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Innovations in Research – Strategic Australia-China Research Positioning

Innovations in Research – Strategic Australia-China Research Positioning . 科研创新 — 澳中科研战略定位. Victoria University and Chinese Partners Conference . Cathryn Hlavka, Minister- Counsellor (Education & Research), Australian Embassy in Beijing 11 July 2013. Australia in brief. 澳大利亚概况.

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Innovations in Research – Strategic Australia-China Research Positioning

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  1. Innovations in Research – Strategic Australia-China Research Positioning

    科研创新—澳中科研战略定位 Victoria University and Chinese Partners Conference Cathryn Hlavka, Minister-Counsellor (Education & Research), Australian Embassy in Beijing 11 July 2013
  2. Australia in brief 澳大利亚概况 6th largest nation by land mass, and 3rd largest marine jurisdiction 国土面积世界第六,海事管辖权面积世界第三 Population is 23 million人口2300万 World‘s 13th largest economy世界第十三大经济体 GDP per capita is AUD$72,354 equivalent to RMB 422,251 人均GDP72,354澳元,折合人民币422,251元 Gross Expenditure on R&D2.20% of GDP in 20102010年研发总支出占国内生产总值的2.20%
  3. —13 Nobel Prize Laureates Strong Profile in Research and Innovation 7Australian Nobel Prize Winners in Physiology or Medicine 7位澳大利亚人获得诺贝尔生理学或医学奖 4 Australian Nobel Prize Winners in Physics 4位获得物理学奖 1Australian Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry 1位获得化学奖 1 Australian Nobel Prize Winner in Literature 1位获得了文学奖。 There have been 13 Australian winners of the Nobel Prize 至今已有13位澳大利亚人荣获诺贝尔奖 Although Australia is a country with a small population ……
  4. Most Recently… 最近的诺奖得主 He revolutionized the treatment of ulcers, by swallowing the organisms and curing the ulcers with an antibiotic himself! 马歇尔教授通过亲自吞食自己培养的这种幽门螺旋杆菌,再用抗生素来治愈自己,从此革命性地改变了世人对于对胃溃疡的治疗方法. Professor Barry Marshall, Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology orMedicine(2005) 2005年诺贝尔生理学或医学奖得主 Heprovidesevidence that the expansion of the universe is accelerating. 斯密特教授透过观测遙遠超新星而发現宇宙加速膨胀的研究发现赢得了2011年诺贝尔物理奖 AleksandrMikhailovichProkhorov 亚历山大·米哈伊洛维奇·普罗科洛夫 1964年诺贝尔物理学奖 Professor Brian Schmidt, Nobel Prize Winner in Physics (2011) 2011年物理学奖得主
  5. SomeAustralian Innovations That Changed Our Lives 一些改变我们生活的澳大利亚发明 1958: Black Box Flight Recorder“黑匣子” 1953:SolarWater Heater 太阳能热水器 Wi-Fi: an Australian Invention Wi-Fi: 来自澳大利亚的发明 2003: Aheart an artificial human heart that could be outside of the patient’s body 可长久安置于并人体外的人造心脏—Ventrassist™心脏辅助系统 1978: Bionic Ear 仿生耳
  6. Public Funding for Science 2010-11 by Portfolio 政府各部门的科研经费
  7. Australia’s Science and Research System澳大利亚科研体系 $$$ Business Business $17.3 billion in 2010-11 Universities Departments Governments & Other $$$ Non-Profit Labs Australian Government: $8.4 billion in 2010-11 Other sources: $5.1 billion in 2010-11 Research agencies (eg:) CSIRO (Broad-based) ANSTO (Nuclear) AIMS (Marine) BOM (Meteorology) NICTA (ICT) DSTO (Defence) GA (Geoscience) State Government Labs Hospitals, Museums, Herbaria Funding agencies Australian Research Council (ARC) National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Advisors and coordinators Within government: Departments, Chief Scientist, CSTACI, PMSEIC Learned academies: AAS, ATSE, ASSA, AAH
  8. Public Research Agencies公立科研机构
  9. Universities 37 public universities37所公立大学 3 private universities3所私立大学 1 specialised university 1所专科大学 3 international campuses3所海外大学的分校 Major groupings:澳大利亚大学的分类 Group of Eight澳大利亚八校联盟 Australian Technology Network澳大利亚科研大学联盟 Innovative Research Universities澳大利亚创新研究类大学 Regional Universities Network澳大利亚区域性大学联盟 澳大利亚大学 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA)
