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  1. THE BEST TEN PRODUCTS TO SHOP ONLINE So if you have finally decided to become an online shopper or you are an online shopper already, you need to know that not all products are ideal to shop online. Today we will be looking at the top 10 best products to shop online. Let jump right at it. There we now go; 1. Video Games: The video gaming industry is huge and shows no sign of slowing down. In 2014 there are about 1.82 billion video gamers across the world and by 2021 it is expected to hit 2.7 billion. New video games are being developed every day and the best way to find out about latest video games as a video gamer is to check online. Gaming industries are most likely to have individual website to sell and promote their products. If you haven’t noticed, on our android phones we often get advert and promotional offers of nearly any kind of product with gaming inclusive. Online shopping offers, today offer, online offers, today online offers, best offer, online shopping offers today, today best offer, best offer online are some of the special offers you can always find online. You can always shop cheaper with many of these special offers and offer of the dayavailable online. You can’t always get similar offer offline, and buying directly from the developer is much cheaper than from a retailer. 2. Books: More than half of book consumers buy books online according to survey. Unsurprisingly, price again is a key factor here. It

  2. is more convenient shopping books online. You can easily compare prices, books. Also reviews and recommendations from other consumers are helpful. It will provide guidance and help you determine what book you can buy. So next time you want to buy a book, consider buying it online. You will have bunch of option, reviews and recommendations. 3. Kitchen Utensils: Every house must have a kitchen; I mean kitchen is where we cook our daily meals. Who doesn’t eat? For some people cooking is a hobby but for most people including myself cooking is a lot of work and can be very tedious. So how is shopping online can increase your cooking experience? As of 2018 there were more than 1.98 million active sellers and among them includes kitchen utensils manufacturers. There are tons of kitchen utensils available in online stores that can never be found in a local store. Especially for people who find cooking boring, you will find cheap kitchen utensils that would facilitate your cook experience. 4. Fruits:As in, I don’t understand why you have to shop fruits for yourself. Apple is apple, banana is banana and pineapple is pineapple regardless of where you buy it. The price of products like this are determined based on weight. You don’t worry about getting the perfect size for you just like clothes, shoes etc. Buying your fruits online would save you time, gas and stress. Of course before buying online you need to make findings of the online store you want to make your purchase from. Mae sure such store has a reputation to preserve. If they don’t or you’re not sure avoid shopping from them and find an alternative. 5. Undergarment: Some of us are reserved; we like to keep our things secret. Buying your undergarment online helps in preserving your secret. If you’re reserved or you ever feel ashamed or doesn’t always feel comfortable of buying your underwear in a public stores maybe it’s time you make your purchases online. Your purchase would be delivered to your door step wrapped and nobody would ever know when you shop underwear. 6. Electronics: Buying any kind of electronic can be a very complicated process. There are too many factors you have to consider

  3. varying from warranty, specs etc. it will be awkward doing such comparison in a showroom where the sales person is expecting you to make your purchase immediately. You will definitely not want to start making enemy just because you want to compare products before making purchase. When you buy electronics like phone, you might also want to buy case, car charge etc. Online store could automatically suggest things you might want to buy along with your phone at a cheaper price always. 7. Baby Supplies: For a lot of new parents buying your disposable diapers online is very important. It saves you a lot of money and time, you will continuously have to keep diapers for a very long time and it will never be an easy task. You don’t have to run out to the store with baby in tow to buy more and more diapers. Most importantly you will never ever run out of diapers, as it will be very disastrous. You can always buy clothes for you baby online because you won’t have to worry about oversize, your baby will outgrow it. 8. Pet Food: You should also consider buying of pet food online because it is something you do regularly and you tend to buy in bulk. Having it shipped directly to your home will save you a lot of troubles. 9. Luggage: Luggage are big and that is the reason why you should consider buying online so you won’t have to haul it home from store. Other factor includes the price, varieties, opportunity to compare specs and sizes, reviews and recommendation. Online shopping will also give you that time to think and compare products before buying. 10. Clothing: Although garments such as men suits is not advisable because the fit is very crucial and it doesn’t seem possible to get the right fit without trying it on. However, for other clothing such as jeans, shirt, polo, casual pants and other clothes that an exact fit isn’t paramount. For other clothes aside suit you can easily memorize your size and even send a quote to the seller online and it will be directly delivered to your door step. Remember that you will get numerous choice to examine online always.