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The Lost City of Atlantis-Fact or Fiction? PowerPoint Presentation
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The Lost City of Atlantis-Fact or Fiction?

The Lost City of Atlantis-Fact or Fiction?

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The Lost City of Atlantis-Fact or Fiction?

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  1. by Erin LeCount KH10 The Lost City of Atlantis-Fact or Fiction? By Erin LeCount KH10

  2. Plato In around 350bc Plato wrote about a mysterious, magical city called Atlantis. In two days and two nights it disappeared forever under the Atlantic ocean....or did it? Plato was the first to write about this magical Island, he was a greek Philosopher and teacher and he described Atlantis in great detail in two books before it vanished after two days and two nights.

  3. Neptune Plato wrote that Neptune the sea god was given Atlantis and that on a hill in the middle of the island, he built his wife a palace surrounded by 5 rings of water. It was connected to land only by tunnels large enough for ships to sail through. Neptunes wife had five sets of twins, all boys, who each ruled a part of Atlantis and each one tried to out do the other by building a bigger kingdom. What was once a peaceful city, now became greedy and dishonest. Zeus called all the Gods together to try and sort it out but that was where Plato's story ended....

  4. Atlantians Atlantians were brilliant engineers. About 12,000 years ago they built palaces, Temples, harbours, docks and a very complicated water system. Farmers grew food on a small field and behind the field, where the mountains met the sky was where the Atlantians had their homes. Plato had described the huge buildings, fountains with hot and cold running water, walls covered with precious metals and statues made of gold.

  5. Myth or reality? Plato put so much detail into his theory that many people have often tried to find it. Others decided there was too much fantasy and therefore it was just a Myth? In March this year, The Daily Mail reported that a U.S. led research team believe they have found Atlantis hidden under some mudflaps in Spain.Theteam of archaeologists and geologists are convinced that Atlantis -swamped by a tsunami - is submerged just north of Cadiz.

  6. My views I have not read Plato's books but they sound intriguing. I believe in Atlantis because of all the description I have heard Plato puts in his stories, I do not think Atlantis can be found, years ago I'm sure people said all the time they had Found this magical city , but I think it's impossible. I'll explain why I think impossible, I know that Atlantis had five rings of water around it and I don't think mean and dictative people can see Atlantis only those who respect Atlantis's gods and people who are religious, giving and kind. I also think that maybe Atlantis has golden gates that are cursed with powerful magic that were performed by gods like the god of the sea, Neptune and all the gods of Atlantis years and years ago when they were alive to protect their city from greedy and selfish people forever. I BELIEVE IN ATLANTIS