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General Chemistry

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General Chemistry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences. General Chemistry. (MGGC-101 )&(GRGC-101). Introduction. Supervision: Prof.Dr.Shehata El-Sewedy Dr.Fatma Ahmed. Outcomes. By the end of this lecture, the students will be able to. 1-Recognize the aim and overview of the course

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Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences

General Chemistry


supervision prof dr shehata el sewedy dr fatma ahmed


Prof.Dr.Shehata El-Sewedy

Dr.Fatma Ahmed


By the end of this lecture, the students will be able to

1-Recognize the aim and overview of

the course

2-Known the general chemistry

aim of the course
Aim of the course

General chemistry studies the fundamentals necessary for understanding organic, inorganic, physical, and biological chemistries, but for the comprehension of science as a whole.

General chemistry is among those subjects that educated people cannot do without. Indeed, a person, ignorant of chemistry, would be out of touch with modern society; he would be unable to take part in an ordinary conversation in the 21st century!

Indeed, a person without the basic knowledge of chemistry is unable to understand the notes on labels that accompany foodstuffs. He cannot take part in conversations that occur in our modern society concerning such important matters as chemical weapons, narcotics, smoking, alcoholism, etc. Such a person cannot understand the differences in the brands of gasoline at the filling stations, he does not understand why cholesterol can be harmful, or which detergents are dangerous and why, etc., etc


Professions directly connected with chemistry (nuclear fission chemists, pharmacists, chemists-analysts) are included in the first ten most prestigious and most well paid professions. Without the knowledge of chemistry, one cannot become a doctor, a judge, a lawyer, or a businessman. Besides, the prosecutor and the counsel for the defense call upon most every American citizen to serve his country in the capacity of a juror from time to time where he/she must understand the various proofs offered by the prosecutors or the lawyers. Indeed, the basis of many proofs lies in the knowledge of chemical analyses.

What does it mean to know chemistry? This means: to understand the physical sense of chemical phenomena. Physical sense includes the explanations of chemical phenomena arising from the knowledge of physics and mathematics, already gained in high school. Thus, in order to ease assimilation when studying chemistry, the student should get a review dose of physics and mathematics.

When studying general chemistry, the students learn about the structure of the smallest particle of a substance — the atom. They learn about the various properties of atoms, they define the substances of things surrounding us, they learn how chemical and physical transformations of substances take place, how the structure of substances defines their physical and chemical properties

Course content

*Measurements in Chemistry

*Atoms, molecules and ions

*Chemical reaction

*Chemical stoichiometry

*The electronic structure of


*Electron Configuration and periodicity

*Periodic table

*Periodic properties

*Basic Concepts of Chemical Bonding