Module 2
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Module 2. The customer. Brief introduction to module 2. This module focuses on the ways organization can provide services to their customers . It looks at aspects of customer service ways in which organization can get feedback from their customers. concept of TQM.

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Module 2

Module 2

The customer

Brief introduction to module 2
Brief introduction to module 2

  • This module focuses on the ways organization can provide services to their customers.

  • It looks at

    • aspects of customer service

    • ways in which organization can get feedback from their customers.

    • concept of TQM

At the end of this module you will be able to
At the end of this module, you will be able to :

1) draw up an action plan.

2) give a briefing using standard expressions.

3) ask indirect questions

4) know what is TQM

5) know how TQM is managed

6) write a press release for a new organization

7) design a written questionnaire

Task i

Task I

Drawing up an action plan

Activity1 negative or positive

Task I

Activity1Negative or positive

  • Following are some comments from customers of ABC Hotel. First decide if it is positive or negative.

  • The receptionist was not very welcoming.

  • It took ages to check-in, the receptionist checked everything in a pile of paper.

  • I had to stand in the center of lobby when my father was checking-in, there was nowhere to sit in the lobby.




Activity 2 using must or have to to draw up action plan

Task I

Activity 2Using “must” or “have to” to draw up action plan

  • If you are the manager in this hotel, what kind of action plan will you draw up to satisfy your customers? Look at the list of actions below, then draw up an action plan.

1. Train the staff to be more friendly to the customers.

2. Get the check-in system computerized.

3. Get some comfortable chairs in the lobby.

have to be

Receptionists _________trained to be more friendly.


We _______ get the reservation system computerized.


We ________get some armchairs in the waiting area.

  • Must indicates that the speaker thinks the action is necessary.

  • Have to indicates that someone else thinks the action is necessary.

Task ii

Task II

Giving a briefing

Module 2

Activity 1: Put in order

Task II

  • Below are steps involved in giving a brief, look at them put them in order.


Expressing intention

Inviting questions


Closing comments

Opening comments





Module 2

Activity 2:Finish exercise

Task II

  • Turn to page 65.

  • Finish Activity 5.

  • The expressions in Activity 5 will be useful when you are giving a briefing.

Activity 3 giving a briefing

Task II

Activity 3:Giving a briefing

  • Use the material given on the anterior slide, try to give a brief to your partner. For example, you can say like this:

  • Good morning, nice to see you all here.

  • I am going to introduce…

  • Let me explain this more clearly…The aims…

  • …any question…

  • Well, that’s all...

Background material
Background material

  • It is very important for the staff in an organization to know what customer want and how they feel about the service offered.

  • In this module, you have seen three ways of getting feedback from the customers-

    • in face-to-face interview

    • on the telephone

    • through a written questionnaire

Background material1
Background material

Read the text in Activity 1 on page 70, try to complete the table below.

Task iii

Task III

Asking indirect questions and conducting an interview

Activity 1 ask indirect questions

Task III

Activity 1: ask indirect questions

Indirect questions are used in interviews because a direct question, such as Why do you like travelling on the airplane? can sound rude.

Turn to page 96 or page 98, try to complete table in Activity 1 on this page by asking your partner indirect questions. Make sure that you sound polite by using indirect questions. Below are some useful expressions.

Could you tell me…

Could I ask you…

Would you mind telling me…

Do you mind if I ask you …

I wonder if you could tell me...

Activity 2 conduct an interview

Task III

Activity 2:Conduct an interview

  • Have an interview with your partner. One of you will be interviewer, while the other will be interviewee.

  • In this interview, questions will be asked about the customer service in the famous fast food restaurant—KFC.

  • You can conduct the interview on the basis of steps below.

  • Get the person’s attention.

  • Start the interview.

  • Ask polite questions.

  • Reacting to what someone has said.

  • Thank the person for taking part in the interview.

Task iv

Task IV

What is TQM

Activity 1 tqm

Task IV

Activity 1: TQM

  • Find out answers for the problems below, then you will know what’s TQM.

  • What do TQM stand for respectively?

  • Who are involved in the final product or service to the customer?

  • Must everyone in the organization understand quality in the same way?

  • Will TQM happen by accident? Is TQM a proactive or a reactive process?

Activity 2 what are included in total quality

Task IV

Activity 2: What are included in total quality

  • Center Parcs, a holiday village company, divided total quality into 3 parts:

  • Quality of environment

  • Quality of facilities

  • Quality of service

  • Now, my question is What are the parts of total quality in your own company?

Task iv1

Task IV

How is TQM managed

Activity 1 what s people management

Task IV

Activity 1:What’s people management

  • It is one of the criteria for TQM.

  • People management is defined as:

    • how an organization releases the full potential of its people in order to improve its business continuously.

Task vi

Task VI

Write a press release for an organization

Activity1 structure of a press release

Task VI

Activity1: Structure of a press release

Look at the notes in activity 7 on page 62. Try to be aware of the structure of a press release.

  • Paragraph 1:

  • Announcing the setting up of a new business.

  • Paragraph 2:

  • Giving the opening date , the exact location and general attractive features.

  • Paragraph 3:

  • Describing the surroundings in the restaurant.

  • Paragraph 4:

  • Specifying the variety of foods provided.

Module 2

Activity 2:Writing a press release for Pizza Hut

Task VI

  • The restaurant chain Pizza Hut has already opened its first outlet in Ningbo. It was opened on Sept. 9th and located at KFC’s side near Town God Temple.

  • Now you are asked to write a press release for this restaurant. I’d like to draw your attention that the language must be simple and clear because this is a press release.

  • This one need not to be submitted, it is for your self-assessment only.

Task vii

Task VII

Design a written questionnaire

Activity 1

Task VI

Activity 1

  • If possible, please design a written questionnaire in order to monitor and measure your customer/student satisfaction.

  • A sample questionnaire can be found on page 75.

  • This one need not to be submitted, it is for your self-assessment only.