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Developing a Project Proposal

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Developing a Project Proposal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Developing a Project Proposal. ACTRAV-Turin. Contents. Concept of “ Logical Framework Approach ” SPROUT – model project proposal Individual activity Presentation of workplan. Logical Framework Approach. Analysis of Policies/Contexts/Environment

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Concept of “Logical Framework Approach”

SPROUT – model project proposal

Individual activity

Presentation of workplan

logical framework approach
Logical Framework Approach
  • Analysis of Policies/Contexts/Environment
  • Definition of Initial Situation / Identification of current problems, parties involved, and causes of the problems
  • Definition of Exit Profile / Identification of desired situations
  • Definition of Needs
  • Definition of Objectives
  • Identification of Activities, Strategies, Method, Media, etc.
system chart
System Chart

Step 1: Analysis of Policies, Environment & Context

Step 2: Analysis of Initial Situation - Problems & Target Groups

Step 3: Analysis of Exit Profile - Desired Situations

Step 4:Definition of Needs

Step 5: Specification of Objectives

Step 7: Design of monitoring, reporting & evaluation

Step 6: Strategic selection, design and elaboration of activities

Step 8: Risk Analysis

Step 9: Analyses of Resources

analysis of policies contexts
Analysis of Policies & Contexts
  • Values and Principles
  • Macro economic and social environment
  • Justifications for actions
  • Priorities and strategies
  • Situations of resources
definition of initial situation
Definition of Initial Situation
  • Clear, specific description of current situations
  • Identification of problems and their causes
  • Target group and their entry conditions
  • Other parties involved and their situations
  • Resources available
  • Constraints
  • Analyses of past experiences
definition of exit profile
Definition of Exit Profile
  • Definition of the desired situations – with specific institutional arrangements / setting;
  • Expected performance – with observable knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviors and/or abilities
  • Performance criteria and indicators
definition of needs
Definition of Needs
  • Qualitative definition
    • the nature of needs
  • Quantitative definition
    • improvement from X point to Y point
  • Question of time limit
    • Y point must be achieved by Z date
definition of objectives
Definition of Objectives
  • Performance
  • Condition
  • Criteria
  • Definition of pre-requisites
selection of activities methods
Selection of Activities & Methods
  • Activities that must be organized to eliminate (potential) causes of the problems and achieve the objectives
  • Design strategic progression of actions and contents
  • Condition
  • Criteria
  • Definition of pre-requisites


  • About SPROUT…summary project outline
  • Background and justification
  • Development objectives and immediate objectives
  • Output and input
sprout summary project outline
SPROUT…Summary project Outline
  • Tool for the development of a project proposal
  • Means to make a proposal for a financing agency
  • Background
  • Target Group / Parties involved
  • Problems and their causes
  • Development and immediate objectives
  • Main outputs and indicators of achievements
  • Activities and inputs
  • Risk analyses and management
  • A preliminarybudget estimate
sprout background justification
  • Socio-economic situation/trends/ context
  • Current political environment
  • Past experiences
  • National development policies and strategies
  • Current difficulties – political, social and/or economic environment
  • Which sectors are the problems in?
sprout target group parties involved
SPROUT…Target group / parties involved
  • Who are the persons/group affected by the problems? How large are they?
  • What are their characteristics (sex, age, education, work situation, social background, place of living, etc.)?
  • Who should be involved in the project planning and implementation?
  • Is there any other group(s) that have contradicting interests?
sprout problems and their causes
SPROUT…Problems and their causes
  • What exactly are the problems you need (want) to address?
  • Why do the problems have to be solved? How fast?
  • What are the causes and effect of the problems? Any studies / analyses?
  • Were there any past attempts to solved the problems? Failure/success?
sprout development and immediate objectives
SPROUT…Development and immediate objectives
  • Development Objectives
    • Overall aims of the project in a long-run
    • Broader behavioral/institutional changes to which the project will contribute
  • Immediate Objectives
    • Specific achievements (situations and/or conditions) or direct results that the project will attain by the end of the project
    • SMART: Specific, Measurable, Approved by the project owner and the group, Realistic, and Time-bound
    • “To study”, “to raise awareness”, or “to assist” is not suitable for immediate objectives.
sprout indicators of achievement and outputs
SPROUT…Indicators of Achievement and Outputs
  • Indicators of Achievement
    • A brief description of the desired or expected situation at the end of the project, with clear emphasis on the changes that the project will help to bring about.
  • Outputs
    • Products that the project will produce
    • Be precise in defining the outputs
sprout main activities and inputs
SPROUT…Main activities and inputs
  • List of main activities
    • How the inputs of the project will be transformed into outputs
    • List all the activities, in a logical (or chronological) order, that are important to the production of the outputs
    • Be strategic!
  • Inputs
    • List all resources needed for carrying out the planned activities
    • Consider financial implications for each input (Is it available for free, or do you have to create it?)
sprout risk analysis and risk management
SPROUT…Risk analysis and risk management
  • Risk Analysis
    • List all potential factors which may affect, or endanger, implementation of activities and achievements of the objectives;
    • What are social, economic and political pre-conditions that are beyond the control of the project owner/group?
  • Risk Management (internal & external):e.g. through monitoring/reporting/evaluation
    • How best can the project avoid the potential risks?
    • What can be the most effective monitoring or reporting systems to ensure minimizing the risks?
individual workplan
Individual Workplan

Development Process

  • Complete from Step 1 to Step 3 of the system chart;(by Tuesday, 11 May)
  • Make necessary revisions to the above step, and then complete Step 4 and Step 5 (by Thursday, 13 May)
  • Complete from Step 6 to Step 9(by Friday, 14 May)
  • Finalize the work plan(by Saturday, 15 May)
presentation of work plan
Presentation of Work Plan
  • Each participant has 5 minutes to present his/her work plan;
  • While your colleague is making presentation, carefully take note of its major arguments, focusing on some strong points, weak points, and/or points for clarification;
  • Each presentation will be followed by a short Q&A session through which participants help each other to further improve/strengthen the workplan.