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Water Quality Goal Implementation Team PowerPoint Presentation
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Water Quality Goal Implementation Team

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Water Quality Goal Implementation Team - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Water Quality Goal Implementation Team. Katherine Antos Coordinator. Our Mission.

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Water Quality Goal Implementation Team

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water quality goal implementation team

Water Quality Goal Implementation Team

Katherine Antos


our mission
Our Mission

“The charge of the Water Quality Goal Implementation Team (WQGIT) is to evaluate, focus, and accelerate the implementation of practices, policies, programs that will restore water quality in the Chesapeake Bay and its tidal tributaries to conditions thatsupport living resources and protect human health.  The Team recognizes that actions necessary to improve water quality in the Bay will also benefit non-tidal waters.”


Water Quality Goal Implementation Team

Chair: Larry Merrill, EPA; Vice-Chair: Russ Perkinson, VA DCR

Coordinator: Katherine Antos, EPA

Wastewater Treatment Workgroup

Chair: Tanya Spano, MWCOG

Coordinator: Ning Zhou, VA Tech

Staff: Victoria Kilbert, CRC

Watershed Technical Workgroup

Chair, Coordinator: Chris Brosch, UMD

Staff: Mike Barnes, CRC

Milestones Workgroup

Chair, Coordinator: Suzanne Trevena, EPA

Staff: Rachel Streusand, CRC

Agriculture Workgroup

Chair: Frank Coale, UMD

Coordinator: Mark Dubin, UMD

Staff: Victoria Kilbert, CRC

Trading and Offsets Workgroup

Chair: Ann Roda, PA DEP

Coordinator: Pat Gleason, EPA

Staff: Victoria Kilbert, CRC

Stormwater Workgroup

Chair: Norm Goulet, NoVA Reg. Comm.

Coordinator: Lucinda Power, EPA

Staff: Rachel Streusand, CRC

Forestry Workgroup

Chair: Rebecca Hanmer, Retired

Coordinator: Sally Claggett, USFS

Staff: Rachel Streusand, CRC

past accomplishments
Past Accomplishments
  • Recommendations to support the development of the Chesapeake Bay TMDL
  • Reviewed the expectations for Watershed Implementation Plans and 2-year milestones
  • Completed interim assessment of 2009 – 2011 milestones for 2011 Executive Council meeting
  • Finalized protocol for approving how the Chesapeake Bay Program models simulate pollution reductions associated with nutrient and sediment controls
current and upcoming priorities
Current and Upcoming Priorities
  • Final assessment of 2009-2011 Milestones
  • Recommendations for TMDL/WIP refinements and implementation
  • BMP Reviews underway:
    • Agricultural: Nutrient Management and Cover Crops
    • Urban: Nutrient Management, Retrofits, Performance Standards and Stream Restoration
    • Additional reviews based on Workgroup priorities
  • Implementing Partnership’s Response to National Research Council’s independent evaluation of CBP