endeavour for excellence n.
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Endeavour for Excellence

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Endeavour for Excellence. Week 3. Week Three. Attend Wed OR Thur. Endeavoring? Excellence ?. Endeavor = earnest and industrious effort, esp. when sustained over time Excellence = the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. Supporting choice and self direction.

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Endeavour for Excellence

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week three
Week Three

Attend Wed ORThur

endeavoring excellence
Endeavoring? Excellence?
  • Endeavor = earnest and industrious effort, esp. when sustained over time
  • Excellence = the quality of being outstanding or extremely good
supporting choice and self direction
Supporting choice and self direction
  • It’s not about taking anything away from someone, it is about offering better options!
  • What do we typically expect and value about ‘Home’?
  • Given the person’s
    • age
    • gender
    • culture
  • what additional features of home might be relevant?
  • Given the person’s unique
    • relationships
    • interests
    • assets
  • what other characteristics might be desirable in their home?
  • Contrast desirable image with current reality
    • How do they differ?
    • What’s missing now?
    • What’s unacceptable in the current reality?
home considerations
Home Considerations
  • Ideal characteristics of the home
  • Who shares the home
  • Tenancy of the home
  • Supports and safeguards needed
ideal characteristics of home
Ideal characteristics of home
  • Where, close to what/whom
  • Desired physical features, priorities
  • Comfort necessities
  • Self-expression
  • Interests
  • Possessions
who shares the home
Who shares the home
  • Alone, perhaps with:
    • As-needed, nearby support
    • Physical adaptations
    • Technology support
    • Support of family, informal supporters
    • Temporary overnight support
    • Clear plan to combat loneliness
    • Multiple, layered safeguards
who shares the home1
Who shares the home
  • With other(s)
    • Peer(s)
      • Nondisabled member of valued community – paid or unpaid
      • Disabled person of choice
    • Family
      • Family of origin
      • Recruited family
    • Staff
      • Shifted
      • On call/emergency
      • Shared
who shares the home2
Who shares the home
  • Desirable characteristics of housemates
    • Age and gender
    • Personality
    • Life experience
    • Interests
    • Skills and knowledge
    • Networks and connections
  • Affordable
  • Own vs. rent
    • Short-term vs. long-term
  • Name on the agreement
    • The person
    • Their family
    • Agency
home support
Home Support
  • Necessary supports
    • What instrumental assistance (personal care, meal preparation, shopping, financial management, etc.)does the person currently rely on others to provide?
      • If person has capacity to learn the skill, develop plan for potent systemised instruction
      • If person is likely to need instrumental assistance on an ongoing basis, what other informal or community resources might be available or nurtured?
      • If person is likely to need instrumental assistance on an ongoing basis, are reliable resources available to insure these needs are met?
home support1
Home Support
  • Necessary supports
    • What management mechanisms would be helpful to the person to be as independent as possible?
      • Lists, checklists
      • Rosters, calendars
      • Prompts, reminders
      • Budgets, auto-payments
home support2
Home Support
  • Necessary supports
    • What assistance does the person currently need to access transport
      • Walk – be familiarised to routes, learn safety
      • Public transport – learn routes/timetables, purchase tickets, safety, etc.
      • Friends/family – how lifts will be arranged
      • Staff – what is available and when
home support configurations
Home Support Configurations
  • Necessary supports
    • What assistance will the person need to navigate existing and new relationships
      • What support and/or instruction would be useful to the person in having good relationships with neighbors, landlords, shopkeepers, etc.
      • What support does the person need to invite people to their home and offer hospitality to others
home support3
Home Support
  • Necessary supports
    • What does the person need to feel and be safe
      • Who cares about the person’s wellbeing and how could they be invited to contribute
      • How many people are watching and how often do they notice
      • Does person know how to get help when they need it
      • What is likely to go wrong and how could it be avoided
      • What would be warning signs that things aren’t going well
big roles
Big Roles

“Bending over backwards” because of heightened vulnerability

most highly valued contributing roles
Most highly valued contributing roles
  • Professional
  • Business owner/entrepreneur/self-employed
  • Employee
  • Apprentice
  • Student
  • Volunteer
  • Generous friend or family member
most highly valued belonging roles
Most highly valued belonging roles
  • Founder
  • Organiser/administrator
  • Member
role communicators to guide us
Role communicators to guide us
  • Place
  • People
  • Activities/behavior
  • Language
  • Other
thank you

Thank you

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