item 1 b lga environment board 17 july 2007 n.
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Item 1(b) LGA ENVIRONMENT BOARD: 17 JULY 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Item 1(b) LGA ENVIRONMENT BOARD: 17 JULY 2007. The National Planning Forum (NPF): Cross-sectoral views on the Planning White Paper. The National Planning Forum :

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item 1 b lga environment board 17 july 2007


The National Planning Forum (NPF):

Cross-sectoral views on the Planning White Paper


The National Planning Forum:

the principal cross-sectoral voice on planning issues in England - committed to finding common ground / informing differences of opinion

key agent for change in delivering a better planning service

over 100 members from 5 sectors - Government + Agencies, Local Government, Business, Third Sector, and Professions

mission: “to inspire planning and all those involved in planning…. and to help achieve quality, inspiring places that enhance productivity as well as people’s well-being”


The National Planning Forum – Executive Board:

Representing the 5 sectors, providing leadership and direction

Current Chair: Mark Southgate, Environment Agency and Vice-

Chair Government and its Agencies;

Paul Bettison, LGA and Vice-Chair Local Government;

Liz Peace, BPF and Vice-Chair Business;

Mike Hayes, RTPI and Vice-Chair Professions;

Simon Marsh, RSPB and Vice-Chair 3rd sector;

supported by

Kay Powell, NPF Secretary


Planning White Paper : initial NPF views on the town & country planning proposals:

Welcome for:

endorsement of the value of the planning system

the move from regulation to positive planning, and the

opportunity for planning to support the place-shaping agenda

changes to allow DPD withdrawal/amendment

introduction of planning process agreements

the conclusions of the Householder Development Consents Review

but a need for:

clarity on separation of central and local government roles

changes in practice as well as process

incentives for local government to encourage development

less opportunity for judicial review of decisions

more detail on the proposals before taking a final view

environmental safeguards for householder permitted develt

more clarity in national planning policy; draft PPS4 Economic Develt overdue


Planning White Paper : initial NPF views on thetown and country planning proposals cont’d:


about the evidence base for the Barker Reviews

if the review of national planning policy reduced the strength of

environmental policy

about the potential to undermine the plan-led system

about the absence of a national planning framework

about implications of deregulating planning fees

about the implications of the Heritage White Paper for the planning

system and vice-versa

Difference of view on:

member review panels

the need for mandatory training for councillors

planning gain supplement


Planning White Paper : initial NPF views on thetown and country planning proposals cont’d:

Need to:

consider the implications for those areas with 2 tiers of local government

resolve national/local tensions

recognise the value of the regional level in resolving conflicts

reduce the complexity involved in making planning applications

seize the opportunity to share best practice in order to secure better outcomes across the country

encourage more culture change in ALL the sectors that are involved in planning


Planning White Paper : initial NPF views on major infrastructure projects (MIPS):

business considers the proposals “on the right track” but is concerned that any controversy they cause should not de-rail the town and country planning proposals

concerns about whether MIPS would deliver for the environment or local communities (IPC)

welcome the proposals as current delays in taking decisions on major projects are unacceptable

concerns about the Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC), its legitimacy, representativeness, and whether it would have: the necessary expertise, local discretion, and a role in scrutinising National Policy Statements (NPS)

MIPS legislation should include sustainable development duty

National Policy Statements should be subject to a test of soundness