Writing landscape unit objectives
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Writing Landscape Unit Objectives - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Writing Landscape Unit Objectives. Planning for Old Growth Retention. Data Preparation. Develop OGMA Targets. Develop WTR Targets. Delineate OGMAs. Write LU Objectives. Establish LU Boundaries and Objectives. Writing LU objectives.

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Planning for old growth retention
Planning for Old Growth Retention

Data Preparation

Develop OGMA Targets

Develop WTR


Delineate OGMAs

Write LU Objectives

Establish LU Boundaries

and Objectives

Writing lu objectives
Writing LU objectives

Based on Guide to Writing Resource Objectives and Strategies

  • what are LU objectives

  • what are LU strategies

Writing lu objectives1
Writing LU Objectives

What is a Landscape Unit objective?

  • outlines end results to achieve broader goal

  • describes desired future conditions for individual resources or resource uses

  • measurable

  • time specific

  • geographically specific(whole plan area or specified parts)

Writing lu objectives legal significance
Writing LU Objectives - legal significance

  • formally established as a higher level plan by district manager with approval by the designated environment official

  • operational plans must be consistent with legally established objectives

Writing lu objectives structure
Writing LU Objectives - structure

  • typical structure of a landscape unit objective is:

    • “Active verb” a “resource or resource use” within a “geographic location” for a “specific time.”


      Maintain old growth attributes throughout each rotation within the old growth management areas, hereby established, as shown on map 3.

Writing lu objectives strategies
Writing LU Objectives - strategies

  • What are landscape unit strategies?

    • strategies describe approaches (preferred forestry practices) for achieving landscape unit objectives

  • Example strategies for OGMAs

    • Commercial harvesting not normally permitted in OGMAs.

    • Avoid road construction within OGMAs. Main haul roads should not be permitted unless other reasonable and cost effective options do not exist.

Writing lu objectives legal significance of strategies
Writing LU Objectives - legal significance of strategies

  • strategies are not legally binding

  • if a specific strategy is vital, it should be incorporated into the landscape unit objective

Writing lu objectives strategies1
Writing LU Objectives - strategies

Incorporating strategies into objectives:

Original objective

Maintain old growth attributes throughout each rotation within the old growth management areas, hereby established, as shown on map 3.

Original strategy

Commercial harvesting not normally permitted in OGMAs.

More prescriptive objective

Maintain old growth attributes throughout each rotation by not permitting commercial harvesting within the old growth management areas, hereby established, as shown on map 3.

Writing lu objectives exercise
Writing LU Objectives - exercise

  • worksheet is in your workbook

  • write an objective(s) and associated strategies for the OGMAs that you designed in the case study

  • work in same groups as you did in the case study

  • time - 3/4 hour plus discussion

  • finished early - test your understanding with the T/F questions on LU objectives

Landscape unit plan outline and contents
Landscape Unit Plan - outline and contents

  • Introduction

    • copy of order

    • DEO approval letter

    • introduction / how to use the plan

  • Objectives and Supporting Strategies

    • relevant maps

    • draft objectives where appropriate

Landscape unit plan outline and contents1
Landscape Unit Plan - outline and contents

  • Information supporting the plan

    • implementation and monitoring strategies

    • review and amendment procedures

    • summary of other higher level plan direction

  • Appendices

    • description of resources and uses; biophysical description of unit; social/cultural/economic history; summary of analysis and assessments including derivation of targets; description of public involvement and summary of input; etc.

Establishing lus and objectives approval formats
Establishing LUs and Objectives - approval formats

  • legally established LU objectives

  • draft LU objectives

  • strategies and other information as advice or guidance

Establishing lus and objectives legal objectives
Establishing LUs and Objectives - legal objectives

  • DM can establish, change or cancel LU objective - consistentwith regulatory requirements and chief forester direction,and with DEO approval

  • chief forester direction is mostly in HLP:PP

  • these purposes:

    • timber; forage and grazing; recreation, scenery and wilderness; water, fisheries, wildlife, biodiversity, cultural heritage

  • Short -term priority is old growth retention and wildlife tree retention

Establishing lus and objectives draft objectives
Establishing LUs and Objectives - draft objectives

  • used to test implications before establishing

  • licensee cooperation is voluntary

  • cannot have any impact on timber supply

  • intent must be to establish the objective at end of time period or when precondition is met

  • can be used for “other” biodiversity elements

  • must describe cooperative arrangements to test, and process for final decision to establish or abandon this draft objective

Establishing lus and objectives plan content
Establishing LUs and Objectives - plan content

  • includes strategies and background info

  • may be used at licensee’s discretion

  • can convey DM/DEO policy to be considered in determining if operational plans are consistent with LU strategies

Establishing lus and objectives when
Establishing LUs and Objectives - when

  • best to batch for efficiency

  • establish when:

    • the objectives have sufficient, suitable content to guide operational plans and practices

    • the objective is consistent with legal requirements in the Act and SPR, chief forester direction and this Guide

    • the timing and content are consistent with RLUPSs

Establishing lus and objectives when1
Establishing LUs and Objectives - when

  • establish as soon as possible if...

    • limited options for retention of OG site series,

    • licensees have active operations in unit,

    • high degree of conflict between uses is expected, or

    • high risk to biodiversity and low risk to timber harvesting opportunities

Establishing lus and objectives steps for legal establishment
Establishing LUs and Objectives - Steps for legal establishment

Step 1. develop proposed LU objectives

Step 2. prepare an order

  • determine when unit and objectives will take effect

  • prepare order establishing the landscape unit and objectives

  • refer order for agency review

    Step 3. Conduct public review (if required)

    Step 4. file order and map with RM

    Step 5. prepare notice of impending order

Establishing objectives exercise
Establishing Objectives - exercise establishment

  • enhance your familiarity with the establishment process

  • last exercise in workbook

  • review Act and Regs provided in the workbook

  • work groups of 2 or 3

  • take about 1/2 hour