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JCoSS. ( Jewish Community Secondary School).

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( Jewish Community Secondary School)

  • JCoSS is here because someone had a dream. This dream was to build the first ever pluralistic, Jewish school and ensure that it has students from every type of Judaism – making it completely cross communal. You could be from a reform or liberal background. It just doesn't matter.
  • Even if your not exactly Jewish you can still go to JCoSS.
  • Jeremy Stowe-Lindner is the proud head teacher of Jcoss.

Enjoy our News Stories!


What is our Student Parliament?

  • The main aim of student parliament is to get the students’ points across in an educational way. It’s also a way of improving the students’ knowledge of how a government works. It gives you a chance to say what you feel about things and have your ideas about how you want to improve the school taken into consideration.
  • We have departments for everything, including Health, Education, Sport, Communities, Politics and Finance – which is also Business and Innovation.
  • The departments help to improve and innovate our school, to make it a better environment for the JCoSS community.
  • The departments host competitions to get ideas from students, who have thoughts about the school, but are not in the JCoSS parliament.

Here’s what our MP’s say…

What is the difference between a School Council and School Parliament?


“In Parliament we have job titles and we are put in different situations, unlike a school council and our opinions are taken more seriously.”


“Parliament is more serious and efficient so you can get things out and done immediately , School Councils can’t get everything out as quickly because its based on opinions. For example , with parliament you can pitch your ideas to staff and your head-teacher, however in a school council your ideas might not go as far.”

How do you feel being in the school parliament?


“Even though I’m not in the cabinet, I am in the education department this happened after the main election for the MP’s and the Prime Minster there was a day when the MP’s set up stalls about their department and I filled in slip for education and luckily I got in!”


“In a School Parliament there are different departments. In a School Council there is only one group, so a parliament can be more focused. We feel more sophisticated as some of the most important people in England are in a parliament, it is getting us ready for the future.”


We interviewed Miss Burton:

Head of Student Parliament.

Questions: Why did you decide to have a student parliament? Were did you get your inspiration from? Was it based on the real government?

Vanessa Burton Head of the Parliament:

I was asked to start a student voice by the head teacher Jeremy Stowe-Lindner. YES - My inspiration was from our government of Westminster. I decided to do it as a parliament so that the children could have a opportunity to learn about how we run a government. A student council is based on the romans’ idea of a senate.


Science Week

We interviewed Mrs Follett (Assistant Head, Science) on how we celebrated and prepared for Science week at JCoSS.

We started by asking her how long it took to prepare and organise Science week…

Here’s what Mrs Follett had to say:

“It actually took a long time, in fact all the way from October 2010, we had a visitor who came in on Friday from CERN, CERN which is an organisation for nuclear research, it holds the world’s largest particle physics laboratory.”(how cool!)

She told us….

“Her favourite experiment would have to be the balloon experiment, using a bottle of coke that would have a balloon placed securely on top and then the fizzing particles would excite the air particles causing a chemical reaction which would inflate the balloon.”

She also said….

“She chose those type of experiments in particular because Science week was also affiliated with Einstein’s birthday, he was a physicist so all the experiments were linked to physics.”


Pictures, Science Week

  • Wobbly water

Ballistic Balloons

Brilliant Bubbles


Science Week

To celebrate Einstein's birthday we had ice cream and jelly, it was lovely! We also had Albert Einstein in mind when we did the experiments as he was an extremely accomplished physicist.

We also asked Miss Hancock (Science Technician), who helped organise the event,

Miss. Hancock said:

“It took lots of shopping and planning to get the event smoothly running, we had to get lots of supplies and we got a pack of experiments for Einstein’s birthday.”

“The experiment I particularly liked, was the wobbly water when the static from the balloon made the water move away from it, but I didn’t think the balloons with the hot and cold water worked as well as it should have because they were meant to deflate when in cold water, but inflate when in hot water and it wasn’t affecting the balloons as should of.”


Thank you for watching our presentation on JCoSS!

By Chloe, Taryn, Ellie, Ilana, Daniel, Sammy, Joss and Ben