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Hurricane Katrina PowerPoint Presentation
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Hurricane Katrina

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Hurricane Katrina - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hurricane Katrina. By Karina Gonzalez, Cody Etherington, Miguel Rodriguez, Angel Mendoza .

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Hurricane Katrina

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Hurricane Katrina

By Karina Gonzalez, Cody Etherington,

Miguel Rodriguez, Angel Mendoza

how is a hurricane formed
Hurricane Katrina was formed in the Atlantic Ocean and moved to The Gulf of Mexico because of a terrible thunder storm going around and around with warm water to start with. Soon a low pressure and a high pressure come together with winds higher than 74 mph. How is a hurricane formed ?
how it affects people
How it affects people?

Many hurricanes affect either the country or state, just like Katrina. It affected the gas price and the state. The people had to get all together in stadiums or gyms so they could be safe.

its path
Its path

Hurricane Katrina touched Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama

and a part of Florida on August 28-31. It mainly affected New Orleans because it was almost category 4 there.

*Hurricanes start with a long storm going around warm water.

* Hurricanes have a middle called the eye.

*Most hurricanes in the summer start around the equator.


* Hurricanes start at a category #1 or 2.

*The hurricane is part of the water cycle.

*They’re wider than 100 miles

*Highest category of a hurricane is a number 5.


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