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High Performance Filter Media

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High Performance Filter Media
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High Performance Filter Media

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  1. AquaZEL High PerformanceFilter Media CLEARLY THE BEST

  2. What is AquaZEL? • AquaZEL is manufactured from ‘clinoptilolite’, a premium natural zeolite mineral. Environmentally safe. AquaZEL is non toxic and does not involve the use of chemicals. • AquaZEL is a natural blotting paper due to its cage-like lattice structure, AquaZEL captures pollutants such as ammonium in an ion-exchange natural process. Compare the complex natural structure of AquaZEL with that of smooth silica sand. Sand Smooth AquaZEL Porous

  3. The base material for the manufacture of AquaZELwas formed by volcanic activity over 300 million years ago. For the technically minded it is a complex hydrated aluminosilicate mineral characterised by networks of pores that carry a negative charge balanced by exchangeable cations. How was AquaZEL originally formed? Crystal Structure for Clinoptilolite • This cage-like network of pores creates a very high surface area of around 20–30 square metres per gram, equivalent to the area of a football field per teaspoon.

  4. AquaZEL is processed and graded to a uniform standard to achieve optimum filtration performance Rigorous QA/QC procedures ensure consistent product quality. AquaZEL is packed in convenient25kg bags (equivalent in volume to 32kg sand) How is AquaZEL made?

  5. Here’s how AquaZEL works • AquaZEL’s unique microscopic pores trap and hold larger quantities of contaminants, reducing backwashingand saving water. • Because of its lighter, porous structure, AquaZEL allows water to flow through more freely, so reducing system pressure. • AquaZEL’s unique ion-exchange process actually adsorbs positively charged ions, molecules and particles. As a result of this, an AquaZEL bed removes contaminants both by physical separation and by the chemical cation adsorption mechanism.

  6. AquaZEL OUTFILTERS SAND USA Tests AquaZEL° DIATOMACEOUS EARTH (DE)* FILTER MEDIA SAND* 20 15 10 5 3 MICRONS *NSW Swimming Pool Association °USA Figures

  7. AquaZEL OUTFILTERS SAND University of Adelaide Tests AquaZEL° DIATOMACEOUS EARTH (DE)* FILTER MEDIA SAND* 20 15 10 5 3 1 MICRONS * NSW Swimming Pool Associati0n º University of Adelaide Tests

  8. AquaZEL vs. Filter Sand University Tests • Backwashed AquaZEL’s performance in capturing fine (small micron) particles is far superior to Filter Sand.Note: AquaZEL captured particles even below one micron at an efficiency of over 70% • AquaZEL performs more effectively than Filter Sand at higher concentrations of particulates (higher filter loadings) • AquaZEL filter backwashes particularly well (effectively) while Filter Sand does not recover nearly as well.

  9. Single auto Tank System

  10. Typical twin bank system for process water in a mine site

  11. Multi Bank Systems are available for Larger Jobs

  12. Australian Water Filter CONTACTING US:- Factory: 3 Doonan Trading Centre Fellowship Road DOONAN QLD 4562 PO Box 1196 NOOSAVILLE 4566 Jim Atkinson M.A.O.Q.C., Grad I.I.S. JP(Qual), Director Mobile 0419 499477 Peter Stuart Director Mobile 0412 715440 Phone 07 54491424 Fax 07 54491494 e-mail admin@awf.net.au www.awf.net.au