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Pupil Accounting Workshop Fall 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Pupil Accounting Workshop Fall 2014

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Pupil Accounting Workshop Fall 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pupil Accounting Workshop Fall 2014. September 22, 2014 ISD Pupil Auditors Dr. Daniel Pratley Dawn Blum, PAA. Count Dates . Fall 2014 Count Date = Wednesday, October 1, 2014 Spring 2015 Count Date = Wednesday, February 11 , 2015 Count Period:  The six weeks surrounding a count week

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Pupil Accounting Workshop Fall 2014

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    1. Pupil Accounting Workshop Fall 2014 September 22, 2014 ISD Pupil Auditors Dr. Daniel Pratley Dawn Blum, PAA

    2. Count Dates • Fall 2014 Count Date = Wednesday, October 1, 2014 • Spring 2015 Count Date = Wednesday, February 11, 2015 • Count Period:  The six weeks surrounding a count week • The week prior to count, count week, and the four weeks following count. • Fall count - Week of September 22 through  October 31, 2014. • Spring Count - Week of February 2 through week of March 13, 2015

    3. Pupil Accounting “Population” • Population 1: Pupils present on count day and eligible for full FTE • Population 2: Any pupil absent (all or part) during count day. • Population 3: Non Conventional pupils – Work Based, Homebound, Part Time, STW, Dual Enrollment, CTE, etc. **This requires the most documentation. • Absence on Count Day • Excused – Has 30 CALENDAR days to return   • Unexcused– Has 10 SCHOOL days to return • Tardy– Counted as if they are present • Suspended– out of school - has 45 CALENDAR days to return • Suspended – in school – counted as if they are present

    4. New Updates for 2014-15 • 175 days – student instruction (Hour requirements remains unchanged at 1098 hrs) *does not apply to some special ed programs. Beginning 2016-17 – the instructional day requirement increases to 180 days. • No longer can count professional development time towards the 1098 hr requirement • 60% attendance requirement for make up days at end of school year. 75% attendance requirement for rest of school year. This is calculated at the district level, not building level. • Age requirement of 5 years on or before October 1st. Beginning in 2015-16, age requirement is 5 years on or before September 1st • Transfer of student records (CA-60) – new district must request records within 14 days of enrollment. Exiting district must send records within 30 calendar days. Cannot withhold records due to payment of fines, return of books, etc. • Foreign students with certificate of complete oversees cannot be counted • Population requirements for drop-out/re-enrolled students are no longer in effect

    5. Updates continued . . . • Residency code in MSDS does not change if resident student becomes homeless , or if student relocates out of district boundaries and continues to attend your district • Section 5GA – Postsecondary and Career Tech Options – postsecondary is now called Dual Enrollment Acts • Early Middle College has no course limits • 5th year students may take up to 4 classes within the 10 maximum allowed • Special Ed Early Childhood Programs – individualized family service plan added and defined • Early Childhood Services separated by age: Birth – 3 yrs; 2 yrs 6 mos – 5 yrs

    6. Updates continued . . . • Section 5OA – Virtual Learning – onsite with non certified adult present and certified teacher assigned as mentor • Bended learning must receive face to face instruction at least 50% of time (not applicable to STW) • Section 5OD - Self-scheduled or Expanded Online Learning – Grades 6-12 (no longer available to 5th grade); request must occur prior to active semester unless newly enrolled • May take more than 2 course IF student demonstrated previous success with online courses AND in best interest of student as determined by parent/school administration (MUST have at least one seat course) • Section 25e not applicable to Expanded Online Learning • Payment between district updated to 8.33% instead on 1/12th of foundation allowance

    7. Additional reporting to MVU • Number of pupils enrolled in each course from previous school year • Number of “passed” enrollments (60% or better) • Additional reasons for denial • Cost exceed allocated funding (unless parent agrees to pay excess cost) • Course enrollment occurs outside district requirements for enrollment and schedule changes • District may not establish additional requirements Updates continued . . . • Section 5OB – Seat Time Wavier • ISD auditor approval for “off-line” delivery model and self scheduled project based learning courses with no online component • Mentor defined as “Teacher of Record and must be available to pupil for general course assistance as well as monitoring student progress • Mentor log MUST show contact with student that is course specific. Contact with parent does not count or if contact with student is not related to courses (i.e. Talked with student about attendance, disciplinary issues) • ISD auditor requires mentor contact log for entire school year, not just count period • Portion of full time FTE for which the pupil is enrolled in 1 or more online courses under Section 21f SHALL not be counted or transferred until Section 25e

    8. TEACHER CERTIFICATION • TEACHERS employed by the District providing instruction MUST hold a valid Michigan teacher certificate (cannot be expired or pending) 100% of District will be monitored by MDE and audited by the ISD pupil accounting auditor. Report to MDE from ISD auditor • Penalties include: • 1) Uncertified Teacher salary/benefits amount prorated based on number of pupil instruction • Pupil FTE prorated – portion of FTE earned for each student per class taught • $1500 fine and misdemeanor to school official if knowingly employs non certified teacher (effective Oct 1st)

    9. REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION FOR ISD AUDITORS • Absence Form • Local District Planning Form • CTE Student Form (Technology Center) • Part-Time Student Form • Split-Time Student Form • Dual Enrollment Form • Pupils less than a full day – IEP • Non Resident Form • Seat Time Waiver Forms • Expanded Learning Form • Virtual Learning Form • Special Ed Worksheets • MSDS Certified Alpha List by grade • Early Middle College Form • Special Ed Early Childhood Forms (ISD only) • District Calendar • Scheduled Days of instruction • Home Bound/Hospitalized Form • Reduced Scheduled Form • Work Based Forms • Nonpublic school / Homeschool Form • Homebased Forms • District Teacher List – Teacher name, Course Taught, Building Assignment • Alternative Ed Forms • District Attendance Policy – electronic version • Cyber Schools Form • Section 23A Dropout Recovery Program Districts upload to MSDS 11/05/14. Copy completed forms to flash drive and submit with a printed copy of MSDS Alpha List – signed by authorized school official after each grade level and submit to Dawn Blum, ISD PA Auditor by 11/07/14