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COEUS Lessons Learned

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COEUS Lessons Learned. JHU School of Medicine Office of Research Administration February 2007. Lessons Learned (from Feb 5, 2007 RO1 submissions). 1. Personnel (slides 3-20) 2. Modular Budgets (slides 21-26) 3. Budgets w/subcontracts (slides 27-36) 4. Narrative types (slides 37-42)

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COEUS Lessons Learned

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coeus lessons learned

COEUSLessons Learned

JHU School of MedicineOffice of Research AdministrationFebruary 2007

lessons learned from feb 5 2007 ro1 submissions
Lessons Learned (from Feb 5, 2007 RO1 submissions)
  • 1. Personnel (slides 3-20)
  • 2.Modular Budgets (slides 21-26)
  • 3. Budgets w/subcontracts (slides 27-36)
  • 4. Narrative types (slides 37-42)
  • 5. Human subject approvals/exemptions (slides 43-47)
  • 6. Optional forms (slides 48-51)
  • 7. Other items (slides 52-64)
  • 8. ORA Submission (slide 65-70)
  • 9. Revision/Renewal/Copying Proposals (slides 71-78)
lessons learned 1 personnel
Lessons Learned 1. Personnel
  • Proposal Detail Screen –“Investigator tab”
      • Only the Principal Investigator should be added under the Investigator tab
      • Certify investigator
lessons learned 1 personnel cont
Lessons Learned 1. Personnel (cont)
  • “Proposal Detail Screen – “Key Person” tab
    • Add all other key personnel
    • Add collaborators/other significant contributors
      • Other significant contributors (will not default into the senior/key person section of the RR budget form. If you want them to appear, you must add them to the “personnel for line item” and assign them a % effort)
      • Add non-JHU Key Persons (i.e., PI’s from any subawards)
    • Change “Role” of person
lessons learned 1 personnel cont1
Lessons Learned 1. Personnel (cont)
  • “Proposal Detail Screen – “Key Person” tab

“Running Man” Icon OR “Edit” > “Proposal Persons”

    • Upload biosketch
      • Investigator, key persons, collaborators, other signficant contributors
    • Change personal info (for this proposal)
      • Home unit
      • eRA Commons name
      • Address
    • Add degrees (for this proposal)

“Double click” on each person row,

Person Detail screen appears

lessons learned 1 personnel cont2
Lessons Learned 1. Personnel (cont)
  • Rolodex Entries
  • Non-JHU payroll persons
      • Create Rolodex
    • Rolodex ID assigned
  • Rolodex also used for Organization
    • Address for performance site

“Maintain” > “Rolodex”


“Rolodex” Icon


If Person is unknown, select

“Cancel” >

“Edit” > “Add” OR

“Add” icon


Click on magnifying glass

to search and change

BOTH items to

733 N. Broadway Street

Type an asterisk * to search

lessons learned cont 2 modular budgets
Lessons Learned (cont)2. Modular Budgets
  • Create detailed budget in Coeus
  • Check Modular Budget on Summary page
  • Select > Edit > Modular Budget
    • Select > sync
    • Manually input the following:
      • Direct Costs less Consortium F&A
      • IDC Base
      • IDC Cost

Check Modular Budget Box

Select “Edit”

Select “Modular Budget”


