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Chemical Weathering

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Chemical Weathering - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chemical Weathering. Aim: What factors cause chemical weathering?. Describe what you see and hypothesize how it got this way…. What happened to lady liberty?. 1. Chemical weathering. a. Rock is broken down by chemical changes b. Rock is changed to different minerals and becomes weaker.

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chemical weathering

Chemical Weathering

Aim: What factors cause chemical weathering?

1 chemical weathering
1. Chemical weathering

a. Rock is broken down by chemical changes

b. Rock is changed to different minerals and becomes weaker.

2 causes of chemical weathering
2. Causes of chemical weathering:

A. Water

B. Oxygen

C. Carbon dioxide

D. Living organisms

E. Acid rain

a water most important factor
A. Water ***Most Important Factor***
  • Water dissolves minerals in rocks


  • changes the material into a different mineral
ex caves
Ex. - Caves
  • Limestone is dissolved by water. Caves, stalactites and stalagmites can form.
ex sink holes
Ex. - Sink Holes
  • Surface water seeps down and dissolves away the rock.
b oxidation
B. Oxidation
  • Iron combines with oxygen when water is present causing rust
  • Rock gets soft and crumbly and has a red or brown color
c carbonation
C. Carbonation
  • Carbon dioxide in air mixes with rainwater forming carbonic acid
  • Acid reacts with marble and limestone (remember the fizzing mineral!)
d living organisms
D. Living Organisms
  • Lichens are an organism that will grow on rocks and release an acid that cause chemical weathering.
e acid rain
E. Acid Rain
  • created when pollution from burning fossil fuels mixes with rain water
  • Acid rain dissolves rocks over time
devil s marbles
Devil’s Marbles
  • Huge slabs of granite chemically weathered by water in the cracks gives them this rounded appearance.
lady liberty
Lady Liberty
  • The copper coating on the statue oxidize and turned green
  • Pennies go through the same chemical change
hw read pgs 42 45 answer question 4 on pg 45 and the question below
HW Read pgs 42-45Answer question # 4 on pg. 45 and the question below.

4.Why does chemical weathering occur faster in hot wet climates than in cool, dry, climates?

How does rock type affect the rate of weathering?