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Henry James

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Henry James

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  1. Henry James By Collin Rooney

  2. Born: April 14, 1843 in New York City • Henry James Sr. (father) – well-known intellectual • Shortly attended Harvard Law • Started writing immediately after school Background

  3. Moved to England at age 32 • Never Married • Became a British subject in 1915 • Died in London - 1916 Background

  4. Turn of the Screw - 1898 • Daisy Miller - 1878 • The Portrait of a Lady – 1881 • The Ambassadors - 1903 Notable Works

  5. Unnamed narrator listens to story told by friend about a dead governess. • Young governess working for man in London • Man must raise nephew (Miles) and niece (Flora) • Miles at boarding school, Flora at country house in Essex • Governess put in charge of children Turn of the Screw

  6. Miles expelled from school, Governess does not bring it up • Governess begins to see unrecognizable man and woman around estate • Mrs. Grose (housekeeper) tells her that Mrs. Jessel (predecessor) and Peter Quint (lover) mysteriously died. • Children see ghosts Turn of the Screw

  7. Flora runs away, admits to having talked to Mrs. Jessel. • Flora never wants to see governess again, Mrs. Grose takes her to her uncle. • Miles and Governess see ghost of Quint and Miles dies. Turn of the Screw

  8. Daisy Miller meets Winterbourne in Switzerland, introduced by Randolph (brother) • Randolph likes New York • Daisy likes Europe • Winterbourne pursuits Daisy despite Aunt Costello’s hatred for her • Winterbourne must go to Geneva, promise to meet back in Rome. Daisy Miller

  9. They meet again in Mrs. Walker’s parlor • Winterbourne tries to get Daisy out of her situation with mother and other Americans. • Sees Giovanelli and Daisy in Colosseum, thinks her too common, tells her to watch out for “Roman Fever” • Daisy becomes sick, dies days after. Daisy Miller

  10. Lambert Strether – middle aged fiance of Mrs. Newsome • Chad Newsome – son of Mrs. Newsome in Paris, mother wants him to be rescued. • Lambert goes to rescue him, meets cynical Maria Gostrey. • Finds Chad, taken to party, meets lovely Marie de Vionnet and daughter Jeanne The Ambassadors

  11. Lambert unsure of Chad’s desires • Lambert in love with Marie, not decided on whether he should return to woollett, Mass or not. • Tells Chad’s friend (little Bilham) he might have missed best part of life. • Waymarsh not persuaded by Europe • Lambert keeps Chad from going home. The Ambassadors

  12. Mrs. Newsome sends Chad’s sister (Sarah Pocock) and others to bring him back. • Sarah hates Marie, demands for Chad’s return • Lambert tells Chad not to leave Marie • Denies Maria Gostrey’s invitation of marriage • Goes home. The Ambassadors

  13. Isabel Archer – Orphan girl, apprentice of Aunt Lydia Touchett. • Goes to London to live with Touchett family. • Ralph (son) has TB. • Uncle puts Isabel in will, dies, Isabel rich. • Goes with Madame Merle (family friend) to Italy, meets Gilbert Osmond and daughter Pansy. A Portrait of a Lady

  14. Has marriage proposals from Osmond and Casper Goodwood (American) • Chooses Osmond, realized he married her for money. • Learns that Ralph is dying, Merle is Pansy’s mother. Tells Merle off. • Goes to see brother die, Goodwood tries and fails, Isabel goes back to Osmond. A Portrait of a Lady

  15. Kate Croy and Merton Densher want to marry, too poor. • MillyTheale, heiress, dying in Europe, loves Densher. • Kate tells Densher to marry Milly then inherit her money so they can marry. • Milly dies, leaves money to Densher, does not take it, Kate and Densher split. The Wings of the Dove

  16. Questions????????????????