bath • She was a large woman, had gaped teeth, and somewhat deaf. She had a red complexion and wore a widehat and spurs. She had been married five times, and she went on many pilgrimages (possibly man-hunting).

  21. The Parson • He was truly Christ-like; patient, giving , holy and virtuous, and didn't believe in pomp orglory. He practiced what he preached.

  22. The Miller • The Miller had a football-player build. He had a red beard, wart on his nose, and a filthymouth. He cheated his customers and in his spare time played the bagpipes. He steals wine from the Tabbard before they leave.

  23. The Manciple • He was a shrewd buyer. Lawyers with all their knowledge were no match for him, though he was illiterate. Hepurchased well and kept the extra money for himself. He stole the lawyers blind.

  24. The Plowman • He was the Parson's brother. He was an honest worker who paid his taxes on time.

  25. The Reeve • He was old, choleric, and thin. He was a good manager and good carpenter, feared by the farm workers. He usually brought up the rear of the party, lagging behind. He would steal from his boss and then loan him the money.

  26. The Pardoner • He sang in a strong voice. He had long, yellow hair, bulging eyes, and was baby-faced. • He carried a bunch of false relics to sell.

  27. The Summoner • The Summoner had a red face full of sores. He ate onions and drank too much. • He wouldtake bribes. He had a garland of flowers on his head and held a cake like a shield. • Often got drunk and shouted at people in Latin.

  28. The Host • His name was Harry Bailly. He was manly, good natured, and happy. The last to join the party.

  29. The Game • He proposed that they each tell two stories on the way to and from Canterbury. Thewinner with the best story would get a free meal at the expense of the other travelers. Thehost would ride along and be the judge. Anyone who wouldn't abide by his rule would have to pay everyone's way.

  30. The Pardoner’s Tale

  31. The Pardoner’s Purpose • He does everything he can to make money. He is supposed to be concerned with saving souls.

  32. Irony & Avarice • The Pardoner is very guilty of the sin of avarice himself. He sees ways of getting people to repent from avarice as a means for acquiring more money for the church.

  33. The Bargain • They agreed to go hunt down Death. • They agreed to be brothers & look out for one another.

  34. The Old Man • The old man had to roam the earth until he had found someone who would trade youth for age.

  35. The Hunt for Death • He sends them up the road to an oak tree.

  36. The Treasure • They found eight bushels of gold.

  37. They Wait • They were afraid someone would see them and think they had stolen it.

  38. They Wait Somemore • One went to town to buy food and drink so they would have something to eat while waiting for nightfall.

  39. The Plan • They decided one would talk to him and the other would come up from behind and stab him.

  40. The Plan - Part II • He was going to poison the two.

  41. They Find Death • All three died. The two stabbed the one, and then they unknowingly drank the poisoned wine.

  42. The Wife of Bath

  43. The Wife of… • She has had five husbands.

  44. The Knight’s Crime • He raped a young maiden.

  45. Saved, But At a Price • The Queen saved him. He was let go under the condition that he would come back in one year to tell her what one thing women wanted above all else.

  46. The Deal • He met an old woman who told him the answer to the Queen's question under the condition that he would grant her next request if it would be in his power to do so.

  47. The Answer • The knight told the Queen that all women want to be masters of their husbands and lovers.

  48. The Promise • She asked him to marry her.

  49. The Options • He could have her old and faithful or young and perhaps not so faithful.

  50. The Choice • He left the decision up to the old woman