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Rendezvous Toolset

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Rendezvous Toolset. Web application security What is Rendezvous. Web security tools that are on the web Goals Save time Build a clean interface (Based on JQuery) Accessible anywhere Help other pen-testers Limitations

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rendezvous toolset

Rendezvous Toolset

Web application security

what is rendezvous
What is Rendezvous
  • Web security tools that are on the web
  • Goals
    • Save time
    • Build a clean interface (Based on JQuery)
    • Accessible anywhere
    • Help other pen-testers
  • Limitations
    • Optimized for IE for now (personal project)
  • CSRF POC Helper
  • What does it do?
    • Automates x-domain post via link
    • Linked page auto-submits form to make x-domain post.
  • Why?
    • Demonstrates CSRF in POST just as dangerous as GET.
text converter
Text Converter
  • Web Text Converter
  • What does it do?
    • Generates Encoded Payloads
  • Why?
    • Save time!
    • Accessible!
    • Encoders supports:
      • Various base entity encoding
      • Url encoding
      • Various base script encoding
      • Base 64 encoding
      • Obfuscated Ascii encoding
      • Regular UTF-7
      • Comprehensive UTF-7
heap spray wizard
Heap Spray Wizard
  • Heap Spray Wizard
  • What does it do?
    • Sprays your heap with default payload to run calc.exe or provide your own shellcode.
  • Why?
    • Meant to be used with AX tools
    • Configure how much heap memory you want to spray.
    • Makes it one click process to spray with working payload
html test tool
Html Test Tool
  • Html Test Tool
  • What does it do?
    • Render various content in the browser using arbitrary content-type.
  • Why?
    • Different browsers treat different mime-types differently.
    • Browsers sniff based on content-type.
    • Flirting with mime-type paper by Blake Frantz. Great paper.
    • Sanity check mime-type behavior.
web bug tool
Web Bug Tool
  • Web Bug Tool
  • What does it do?
    • Creates temporary web bug.
    • Record hits to a page.
  • Why?
    • Save time reusing web bug.
online strings
Online Strings
  • Online Strings
  • What does it do?
    • Extract out unicode and ascii strings from binary files.
  • Why?
    • Quick and accessible.
    • Thought it was cool :-P
extract exif
Extract EXIF

Makes it one click operation to map

Again it’s available anywhere with web access.

Nothing surprising but fun tool 

Lesson: Don’t share photos taken with phone! j/k

view state decoder
View State Decoder
  • View State Decoder
  • What does it do?
    • Allows you to peek inside what’s inside ViewState data.
  • Why?
    • Demystifies content of viewstate
    • Allows you to see a tree view of all the property values in viewstate
    • Any server side sensitive info inside?
    • Any questionable property being stored?
  • Feel free to use it for authorized pen-testing.
  • Over 20+ tools (including bookmarklets)
  • If you have tools you’d like to see online please shoot me a mail.
  • Thanks!