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Best Today Offer by Daily Online Offer PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Today Offer by Daily Online Offer

Best Today Offer by Daily Online Offer

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Best Today Offer by Daily Online Offer

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  1. Choose Your Favorites Indian Product Choose Your Favorites Indian Product Online Online W With ith D Daily aily T Today oday O Offer ffer Die-hard shopaholics who just like the hustle and bustle of malls/shops and like to touch and feel the things they require before actually buying it should want to disagree, but there's no denying that the endless number of online portals/apps have made shopping easier than ever before. Regardless of where you're or the time of day/night, you'll buy things to your heart’s content from your neighbourhood stores or from across the world. The actual fact that you simply can nearly always return items and obtain a refund if they're to not your liking is another advantage. But this comfort factor apart and online daily today offer, what makes online shopping a perfect option is that you

  2. simply can employ hacks to make the experience interesting and efficient and that’s why Bengaluru is flirting with online shopping. THE CHARGES THE CHARGES Shipping charges: While we are accustomed to one-day free delivery options from most domestic e-commerce sites, ordering products from a global website typically attracts shipping charges. There are various factors that determine how costly the shipping goes to be. “Shipping charges are calculated supporting factors like weight, dimension of the merchandise, origin-destination, duties and taxes, insurance as applicable, and also the service type (express takes 2-3 days, economy takes 5-15 days and postal takes 15-30 days)," said R.S. Subramanian, country manager, DHL Express India. Most global e-commerce websites have preferential rate agreements with a specific courier company and therefore the same is displayed upfront at checkout.

  3. Customs duty: All products, if imported for private purposes, attract basic duty of 10%. On top of that, you furthermore may have to pay goods and services tax (GST) counting on the slab rate fixed by the government. Check the import customs tariff of varied commodities here. While some websites might levy local taxes to be paid in your country ahead, some collect the custom upon delivery. “Basic customs are 10% on the majority of the products. It’s levied on the CIF (cost, insurance and freight) value. If you're purchasing something online, the CIF value is mostly put up by the courier company; their cost generally includes insurance, too," said Bipin Sapra, tax partner, EY. However, the customs officer takes under consideration the “assessable value" when calculating the duty. “Generally, the assessable value and CIF value are the identical and therefore the

  4. tariff is imposed on such value. Assessable value is self-assessed by the importer and is accepted by the customs officer. In case, such value is rejected by the customs officer, then the officer may determine the worth as per applicable rules," said Suresh Nandlal Rohira, partner, Grant Thornton India LLP. The CIF value may sometimes get rejected by the customs officer if she has any reason to believe that the merchandise has been undervalued by the sender. “Online shoppers should make sure that the products ordered online by them are imported through courier and used for private purpose to avail the concessional rate of 10% basic custom duty," added Rohira. Currency conversion: Websites usually list products in their local currency (tell US dollar or British pound). The rupee isn't one amongst the strongest currencies globally and hence conversion rates might spike up the fees.

  5. PAYMENT OPTIONS PAYMENT OPTIONS Most international websites only accept credit cards, payments via Paypal account or Amex cards. Domestic debit/credit cards that don't seem to be enabled for international transactions might also not work on international portals. However, debit cards of some banks might work for international transactions. So, see your bank if your charge account credit will be wont to shop internationally. If not, make sure you either have a PayPal account or a Visa or Mastercard.

  6. SMART WAYS to scale back COSTS SMART WAYS to scale back COSTS Compare prices with package forwarding sites: If you're buying multiple items, package forwarding websites like Borderlinx, Shipito, and Shop and Ship may facilitate your savings. Once you sign on, these sites will provide you with access to local warehouse addresses of various countries, for a fee. Just shop from any website and enter this local package forwarding address during checkout. After receiving the merchandise from the e-commerce portal at their warehouse, they repackage and consolidate items into one package (in case of multiple items) and also help reduce the burden and size. They also work for those searching for brands that are shipped only domestically, say within the US. While they will work for multiple items and in a very situation where most websites don't ship to India, they will end up being expensive otherwise because they need steep shipping costs. So, make use of those services on condition that you actually need the merchandise and are willing to pay a premium thereon. Compare costs before

  7. going for it. Look for cheaper currency: you'll also save at the time of currency conversion. you'll get slight advantages by checking if the merchandise is accessible on another country’s portal, say the US or Europe, where conversion rates may well be slightly better. “Customers should do their research to not just see what the listed price is but also what the delivered price is going to be," said Sapra. However, “customs duty would remain the same for that product irrespective of the country (you order the merchandise from)," said Rohira. Look for offers: a technique to avoid the transportation charge is by shopping when the websites come up with offers of free

  8. international shipping during festive or sale seasons. Many sites also waive off the costs on a minimum order amount. While Indian consumers are willing to pay extra if they find quality products online, shipping charges and duty often make the products 40-50% dearer than the listed price. So, research well. Last but not the least, take care of online fraud and only shop from reliable websites and online shopping offers.