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Club Fit Kids

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Club Fit Kids. Tonya Bryan, M.D. Medical Director. What is Club Fit Kids. 12 week healthy lifestyle course for children between 10-18 years of age and their families

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Club Fit Kids

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    1. Club Fit Kids Tonya Bryan, M.D. Medical Director

    2. What is Club Fit Kids • 12 week healthy lifestyle course for children between 10-18 years of age and their families • The program meets 3 days per week for 2 hours. During these 2 hours children workout with trainers and receive education on developing healthy lifestyles

    3. Club Fit Kids: Education • Program notebook: 100 plus page book which serves as the road map for healthy eating and movement • Daily health log: Children completed a log for each day of the program. These are reviewed weekly by the training staff • Children put their logs on boards, they review logs together, and help each other solve barriers to healthy eating

    4. Club Fit Kids: Education • There are 5 family weekends during the 12 week program. During these longer family days, families receive the core education on healthy eating and movement • Families move together and try healthy food together on family days • We have developed a core set of lectures and demonstration booths

    5. Club Fit Kids: Education • Lecture topics: • Healthy Eating 101 • Fast Food and You • The Dietary Prescription • Portion Control • Keeping a Daily Health Log • Exercise Prescription • Getting Started at Home • Challenges to Change • Advanced lectures topics: • What Obesity Does to Your Body • Reading Food Labels • Obesity in a Bottle • Grocery Store Adventures • Maintaining a Healthy Weight for Life • Tips for Ongoing he Energy Balance

    6. Club Fit Kids: Education • Demonstration Tables: • To engage families and children in a smaller group setting, we have developed booths. This allows kids to engage with their hands and minds. Topics: • Gross Out Table • Portion Control • One Day of Food • Reading Food Labels • 9 Inch Plate • Recipe Modification • Managing Holidays and Parties

    7. Club Fit Kids: Counseling

    8. What is Club Fit Kids: Movement • Kids participate in traditional cardiovascular training. They start with a 2-3 minute run and all participants work up to a 20-30minute run • Many children completed over a 30minute run in our last 2 cycles • Strength training is a core element of the program. Children participate in obstacle courses and other basic strength training activities

    9. Club Fit Kids: Movement • Yoga/Zumba • Children participate in weekly yoga sessions lead by an instructor from Core Power Yoga • They can earn yoga mats and yoga DVD’s to build on their yoga practice after the twelve week program • Aquatics • Children Participate in weekly aquatic aerobics and water games • This helps with building core strength and cardiovascular endurance

    10. Club Fit Kids: Movement • Parents and siblings participate in fitness days during our weekend programming • We have obstacle course competitions • Yoga classes for participants, parents, and siblings • The last 2 sessions we have added a parent group. Parents walk or run the track while children are doing their activities. • Parents participate in many of the activities with their children.

    11. Club Fit Kids: Movement • Break Dance: • Local professional break dance group demonstrates the basic concepts of street dancing and provide a weekend class on fun dancing moves • Tap Dance: • A Keene Sense of Rhythm, does a tap demonstration and then they teach a 3 week session as part of the core cardiovascular activities

    12. Club Fit Kids: Food We organize multiple food demonstrations during family weekends • The goal is to introduce new types of foods and recipes to families. Example: quinoa salads, brown rice, whole grain wraps and sandwiches, fruits with dips, veggies with hummus and many other foods • Veggies and You Food Demonstration • Building Better Salad Food Demonstration

    13. Club Fit Kids:Food • CookingClasses: • Urban Relish- a local group of chefs, provides are larger food demonstrations and a full cooking class. Children and parents participate in a cooking class, and then eat the food they prepared during our end of cycle family celebration • Chefs provide basic tips on a stocking a healthy kitchen. They provide recipes and assist families with menu planning

    14. What is Club Fit Kids: Reasearch • Children complete surveys and the changes families make in their approach to food and exercise are assessed • We track physical progress through the session • Through a previous grant partnership, the University of Minnesota helped us to respond to program data and adapt the program for ongoing success.

    15. Club Fit Kids: Results • Recent cycle data highlights: 24 participants • Over 70% of the kids completed a 30minute run by the end of the 12 weeks (most starting at less than 6minutes) • 2 parents completed a 30minute run • 1 family with 100% attendance • 4 other families with near perfect attendance • Several kids returning for a repeat cycle (our data is showing we need 18 months of engagement) • 3 kids going out for a new sport • 1 family completed a 5K Run together

    16. Club Fits Kids: Results • Improvements in all physical activity measures • Improvements in weight (wide range of loss with 2lbs-22pounds this cycle) But all patients maintained or lost weight during the 12 weeks, while adding muscle from training

    17. Club Fit Kids: Gratitude • Special thanks to all of our current sponsors, including: Medica, United Way, P.A.C.E Foundation, UPS, and IBM • Thank you for your time and support!!

    18. Thank you!