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How to Take Care of Roses PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Take Care of Roses

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How to Take Care of Roses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Take Care of Roses.

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How to Take Care of Roses

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    1. How to Take Care of Roses

    2. Planting a rosebush takes a lot of work. The climate depends on whether it’s a good time to plant. Bare-root roses should be planted in early spring or late fall when the temperature remains above 0 degrees Fahrenheit. To ready a bed for planting begin by removing the existing sod. With a hoe, then dig about 16 inches down into the soil, removing large rocks. If planning a month ahead then include granular fertilizer. To make your medium-sized bushes look wonderful then plant them in staggered rows. X X X X X X X X X X X

    3. Roses require lots of water, but fortunately there is no limit on how much water a rosebush can get. If you live in an area with few rain cycles then the rosebush usually needs 4 to 5 gallons. Soil also affects how much water the plant requires. So choosing a good type of soil is necessary.

    4. Another important thing you need to do is fertilize regularly. Make sure to choose fertilizer that has at least 14% of nitrogen in it and that uses both soluble and quick-release nitrogen. Soluble feeds nitrogen continuously into the soil over 3 to 4 months and quick- release can be used during blooming period to advance blooming which is why they are important.

    5. You need to prune regularly. Trim back dead or diseased plant growth because it allows healthier blooms. If you plan on planting a hardy rose cut of the dead canes and those older than 4 years. At the bud union. When tow canes are entangled cut away the smallest one. Also cut the spindly stems that are too weak to support blossoms. To encourage the production of blossoms, prune 1/3 of the length of the cane. Make sure to dig up weeds growing around the bush. If you have any mulch left use an extra layer to prevent the growth of weeds.

    6. To keep a rosebush healthy and strong spray insect repellent on the leaves. This prevents insect infestation. Check for disease and take steps to treat before it before it grows worse. If you don’t know how to heal disease check online or your local nursery to spot types of diseases and find a way to heal them.

    7. Now that you know how to take care of roses, there are 5 different types of roses. There are spreaders, upright, full, standard , and climbing. Spreading flowers have long, leafy canes that grow horizontally over the ground, and is much wider than its height of 1 to 3 ft. Upright bushes sprout few leaves but they produce large blooms at the tip. It is taller than it is wider reaching a height of 3 to 6 ft. Full flowers are wide as they are tall and can reach up to 10 ft. Standards are either lollipop shape or a loose cascading one. The amazing thing about these bushes are that the roses’ buds are grafted by plant growers onto a separate , leafless trunk to imitate the habit of a tree. Climbing flowers grow from 8 to 25 ft, or more and can be secured to fences, trellis’s, walls, or some other type of support. It has been classified as “ ramblers” or “climbers”.

    8. Here are some facts about the rose: • World’s favorite flower • Praised by ancient Greek poets • Buried with the pharaohs in Egypt • Glorified in Rome • Categorized as single, semi double, double, or very double based on how many petals it has, how many petals open, and how much of the pistils and stamens are revealed.

    9. If you don’t wanna spend a lot of time taking care of your rosebush then here are some easy to care for ones: • Altissimo Madame Alfred Carrierre • America Marchioness Of Londonderry • Ballerina New Dawn • Blaze Pinkie • Buff Beauty Prosperity • Cecile Brunner Reve d’Or • Celine Forester Silver Moon • Crimson Glory Sobrevil • Dortmund Souvenir de la Malmaison • Dublin Bay The Fairy • Handel William Baffin • Joseph’s coat Will Scarlet • Lamarque Zephirine Drouchin • Lavender lassie

    10. Bibliography • The Big Book of Flower Gardening New York: Time-Life Custom Publishing Time Life Inc., 1996