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TIJIS Briefing. Who is TIJIS? What is NIEM? What is the Texas Path to NIEM? What NIEM means to me?. Who is TIJIS?.

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tijis briefing

TIJIS Briefing

Who is TIJIS?

What is NIEM?

What is the Texas Path to NIEM?

What NIEM means to me?

who is tijis
Who is TIJIS?
  • The Texas Integrated Justice Information Systems (TIJIS) Steering Committee is a statewide advisory group structured to assist in the coordination of statewide IJIS programs for information sharing by establishing a Steering Committee, Users Advisory Group and Users Advisory Group Sub-committees.
  • Formerly a sub-committee of Texas Criminal Justice Information Users’ Group (TCJIUG). TIJIS became separate entity October 2004.
who is tijis cont d
Who is TIJIS cont’d?

TIJIS consists of state and local organizations that have a desire to implement standards based information systems in Texas.

Currently, TIJIS entire focus is on NIEM and NIEM Governance.

Texas Path to NIEM update to Texas Justice Integration Information Initiative (TJI3) Plan in August 2007.


what is niem
What is NIEM?
  • National Information Exchange Model
  • NIEM was launched on February 28, 2005, through a partnership agreement between the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
    • Events of September 11 and Hurricane Katrina identified need for more information sharing
  • Builds on the success of the Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM) to include domains other than Justice and Public Safety
  • Designed to develop, disseminate and support enterprise-wide information exchange standards and processes
  • Enable jurisdictions to share critical information
what is niem cont d
What is NIEM cont’d
  • A data dictionary and reference model in the form of an XML Schema
  • A framework that can be adapted/extended by local, state, tribal, and federal jurisdictions to support information sharing
  • A Common Vocabulary providing agreed-upon terms, definitions, and formats - independent of the way information is stored in individual agency systems
  • A Structured Approach to developing the reference documentation that expresses NIEM information exchange requirements in an implementation ready format – the Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD) development process
what is the texas path to niem
What is the Texas Path to NIEM?
  • A joint project between DPS, OCA, TDCJ and TIJIS to map out a strategy for reaching NIEM compliance for justice, homeland security, and other disciplines in Texas
  • A project to bring immediate value to Texas justice agencies via the following deliverables
    • Rewrite of the “TJI3” Plan to the “Texas Justice Information Exchange Strategic plan”
    • Gap analysis current exchanges within the Texas justice community
    • Developing IEPD’s and a data reference model of selected exchanges
path to niem iepd management
Path to NIEM (IEPD Management)
  • Accepted final delivery of 28 IEPDs in May 2008, tested and placed within national and state repositories July 2008
  • For national access (outside of Texas) IEPDs housed within IEPD Clearinghouse
  • For state/local access IEPDs housed within a SVN host (version control)
  • IEPDs accessed by SVN checkout function using following URL: http://texas-path-to-niem.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/texas-path-to-niem-read-only
path to niem iepd management cont d
Path to NIEM (IEPD Management)cont-d

Must use TortoiseSVN or similar subversion client to access IEPDs on state repository

Instructions to access IEPDs and IEPD documentation to be placed on website: http://www.texaspathtoniem.com

path to niem governance
Path to NIEM (Governance)
  • JCIT (Justice Committee on Information Technology) NIEM Rule, Texas Register Volume 33, Number 14, April 4, 2008:
    • As justice agencies implement, upgrade, or create new information systems on or after September 1, 2009, justice information data exchanges among courts and justice agencies, among justice agencies, and among courts, shall be compliant with the IEPDs developed by Texas Path to NIEM.
  • House Committee on Corrections public hearing on NIEM, Thursday, August 21, 2008
path to niem governance cont d
Path to NIEM (Governance) cont’d

Texas Department of Information Resources – Biennial Performance Review Report for IT (to be published November 2008)

Office of Court Administration Strategic Plan, FY 2009-2013

Texas Department of Public Safety Strategic Plan

Texas Department of Criminal Justice Strategic Plan (TBP)

governance effort goals
Governance Effort Goals
  • Legislative and Governor acknowledgement that NIEM is standard for justice information exchanges
  • Designate the Texas Path to NIEM deliverable document (TJI3) as the strategic guideline for NIEM Implementation
  • Support TIJIS as the executor of those efforts
    • IEPD management
current implementation actions
Current Implementation Actions
  • First priority is for state agencies to be able to receive NIEM compliant XMLs
  • Texas Department of Public Safety
    • TX Gang and TDEX has NIEM interface
    • Electronic Rapsheet being developed is NIEM conformant
    • Preparing implementation strategies for Prosecutor Action Reports and Clerk Disposition Reports
  • Portal sharing between TXDPS and TDCJ?
  • By 2010 inclusion into Texas On-Line (official portal of Texas)?
what niem means to me
What NIEM means to Me?

Increased interoperability with other agencies

Increased reliability of information exchanges

Reduced costs in systems development

Enhanced funding opportunities

Increased service to your end users and ultimately the Community we serve

  • www.tijis.org
  • greene@co.galveston.tx.us
  • Jim.phillips@txdps.state.tx.us