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Mechanical Engineer

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Mechanical Engineer. By This Guy  (Erick Alba) On the 31 st of Enero (January), 2012 6 th Period P.F. $$$$$$$$ Money $$$$$$$$.

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mechanical engineer

Mechanical Engineer

By This Guy 

(Erick Alba)

On the 31st of Enero (January), 2012

6th Period P.F.

$$$$$$$$ Money $$$$$$$$
  • All engineers get paid pretty big money. Mechanical Engineers are pretty much middle of the pack. As of 2009, the lowest end was almost $60,000 (As in starting pay), Median was just under $80,000, and the top 10% were pulling in an average of a whopping $120,000.
what engineers need
What Engineers Need.
  • To be a licensed Mechanical Engineer, you must have at least the 4 year degree. I plan on doing Master’s level work, just so any companies that look at me will say “Oh look! He took EXTRA years of school! We should hire him. And pay him wonderfully large amounts of money.”
opportunities for advancement
Opportunities for Advancement
  • Yes, there are opportunities for advancement. Most people start out with the Fundamentals of Engineering License, which is a step to getting the Professional Engineering license. Company’s are willing to pay more for PEs.
  • As for starting jobs, engineers can hit it right off the bat working for all sorts of companies.
nature of work
Nature of Work
  • Peepz in the field of Mechanical Engineering are among the most versatile of all engineers. They do everything to do with mechanics, and can often specialize in certain fields. I hope to specialize in Avionics. Hence, the picture of the Aerial HK in the background. :D
working conditions
Working Conditions

Well, working conditions are pretty good.

Engineers aren’t confined to cubicles, which is

good for me. However, there are times when

sitting in front of a computer for hours on end

will be required. But what’s new? That’s no

Problem for me!

job outlook
Job Outlook

The Job Outlook is pretty good…

I’d say somewhere along 6%. Which is actually slower than the average of most of the branches of engineering, but still, it’s growth

Ain’t IT?!?!?!

advantages and disadvantages
Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages

-Good Pay -None

-Involves Math (which I like) -Hanging out

-Learning to fly? with

-Provides good money. Crazy people

-Stable Outlook that my wife

-Potential for Life altering doesn’t approve

Discovery of.


Math skillz….

Ya know. The usual.

I honestly don’t care whether or not I particularly love what I do. As long as I can provide for a family in the way I want , I will work long and hard at whatever I do.

Beyond that, I love aircraft, and the idea of flying.

things that can be done
Things That Can Be Done

Weeeeeelllllll, I’m in the process of taking out Calculus BC this year, and I already have a 4 on the AB AP test, so I’ll be able to jump right into advanced math.

Aside from that, I’m saving moneys from my job, and learning to manage time better. Umm… I think that’s it. 