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M. Mubila African Development Bank

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ICP-Africa objectives. M. Mubila African Development Bank. ICP-Africa Aims:. to strengthen Countries in the collection of statistic al data for generating PPPs for cross-country economic comparisons

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m mubila african development bank

ICP-Africa objectives

M. Mubila

African Development Bank

icp africa aims
ICP-Africa Aims:
  • to strengthen Countries in the collection of statistical data for generating PPPs for cross-country economic comparisons
  • to meet the urgent demand for reliable and timely data to support the monitoring of progress on the MDGs., PRSs, the NEPAD
icp africa country specific elements
ICP-Africa Country Specific Elements
  • establishing the greatest possible synergy between the ICP data collection efforts and routine national statistical programs
  • strengthening institutional capacity through technical and managerial training and assistance
icp africa country specific elements1
ICP-Africa Country Specific Elements
  • providing financial, technical and material assistance, including hardware and software for data collection, verification, and processing,
  • promoting the use of data for policy making and monitoring of progress.
icp africa sub regional level
ICP-Africa: Sub-regional Level
  • to assist the SROs in building up their internal capabilities for planning, executing and monitoring surveys in order to help countries.
  • Four (4) SROs - AFRISTAT, COMESA, ECOWAS and SADC – have been selected to assist NSOs in ICP activities.
icp africa participating countries
ICP-Africa: Participating Countries
  • 48 out of 53 countries are confirmed participants
  • 47 countries have started data collection
  • 5 countries not participating (Algeria, Eritrea, Libya, Somalia and Seychelles)
  • One country (Ethiopia) preparing
icp partners
ICP Partners
  • ADB(staff & consultants)
  • All participating countries
  • International partners: The World Bank; INSEE-France; ONS-UK; Others



Tunisia, Morocco, Libya




World Bank

main activities price statistics
Main activities (Price statistics)
  • Launching nationwide price collection
  • Collecting internationally comparable data
  • Enhancing international exchange of experiences
  • Integration of CPI & ICP

ICP Africa:

main activities national accounts and oth
Main activities (National accounts and oth.)
  • Assist countries to implement SNA93
  • Disaggregating GDP expenditures
  • Comparing expenditure data internationally
  • Enhancing international comparability of data
  • GDP breakdown methodology - seminar in September 2005

ICP Africa:

main activities capacity building
Main Activities (Capacity Building)
  • Supporting countries to design NSDS
  • Support the implementation of NSDS
status of implementation
Status of Implementation
  • Countries have started submitting price data
  • Sub-regional Workshops on Data Quality Control have been organised
  • Addis Ababa Workshop to brief consultants for NSDS
the way forward
The way forward
  • Long term perspective:
  • ICP as integrated part of national statistical work-programme
sources of finance for icp africa 2004 2007
Sources of Finance for ICP-Africa (2004-2007)
  • ADB: $28.17 million
  • The World Bank
  • DFID
  • ACBF
  • Norad-Norway
  • Indian Trust Fund