  10. Innovation Agenda: Powering Ideas澳大利亚创新路线图 Ten year agenda to make Australia more productive and competitive by boosting science and innovation capability Increase funding for research and research infrastructure Implement a research workforce strategy to ensure there are enough skilled workers qualified in science and research Increase capacity of research organisations to collaborate in Australia and internationally, to tackle complex problems Evaluate quality of Australian research Build science awareness in the Australian community
  11. National Research Investment Plan (2012) 澳大利亚国家研究投资计划2012 The Plan will: support research investment decisions guide Australian Government research improve national wellbeing by increasing productivity and addressing Australia’s key challenges NationalResearchInvestmentPlan.aspx
  12. Strategic Research Priorities(SRPs) 澳大利亚战略研究优先领域 One of the five social challenges - Managing our food and water assets Research outcomes will identify new food production practices and systems that can accommodate competing demands for soil and water while ensuring the long-term sustainability of these assets Develop knowledge of the changing distribution, connectivity, transformation and sustainable use of water in the Australian landscape
  13. Innovative Incubators for Research – Cooperation Research Centres (CRC) 澳大利亚合作研究中心计划
  14. Science and Research Collaboration with China 澳中科研合作 China and Australia are very important bilateral partners for each other, including in terms of joint publications. China 3rdfor Australia Australia 6thfor China
  15. Complementary Strength澳中科研互补性优势领域 Science and Research Collaboration Report Between Australia and China
  16. Collaboration between Australia and China Australia-China joint publications rose 20-fold from 1996 to 2009.
  17. Long-standing Collaboration in Science and Research长期科研合作 Threedecades of cooperation in agricultural research
  18. CSIRO – Collaboration with China over 35 years澳大利亚联邦科工组织 — 与中国合作35年 Some examples: Next-generation Air Cargo Scanner to improve security 新一代空运货物安检扫描装备 CSIRO Technology captures China‘s CO2 碳捕捉封存技术项目 Australia-China Research Centre for Wireless Communications 澳中无线通讯研究中心
  19. Astronomy Cooperation 天文合作 AustraliaandChinaisworkingtogetherontheworld’sbiggestandmostpowerfulradiotelescopeproject(SKAProject) 在世界上最强大的射电望远镜项目(一平方公里射电望远镜阵列项目,SKA)中,澳中两国紧密合作
  20. And more……更多的科研合作领域 In many other fie Modified carbon nanotubes for early cancer detection 经结构改造的碳纳米管,用于癌症早期检测 Faster, greener wireless broadband用于基站和移动通讯设备的天线
  21. Launching millions of insects into cyber-space 中澳分类学联合虚拟实验室,共享各自的国家物种库 Solar power and hot water from one affordable unit 太阳能与热水的集成设备,成本低廉
  22. 澳中科研合作基金 The Fund provides support for strategic science and research collaboration of mutual benefit to Australia and China The fund consists of three components: Joint research centers (JRCs) Group missions KnowledgeExchange-YoungResearchersExchangeProgram
  23. Joint Research Centres 联合研究中心 virtual centres that link Australian and Chinese research institutions conducting a portfolio of research-related activities in a specified field of research
  24. Australia-China Young Researchers Exchange Program 澳中青年研究员交流项目 Facilitate future long term science and research collaboration between Australia and China by bringing together future research leaders from both countries in order to foster long term relationships; Develop early and mid-career Australian and Chinese researchers by increasing their understanding of the cultures, and particularly the science and research practices and systems, of the two countries and developing their leadership skills as future “science ambassadors” for Australia and China.
  25. Victoria University’s research engagement with China 维多利亚大学与中国的科研合作 Groupsmissions funded by the ACSRF HelpingChinaplanitselectric vehicle industryroadmap
  26. Hope to see more exchanges & collaboration between Victoria University and Chinese partners! 希望维多利亚大学与中国合作伙伴的 交流合作更上一层楼!
  27. THANK YOU Cathryn Hlavka Minister Counsellor (Education, Science and Research) Australian Embassy in Beijing +86 10 5140 4241
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