Coeus “Suggests” the module amount based on

the detailed budget

Manually change the IDC base and Funds Requested

lessons learned cont 3 budgets w subcontracts

Lessons Learned (cont) 3. Budgets w/subcontracts

Budget file to send to Sub institution and checklist is available on ORA website

subaward costs 1 st 25k of sub receives jhu f a
Subaward Costs(1st $25K of sub receives JHU F&A)
  • If total subaward direct costs are less than $25,000 you will need to create several sub budget lines:
      • UMD Direct $23,395
      • UMD F&A $11,318
    • Subaward direct expense up to $25,000
      • Amount: $23,395
    • Subaward F&A expense < $25,000
      • Amount $1,665TOTAL OF ABOVE 2 = $25,000
    • Subaward F&A expense > $25,000
      • Amount $9,653
lessons learned cont 4 narrative types
Lessons Learned (cont)4. Narrative types
  • R&R Other Project Information Page
  • 6. Project Summary
    • Abstract of the project (30 lines maximum)
    • Coeus Narrative type:Project_Summary
  • 7. Narrative
    • A 2-3 sentence (maximum) lay description of the project
    • Coeus Narrative type:Narrative
  • 8. Bibliography and References Cited
    • Coeus Narrative type:Bibliography
  • 9. Facilities and Other Resources (describe facilities, i.e., lab, clinical, office, computer)
    • Coeus Narrative type:Facilities
  • 10. Equipment (describe equipment available for the projecT)
    • Coeus Narrative type: Equipment
scientific section
Scientific Section
  • PHS_ResearchPlan_SpecificAims
    • Item #2 on the SF424 Research Plan
  • PHS_ResearchPlan_BackgroundSignificance
    • Item #3 on the SF424 Research Plan
  • PHS_ResearchPlan_ProgressReport
    • Item #4 on the SF424 Research Plan (This is the Preliminary Study/Progress Report)
  • PHS_ResearchPlan_ResearchDesignMethod
    • Item #5 on the SF424 Research Plan
    • NOTE: Create above documents in a word processing program to follow page limit guidelines (25 pages max), then create separate pdf files for each item above.
narratives other
Narratives (Other)
  • Do not upload
    • Table of Contents narrative
    • Checklist
lessons learned cont 5 human subjects
Lessons Learned (cont)5. Human Subjects
  • List approval as “Pending” (even if you have an approved protocol.
    • If project involves human subjects, include the following Narratives:
      • Target/Planned enrollment table
      • Inclusion of women and Minorities
      • Inclusion of children
      • Protection of Human Subjects

If Human Subjects are involved, you must

include narratives for items 8, 9, 10, 11

lessons learned cont 5 human subjects1
Lessons Learned (cont)5. Human Subjects
  • If human subjects are “Exempt”
    • Under “Special Review Comments Section”
      • Type the capital letter E and appropriate exemption number (i.e., 1, 2, 3, 4).
      • No spaces between the capital “E” and exemption number.

For new applications, Select > Pending for Approval

If Exempt, Select > Exempt and

Under Special Review Comments state “E” and the exemption

Number (i.e., E4). No spaces between E and the #.

lessons learned 6 optional forms
Lessons Learned6. Optional Forms
  • Action > > select “Forms” tab:
    • Manually select to include the appropriate optional forms for your application.
    • Be sure to select the appropriate budget type.
      • PHS Modular Budget
        • If your budget is modular, select this optional form.
      • RR Subaward Budget
        • Subaward budgets are not required for Modular applications at time of submission.
        • Non-Modular budgets should include an uploaded subaward budget.
      • PHS Cover Letter
        • If PI includes a cover letter requesting assignment, select this optional form.
      • RR Budget
        • If you are submitting a detailed budget with costs >$250K, select this optional form.
pureedge documents
PureEdge Documents
  • Required Components: SF424 (R&R) (Cover component) Research & Related Project/Performance Site LocationsResearch & Related Other Project Information Research & Related Senior/Key Person PHS398 Cover Page Supplement PHS398 Research Plan PHS398 Checklist
  • Optional Components: PHS398 Cover Letter FilePHS398 Modular BudgetResearch & Related BudgetResearch & Related Subaward Budget Attachment(s) Form

Action > > Forms tab

Select appropriate optional forms

lessons learned 7 other
Lessons Learned7. Other
  • 1. Appendix material
  • 2. Student health insurance
  • 3. Performing Organization Info
  • 4. Validate
    • Action > > Validate
  • 5. Other
    • Human subject/Vertebrate animal protocol numbers
    • Yes/No Questions
    • Biographical Sketch
  • 6. Application types
lessons learned 7 other cont
Lessons Learned7. Other (cont)
  • 1. Appendix
    • Edit > Narrative > Select
      • Narrative Type called: PHS_Appendix
    • Up to 4 appendices may be loaded.
lessons learned 7 other cont1
Lessons Learned7. Other (cont)
  • 2. Student health insurance cost element not including IDC.
    • To remedy, save your budget, delete this line item and add the line item again.
    • Old CUFS object Code 4017 (used by the Homewood schools for "Student Health Insurance Fee", is now Coeus cost element 654012.  This cost element is EXCLUDED from the F&A base.
    • Old CUFS object Code 4150 (used by East Baltimore for "Student Health Insurance") is now Coeus cost element 960306. This cost element is INCLUDED in the F&A base.
    • For any proposals with a status of "in progress" that have use cost element 654012 as Student Health Insurance, this line item should be deleted, and re-added. 
    • For those proposals that went out the door using 654012, the proposals calculated F&A.
    • For any new proposals, departments must select the correct cost element.
lessons learned 7 other cont2
Lessons Learned7. Other (cont)
  • Proposal Detail Screen
    • Organization
      • Change to SOM (2 places)
  • Make sure eIS questions match the Yes/No questions in Coeus
    • eIS is not interfaced to Coeus

