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The World’s First Student Journal for the Ethical, Legal, Social and Epistemological Implications of Nanotechnology. News from the Bottom.

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News from the bottom

The World’s First Student Journal for the Ethical, Legal, Social and Epistemological Implications of Nanotechnology

News from the Bottom

Welcome to the only journal on the societal implications of nanotechnology written and edited by students! This journal features work by students and non-academics on the epistemological, historical, professional, ethical, legal, and societal implications of nanotechnology and converging technologies. Through the exchange of ideas between students in programs studying nanotechnology, our hope is that a dialogue on the issues will start and a community of student scholars can be fostered. We aim to be a little less formal and more generally informative than your average academic journal in order to best serve our intended audience.

Being on the lowest rung of the academic ladder, there are sometimes difficulties in getting published or to know where to look for student work on the implications of nanotechnology. Though there are a wealth of publication venues for technical papers by students, the goal of such journals is not to present thoughtful reflection on the possibilities and perils of high technology. We have started this journal because there is currently student forum for the implications of nanotechnology and converging technologies. The name ‘News From the Bottom’ was chosen to represent a number of confluent factors that characterize the project and is reminiscent of Richard Feynman’s 1959 speech, ‘Plenty of Room at the Bottom: An Invitation to Enter a New Realm of Physics.’

- The NanoEditors

Who Are We?

Editorial Board

Andrew Childress

Christian Hipp

Jonathan Krull

Current Call For Papers

Current Submissions

Walter Purvis

Also Available online at

Targut Fettah Kosar, Nicholas Stucky and Anna Tourovskaia

‘Nanoparticles Administered to the Human Body: Impacts and Implications’

Liz Stillwaggon

News from the Bottom:

the Online Student Journal of Nanotechnology

is now accepting papers from graduate and undergraduate students on the epistemological, societal, ethical, and legal implications of nanotechnology, and its convergence with biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive science for its second issue.

Tentative deadline for submissions: March 17, 2005

Articles, reviews and papers of any length will be considered.

Possible areas for papers include (but are not limited to):

Reviews of how nanotechnology is depicted in popular media

Historical aspects

Overviews of areas of concern

Implications of the technologies

Ethical concerns brought about by nanotechnology

Please email submissions as attachments to the editors ( and include the author’s name, school, area of study, advisor (if applicable), title of the paper, brief abstract, and a short biography. We ask that all submissions include a bibliography of all references at the end of the paper and that submissions be in Microsoft Word format. For more information, please see our website (

Questions may be directed to:


Nidhi Kumar*

‘The Brain-Machine Interface’

Jamie McIntyre

Ashley Shew

Associate Editor

Alexander Lee

‘Nanotechnology and Patents: Shaping the Brave, New Intellectual Property Frontier’

Kathryn Vignone

Associate Editor

Contact us:

C/O Mark Stevens

USC NanoCenter

Rm 103 Sumwalt USC Campus

Columbia, SC 29201

Lawrence Letham

‘Legal and Technology Issues Associated with Nanotechnology’

Evan Michelson

‘Calling the Shots: Regulating Nanotechnology from the Bottom Up’

Ashley Shew*

‘The Changing Sciences’

USC NanoCenter