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Merton Youth Partnership Youth Transformation threats and resilience PowerPoint Presentation
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Merton Youth Partnership Youth Transformation threats and resilience

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Merton Youth Partnership Youth Transformation threats and resilience - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Merton Youth Partnership Youth Transformation threats and resilience. Threats. The money Council Youth Budget 2010 – 11 - 1.8 million [600k grants] – universal, targeted and commissioned. Savings 2011 – 12 that impacted on wider youth services £330k

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The money

  • Council Youth Budget 2010 – 11 - 1.8 million [600k grants] – universal, targeted and commissioned.
  • Savings 2011 – 12 that impacted on wider youth services £330k

+ £100k Youth Capital + Summer Uni ended + connexions savings+ other grant funds stopping outside the council....

  • Council Savings target for 2012 – 14 for youth work £200k

This total savings 2011 – 14 31% - i.e. 1/3 less.

The history

  • How strong is the national voice of youth work?
  • How “much” youth work must exist?
  • History of youth work cuts in Merton?

Well established youth partnership - MYP

Strong commissioning model – young people led - ofsted example of good practise!!

Quality assurance scheme - 2nd Cohort

4 year rise in participation across LA and commissioned youth sector

Young people more positive – although always room for improvement!

New web site for young people being promoted across schools – Young Merton – advertising what you do

Loads of thriving youth projects.


So what’s the national picture?

National Citizens Scheme - “blueprint” for future of youth services – local small providers supported by large national organisations.

Big society bank

New all age careers service, Wolf review - social mobility

Government to consult on a youth paper in summer - focus on outcomes achieved not numbers seen; payment by results - such as public health outcomes and prevention of custody

Youth Sector has been too reliant on govt grant it needs to be “more varied” and “more sustainable” – new partnerships are required.

Transform youth services by “capital and intellectual resources pooled” Tim Loughton 2011

transformation the task
Transformation– the task

Build on our success in partnership provision

Build on our success in young people’s decision making

Expand our commission process to include council provision.

Build on effective links between open access and targeted work “targeted provision, but open to all”.

What skills and aptitudes are we trying to develop –what are our outcomes? Accreditation that leads to employability; individual progress

How do we? - open up all provision to challenge / create new potential partnership arrangements?

Increase the role of young people.

Increase the links between local provision and local stakeholders – building more community ownership, flexibility, bring in new funding address cohesion issues between young people and adults?

but keeping flexible quality provision – linked to targeted agencies working to a common set of “behaviour / well being “outcomes”?


How will we do this?

MYP Executive – as a project group

Time scale – by Nov!! For the recommissioning; by April for savings...

MYP - Youth Conference – FPM social enterprises; - MYP meetings


Needs analysis :

areas and provision

Needs analysis : areas and groups

Design Principles: outputs and outcomes

Decommission / recommission/ recontract

prioritise areas of challenge



and providers

Challenge process :

Scoping the spec and funding


Commission – decision making

involving young people

Community engagement:

new youth partnerships

and governance

Role of young people

today s tasks
Today’s tasks

Questions on transformation

Needs Analysis

Design Principles consultation.

  • Discussion Question & Task:
  • What are the outcomes we want to achieve and how can we measure and report on them?
  • What model of delivery can we employ to ensure we meet key youth work values, outcomes & outputs?

Design Principles

  • The Values, Outcomes and Outputs of Youth Work In Merton
  • What We Will Do (Values):
  • Merton Youth Partnership concerns itself with the provision of opportunities for young people which are underpinned by the following youth work values:
  • To provide out of school positive activities for young people so they can relax, meet friends and have fun
  • Building relationships of trust with groups and individual young people which provide opportunities for change and progress to happen
  • Support the development of leadership skills and qualities so that young people can take an active role in their communities
  • Building strong networks and partnerships in order to meet the needs of young people in their communities
  • To work with young people as partners in the provision of positive activities which will contribute to their learning and development
  • Encourages young people to be involved in decision making and taking responsibility

Target Group:

The target age group will be young people aged 11-19 yrs, with an extension to those aged 11 in year 6 of primary school and young people aged up to 24 with learning disabilities.

The service will be mainly aimed at London Borough of Merton Residents and their close friendship groups, as well as young people attending education, training or working in Merton.

Most provision will be open access (universal) and open to any young person seeking to participate in Merton Youth Provision. However some services should be specialist so that those young people, who would find it hard to access general provision, are ensured that they have access to specialist provision.

These would include young people with disabilities and young people from new and emergent ethnic minority communities in the Borough. Supporting organisations in their transition into integration and build community cohesion into their programme delivery .[r1]


Expected outputs and outcomes from youth work

  • Given the six values of youth work the expected quality of the youth work would be evidenced by outcomes and outputs for young people
  • These outcomes could include
  • Increase in confidence and self esteem
  • Evidence of opportunities to lead
  • Developing respectful social relationships with other young people
  • Deepening interest and skills in activities
  • Involvement in planning and decision making and taking responsibility
  • Improvement in engagement with school, college or training and other services
  • Better equipped for independence and adulthood
  • These outputs could include:
  • The percentage of young people making progress
  • Participation levels and profile data of young people
  • Frequency, times, reliability and location of opening of provision
  • Programme offer to attract and engage young people