Change the Performing Organization info

Under “Organization” & “Performing Organization”

Use * (asterik) to search under ID

Select “000004”


Search ID column with * (asterik)

Select “000004” (SOM Info)

lessons learned 7 other cont3
Lessons Learned7. Other (cont)
  • Validate Often
      • Action > > Validate



First complete the Validation checks to be sure all required

Coeus fields are completed.

Second select Grants.Gov to validate in

lessons learned 7 other cont4
Lessons Learned7. Other (cont)
  • Submission Types
    • Resubmission – revision, i.e., a revised or amended application
    • Renewal – competing continuation
      • Requesting additional funds
      • Competes with all other application
    • Resubmission – an application previously submitted but not funded
lessons learned 8 ora submission
Lessons Learned8. ORA Submission
  • Departmental Submission to ORA
      • Main Menu > Edit > Submit for Approval
      • Add comment
      • Hit “Approve”
lessons learned 8 ora submission cont
Lessons Learned8. ORA Submission (cont)
  • Electronic Information Sheet (eIS)
  • Printed copy of:
    • From the Coeus Narrative screen
      • a. Project Summary (Abstract)
      • b. Budget (see printing budget slide)
      • c. Budget justification
      • e. Facilities/Equipment
      • f. Subcontract paperwork (if applicable)
        • Applications containing subcontracts, submit the following to ORA
        • Printed budget information
        • Budget justification
        • Sub project summary (workscope/abstract)
        • Documentation of sub institutional approval (email, letter, etc).

Modular Budget –

(Print out internal budget sections)

File > Print

Select PHS 398

Select Detailed Budget and

Budget Entire > “Print”


Non-Modular Budget –

Print all budget periods

To access this screen

Main menu “Action” > “”

Move to “Forms” tab

Select “RR Budget V1-1” > “Print”

9 revision renewal coping
9. Revision/Renewal/Coping
  • Proposal Development Module Screen
    • Enter Sponsor Proposal Number
      • Grant number assigned by NIH (RO1 GM012345). Enter GM012345 in the field for Sponsor Proposal Number
    • Enter the original Institute Proposal record number
      • Search using magnifying glass
        • The last 10 yrs of ReSource records were converted and now have a Institute Proposal (IP) record number
        • Applications using Coeus for submission, creates the IP
        • Proposals not using Coeus, the eIS creates the IP record
  • Required Narrative type: PHS_ResearchPlan_Introduction to Application
copy a proposal
Copy a Proposal
  • Highlight proposal (in any status)
  • Select Edit > Copy proposal
    • Budget (final or all versions)
    • Narrative
    • New Coeus number assigned
  • The following items need to be completed for the copied proposal:
      • Obtain logo (Proposal Detail Screen)
      • Certify investigator (Proposal Detail Screen > Investigator)
      • Budget – mark as and complete
      • Check optional forms (Action > > Forms)
      • If Modular budget (check modular budget on budget detail screen)
coeus overview
Coeus Overview

Getting Help with Coeus

  • System Access Information, On-line documentation, Glossary, Icon Cheat Sheet, and Proposal Development Checklist available.
    • In Coeus, select Help> ions Topics
  • Technical problems with the Coeus system:
    • email
    • call 410-516-HELP(4357)
ora website additions
ORA Website Additions
  • Visit ORA website for Coeus information:
    • Narrative type checklist
    • Today’s presentation
    • Subcontract budget file to be sent to sub (along with a checklist of required documents)
    • How to search for Institute Proposal Numbers