witsml end to end implementation results and way forwards at total n.
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WITSML end to end implementation: Results and way forwards at Total PowerPoint Presentation
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WITSML end to end implementation: Results and way forwards at Total

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WITSML end to end implementation: Results and way forwards at Total - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WITSML end to end implementation: Results and way forwards at Total. Raphael Henri-Bally, Total Geosciences IT systems. Current usage in Total. 2. - WITSML Meeting Houston May 15, 2008. Added value of WITSML today and tomorrow. Addresses niche domains: Lithology Mud logging

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witsml end to end implementation results and way forwards at total

WITSML end to end implementation: Results and way forwards at Total

Raphael Henri-Bally, Total Geosciences IT systems

WITSML Meeting Houston, May 15, 2008

current usage in total
Current usage in Total


- WITSML Meeting Houston May 15, 2008

added value of witsml today and tomorrow
Added value of WITSML today and tomorrow
  • Addresses niche domains:
    • Lithology
    • Mud logging
  • Attributes call for:
    • Data quality, sanity and traceability
    • Search tools leveraging
  • ASCII XML open format ensure:
    • Unlimited compatibility through mapping
    • Custom made data sharing & Data Management solutions without duplication of data
  • Foot print will expend with technological advances
    • Well seismic (passive, micro)
    • EOR
  • Well data shared with other application domains
    • Drilling
    • Production
    • Partners
    • Economics and legal
  • Evolution to future technology at minimum costs

- WITSML May15, 2008

background of total uptake of witsml
Background of Total uptake of WITSML
  • Joined WITSML SIG in 2005:
    • Well site geology
    • Geosteering
    • Well placement
  • Data acquisition in WITSML in affiliates:
    • United Kingdom
    • Netherlands
    • Indonesia
  • Concurrent with enhanced awareness on Data Management issues
    • Drawbacks of proprietary formats
    • New data sets more complex and large
    • Stronger needs of cross discipline data exchange
    • Sanity check of corporate exploration data stores worldwide
    • Preparing for Web Services distribution of reference data

- WITSML May15, 2008

a two dimensional expansion
A two dimensional expansion
  • Geographical:
    • More and more affiliate now familiar with secure data streaming from rig to base are ready for integration and require corporate solution
  • From acquisition to interpretation:
    • Leveraging Mud log and Litho logy data for Rig Base and Rig Headquarter collaboration via automated data streaming into G&G application

- WITSML May15, 2008

end to end implementation
End to end implementation


- WITSML May15, 2008

- Références, date, lieu

from rig to base and headquarters
From Rig to Base and Headquarters


Surveillance, QC, Geol Ops + Asset + Drilling + … ..


Geol Ops + Asset + Drilling

  • Mudlogging
  • LWD
  • Wireline
  • Other…


Service companies

  • Composite Real-time displays
  • Smart Tools for events analysis
  • WITSML feed to Total applications

- WITSML May15, 2008

Requirements :
  • Cost efficiency: no fancy RTOC
  • Fast implementation along with drilling
  • Double replication at base and headquarters
  • Comply with corporate security policies
    • Use of a ‘DMZ’ and Firewall to isolate Total and Contractor Networks
  • Seamless transfer from acquisition to technical interpretation and database
    • Ex: Pore pressure analysis, petrophysical interpretation
    • Data streaming into Gravitas
  • 3 data acquisition companies, 4 software companies:
    • M/LWD data generated in WITS 0 and converted to WITSML 1.2
    • Mudlog and lithology generated in WITSML 1.3.1

- WITSML May15, 2008

results at base and headquarters
Results at base and headquarters

During the 2 months length of drilling:

  • Petrolink tools completed
    • Onsite aggregation, (WITS0 to WITSML conversion)
    • Affiliate WITSML servers ( 1.2 and 1.3)
    • HQ mirror WITSML servers (1.2 and 1.3)
    • through ‘DMZ’ and Firewall isolating Networks
  • HRH Gravitas & WinDOT could
    • read and send WITSML 1.3.1 data
    • Minor bugs reported
    • Proposed increased user functionalities
  • KSI Drillworks Predict – ConnectML
    • Could read 1.3.1

Major benefits in Well site geology data management and well surveillance

- WITSML May15, 2008

lessons learned
Lessons learned
  • Single version of WITSML to be favored
  • Back up configuration necessary in case of failure during drilling
  • 24/7 operations require IT staff availability and bring the industrial culture into the office
  • Remote access requires explicit naming conventions
  • Software testing uncover new development possibilities
  • Technical benefits are Immediate
    • Faster loop to interpretation
    • Richer specialist support
  • Organisational benefits require well site personnel adoption
    • “Big Brother” syndrome – Possible impact on Well-site Personnel
  • Distance requires full responsibility of each team member and rigorous data management

- WITSML May15, 2008

the way forwards
The way forwards


- WITSML May15, 2008

- Références, date, lieu

ubiquitous web actors
Ubiquitous web actors
  • Each of us is now connected everywhere
  • Each of us is an actor in the chain of processing
  • Tasks are performed in and out of the organization
  • We expect from the technical tools the same performance level as private applications
  • Security rules must adjust to such behaviors
  • Collaboration tools and Data storage allow us to focus on the content rather than the container
          • Huge prospect of applications development

which understand the documents and actions they are processing for us.

- WITSML May15, 2008

thanks to
Thanks to :
  • Petrolink (Power suite) staff 24/7 dedication and problem solving qualities
  • HRH (Gravitas)
  • Geoservices
  • Knowledge services (Drillworks Predict and ConnectML)
  • Total E&P Indonesia

- WITSML May15, 2008