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Otaku transformation

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Otaku transformation

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  1. Otaku transformation 06BA274M

  2. If you jump in the 80’s Otaku community… • You lost almost every information in the community • Only thing you can do is the affability laughter. ⇒Because Otaku has fantasically sophisticated “high context”culture.

  3. 80’s Otaku military anime game geography train comic PC ship animal idol history car Etc…

  4. 80’s Otaku • Otaku was elephant. • It contained a lot of factor, topic and peculiarity. • Some people indicate leg and say “this is Otaku”. • Some people indicate nose and say “this is Otaku”. • Some people indicate ear and say “this is Otaku”.

  5. Certainly… • Otaku communication was changed in 2ways from late 90’s. • Firstly, it become more sophisticated. ⇒This is caused by Network media. • Secondly, it become more understandable. ⇒This is caused by Mass media.

  6. Network media… • Otaku and Internet has implication to each other. ⇒ For Otaku, Internet is indispensable when contact with other Otaku, simultaneously Otaku is integral for advance of internet. • Otaku exchange their knowledge and term on the internet. ⇒By the internet, elephant’s foots encounter with nose and exchange their knowledge.

  7. What did Mass media do? • Mass Media informed the peculiarity of Otaku by some method such as TV drama, News, article or documentary. • “Densya Otoko” is a good instance for it. ⇒This TV drama described Otaku life and Otaku community.

  8. But… • Nearly every media exaggerated in describing Otaku. • They pretended that the word such as “moe” which Intrinsically Otaku does not use in conversation used frequently.

  9. As a result… • Otaku influenced by Mass media and they try to fit with Otaku in Mass media. • At the same time, media describe some high context information of Otaku. ⇒Basically, Mass media reorganized Otaku to understandable.

  10. Now military anime game geography train comic PC ship animal idol history car ⇒Today, the word “Otaku” indicates that only people who likes Anime, Game and Comic. Mass media cutoff some part and paste rest part. It means Otaku was minimized by Mass media. Etc…