marie sklodowska curie metropolitan high school for the technical and performing arts n.
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Marie Sklodowska Curie Metropolitan High School for the Technical and Performing Arts PowerPoint Presentation
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Marie Sklodowska Curie Metropolitan High School for the Technical and Performing Arts

Marie Sklodowska Curie Metropolitan High School for the Technical and Performing Arts

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Marie Sklodowska Curie Metropolitan High School for the Technical and Performing Arts

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  1. Marie Sklodowska Curie Metropolitan High School for the Technical and Performing Arts

  2. Parent Orientation August 30, 2010

  3. The Curie Administration Principal Phillip C. Perry Assistant Principals Ana M. Espinoza Cynthia Kosik Jerel Morris Jose Rodriguez

  4. Local School Council - LSC Principal Phillip C. Perry Student Representative Gloria Fuentes Parent Representatives Beatrice Brewer Leticia Perez Ignacio Hernandez Angelique Graves Eloisa Negrete Benjamin Guevara Community Representatives Tom Ramos Antonio Miranda Teacher Representatives Sylvia Matthews Donald Price

  5. Local School Council - LSC • LSC meetings will take place every 3rd Thursday of the month at Curie in room 192 except for non-school days. Check the Curie website for all dates and meeting minutes.

  6. Mission Statement It is the mission of Curie Metropolitan High School to offer a rigorous academic curriculum with an emphasis on technology and the arts. We encourage all students to pursue future success through enrollment in post-secondary institutions and through life-long learning. Curie High School promotes a climate in which students develop respect for all persons as they prepare to become leaders and citizens in a multicultural democratic society.

  7. Vision Statement It is the vision of Curie Metropolitan High School that all students graduate with rigorous college preparation, become life long learners, as well as compassionate, creative, and responsible participants and leaders.

  8. IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS MAIN OFFICE: 773-535-2100 ATTENDANCE OFFICE: 773-535-2150 OR 773-535-2151

  9. Curie’s Website • Access our website at www.curiehs.orgto find out what’s going on at Curie.

  10. Graduation Requirements • To graduate from Curie students must earn 26 credits. The following is required: • English 4 units • Social Studies 3 units • Mathematics 3 units • Science 3 units • World Language 2 units • Computer Technology 1 unit • Art 1 unit • Music 1 unit • Physical Ed. Or ROTC 2 units • Electives 6 units • Total 26 credits • Pass Const. Exam • 40hrs. Of Driver’s Ed. • 40 Hrs. of Service Learning • Participation in the PSAE / ACT exam Curie Graduate

  11. Credit • Curie works off the semester concept. • One-half (½) unit of credit is awarded for any course that meets 46 minutes per day for 20 weeks. • All credit is granted by semester.

  12. Progress Reports • Sent on the fifth (5th) week of each quarter. Yes! Science - A Curie

  13. Student Schedule: For Clyde Condor


  15. Facilities Information for Parents: • Visitors are welcomed from 7:30 – 4:00 daily at the Park Doors only. • Visitor parking is in the East Lot only after you obtain a parking permit from security staff. • Students enter and exit only at the NW Pulaski Doors. • PLEASE do not pull into the Pulaski Lot to drop off or pick up students. • Parents may use the Archer Lot to drop off or pick up students. Pull into a legal parking spot; do not wait in aisles or bus lanes even when you are waiting in the car. • Remind your children to obey all traffic signals while walking or driving.

  16. Security Information for Parents: • The Curie Administration takes every possible precaution to create a safe and secure learning environment. • Two full-time Chicago Police Officers • Communication with 8th District Commander • Off-duty Chicago Police Officers • CPS trained security staff • Video surveillance • Screening of students and visitors using metal detectors and x-ray machines in accordance with CPS policy • ID’s and clear book bags required • Deans and Counselors are available to assist you and your child at any time and to work with you to resolve conflicts before they become physical. • Dismissal Policy: Students are to immediately leave the school grounds at dismissal. For safety, students should not loiter at the Orange Line or on neighborhood streets.

  17. No Loiteringat the Orange Line Station

  18. Discipline Information for Parents: • CPS Student Code of Conduct and Curie Handbook • Behavior in accordance with school rules, procedures, policies and the law • Disciplinary action: conferences, detentions, in-school suspension, suspension up to 10 days, alternative school, expulsion, arrest • Did you know… Serious misbehaviors which occur off-campus or after school hours are disciplined. Any electronic communication from any computer to stalk, harass or intimidate requires police notification. Graffiti or tagging is prohibited even on personal items .

  19. Help your child avoid discipline in the following areas: • Book Bags • Cell phones, ipods, and other electronic equipment • Dress Code • Respect for School Authority

  20. Hall Sweeps All students belong in class when the second bell sounds. Students have exactly 4 minutes to get from one class to the next. No student should be at his or her locker after the second bell has sounded. Students who belong at lunch must report to their lunchroom before the second bell sounds. Students needing to go any place other than what is listed on their schedule must obtain a valid hall pass, even if the student is on lunch.

  21. Attendance Matters! • Attend school every school day. • Parents, plan family vacation time around the school calendar. We need your help to make this a successful year for your child. • Students should arrive to school and to class on time. • Make sure students you are in the classroom before the second bell sounds.

  22. Every Class Counts! Did you know…. • One class missed = ½ day of absence • Be on time to every class to avoid being marked tardy or absent.

  23. Excused Absence A student may be mark “excused” if there is valid cause for the absence. The absence must be reported by phone by the parent to the attendance office at 773-535-2150 or 2151. and A written letter or note signed by the parent must also be brought by the student to the attendance office when the student returns to school.

  24. Unexcused Absence A student’s absence will not be marked excused if; There is no valid cause for the absence. Or 2. A written letter or note has not been turned in by the student to the attendance office.

  25. The Curie High School attendance office staff is obligated by board policy to report all students who fail to attend school without valid cause.

  26. Weekly Monitoring Plan See Student Handbook for Details

  27. Early Dismissal Procedure • Student Illness – Report to the nurse’s office first. (Do not use your cell phone. You will be penalized) • Predetermined doctor’s appointment – Report to the attendance office. • Early dismissals for any other reason – Report to the attendance office.

  28. Early Dismissal Procedure • The parent or legal guardian must come in to the school and sign the child out for an official early dismissal • No student will be released to any individual other than the parent or legal guardian • List the names and phone numbers of individuals you may want to have contact with your child on the Curie Yearly Enrollment Data Sheet (See the example on the next slide)

  29. ID Cards Clyde Condor DIV: 999 See the Student Handbook for Details

  30. Clubs & Organizations • After School Matters • Academic Decathlon • Architecture Club • Art Club • Auto Club • Bilingual Club • Black Student Org. • Business-Info. Tech. • Business-Accounting • Chemistry Club • Cheerleading • Chess Club • C.U.R.I.E Club • Curie Pride • Drama Club • Ecology Club • Folkloric Club • French Club • Gospel Choir • Honor Societies • Latinos Juntos • Leo Club • Daley Book Club • Mariachi Club • Sound & Lighting • Stage Crew • T.E.A.C.H. • Writer’s Club • And many more... Sports: Baseball, basketball, bowling, chess, cross country, football, soccer, swim & dive, tennis, track & field, volleyball, wrestling, cheerleading, softball, water polo

  31. Thank you!