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  1. Retail Mass Market Broker Distribution STANDARD FUNERAL PLAN RANGE February 2014 An affordable funeral plan for you and your loved ones

  2. THE VALUE+ FUNERAL PLAN RANGE Individual Funeral Plan Family Funeral Plan Parents Funeral Plan (maximum of four parents) Extended Family Funeral Plan (maximum of eight relatives)

  3. PRODUCT FEATURES AND BENEFITS Minimum Premium: R50.00 per month Maximum Cover: R20 000 (Individual, Family, Parents Funeral Plans) R15 000 (Extended Funeral Plan) R20 000 (for add. spouse, son/daughter-in-law and own child) Premium Paying Term: Whole of life – until death Benefit Increases: Annually increasing at 5.0%, but can vary. The cover increase will be equal to the premium increase Premium Increases: Annually increasing premium at compound rate of 5.0% Maximum Entry Ages: Policyholder: age 65 lbd Other Lives: age 84 lbd Waiting Periods: No waiting period applies for accidental death. 6 months for non-accidental causes Money Back Guarantee: If non-accidental death occurs in the first 6 months, a Benefit equal to the amount of the monthly premiums received will be paid Premium Holiday Benefit: The Premium Holiday allows for up to six premiums to be skipped, during the term of the policy. This benefit is available again to the client, on payment of the skipped premiums

  4. PRODUCT FEATURES AND BENEFITS Cash Back Benefit: Cash back of 3 months’ premiums after every 60 premiums paid Medical Underwriting: No automatic medical testing. Health questions apply Surrenders & Withdrawals: Funeral plans do not acquire surrender values and no part withdrawals are possible Effective Date for Increases: Both premium and cover increases are effective on the 1st July each year (Subject to policy being in force for at least 6 months) Cessions: Funeral plans may not be ceded as security Funeral Support Benefit: Transport of the deceased by road or air from anywhere in the world to a funeral home closest to the burial

  5. 24 HOUR FAMILY SUPPORT SERVICES Access to the following Family Support Services* from independent service providers: Health support*:Telephone access to health advisers for assistance with health queries. Trauma, assault and HIV treatment*: Assistance and treatment following assault (e.g. rape, hijacking, child abuse), accidental exposure to HIV or other kinds of trauma. Emergency medical response*: Advice, emergency treatment and transportation to an appropriate medical facility. Legal support*: Free telephone advice and assistance on legal matters, help with legal documents. Important note: *Family Support Services - Certain terms and conditions apply to the facilitation of this access. For a copy of these, call 0860 00 1919. Old Mutual facilitates access to independent Family Support Service providers. Such access is not offered as a benefit under your insurance policy and may be varied or cancelled at any time. The service providers provide services directly to you on terms agreed between you and the service providers. Old Mutual does not accept any liability arising from the services rendered by the service providers.

  6. Annually increasing at 5%, but can vary R30 k Money-back Guarantee in waiting period R25 k R20 k R15 k R10 k Waiting period 6 months for non-accidental death R7.5 k Cash-back of 3 months premiums after every 60 premiums R5 k 6 premium skips at any time 6 month 5 years 10 years 15 years VALUE+ FUNERAL PLAN RANGE