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Dave Engberg PA PowerPoint Presentation
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Dave Engberg PA

Dave Engberg PA

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Dave Engberg PA

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  1. Dave Engberg Vanguard Systems

  2. David Engberg Vanguard Systems is a leader in the field of document management and related solutions and services. The company has vast experience in this field and has catered to numerous clients related to varied fields and has gained success by delivering excellent results to all of them. This success story started in the year 1986 when Dave Engberg PA started a company with the name Vanguard Systems Inc and offered services to the companies that wanted a more efficient document management system. Following are the details of some of the services that Dave Engberg Vanguard Systems currently provides. Services Provided by David Engberg Vanguard Systems

  3. David Engberg Vanguard Systems provides numerous products that support the process of data management. Some of these highly efficient products include IMS/21, FlotivaNXT, eDMS.NET, Elite Forms, Digidoc, ID Protect. Various products can be combined together and used simultaneously in order to get better results. For instance, the trio of IMS-21, EliteForms and e-DMS.NET can be combined which provides a single, comprehensive, multi-platform solution for Imaging, Forms, Document Management, Content Management, Records Management, Workflow and Archiving. By doing so, any system can be optimized which further helps in increasing work productivity. Products and Services

  4. Dave Engberg Vanguard Systems provide FlotivaNXT is one of the easiest, fastest and the most powerful products which can help companies to define, monitor and improve their business processes quite effectively. The Possibilities with this data management software are endless. It features rich user interface with the help of which the client can choose columns that he wants to display within his workbasket. It enables the users to re-sequence and resize each workbasket column. It is a highly efficient product which has numerous other advantages including Single or Multi-level column grouping, Column summarization (counts, totals, averages, etc.), Data Widgets to summarize workloads, Changeable screen color schemes and Internet/Intranet Integration. Dave Engberg Vanguard Systems provide FlotivaNXT

  5. Dave Engberg is the founder of Vanguard systems which is a leader in web applications for enterprise Data and Document Management. It is a reputed company which specializes in Document Management, Integrated Document Imaging, Content Management, Workflow, and Forms Solutions. The company also provides e-DMS.NET which is a robust, “out-of-the-box” open document management system. It has been created exclusively for corporate Intranets, enterprise networks, and the Internet. It has been developed by using Microsoft.NET. This product streamlines the business process by easily integrating with the existing business applications of any organization. Dave Engberg is the founder of Vanguard systems

  6. The data management software provided by Vanguard Systems Inc can support virtually any mix of databases, server platforms and networks. It does not require any user programming and can be customized as per the needs and specifications of the client’s business. For more information about the company, please browse through Vanguard Systems Inc