what is an sae n.
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What is an SAE?

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What is an SAE? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is an SAE?. All In One Lessons from One Less Thing. The Supervised Agriculture Experience. Georgia MSAGED8-1: Students will identify the three main parts of the agricultural education program. Georgia MSAGED8-2: Students will develop an understanding of the FFA organization.

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what is an sae
What is an SAE?
  • All In One Lessons from One Less Thing

The Supervised Agriculture Experience

Georgia MSAGED8-1: Students will identify the three main parts

of the agricultural education program. Georgia MSAGED8-2: Students will develop an understanding of the FFA organization.

what is an sae1
What is an SAE?
  • It is a:
    • Supervised
    • Agriculture
    • Experience
  • You will do this project on your own time outside of class.
  • This is to gain experience in the real world, apply knowledge, and learn responsibility.
  • Choose something that you are interested in and will enjoy doing.
first choose your sae type
First Choose Your SAE Type
  • Exploratory
  • Placement
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Research
  • research an area of agriculture that is interesting to you
  • determine career opportunities in that field
  • examples: beekeeping, landscape architect, marine welder
  • do agricultural related work for someone
  • keep track of hours and skills
  • could be paid or unpaid
  • examples: volunteer at a vet office, work at a horse barn, do landscape work for family or neighbors
  • do your own agriculture-related project or develop a business
  • invest time and money in materials
  • keep or sell the resulting project
  • examples: build a bench or dog house, fix a lawnmower or tractor, start a pet-sitting service
  • conduct an agriculture-related experiment (like a science fair project)
  • develop a theory and test it
  • record results
  • example: test different fertilizers on plant growth
all sae projects must
All SAE Projects Must...
  • receive the instructor’s approval
  • be related to agriculture
  • take at least 4 hours to complete
  • have a record of time spent and materials used
  • have at least 2 photos of the student completing the project
  • Tip: Don’t Wait to Get Started!
  • cut grass or do other landscape maintenance
  • clear yard debris
  • plant flowers or trees
  • plant a vegetable garden
  • make a walking path/build stepping stones
  • make a compost bin
  • build a picnic table, flower box, birdhouse, or doghouse
  • build or repair a fence
  • construct a deer stand, duck or bat nesting box, or animal trap
  • develop wildlife habitat or food plot
  • raise and care for a an animal (dogs and cats don’t count)
  • build shelves, a bookcase, or toolbox
more ideas
More Ideas
  • rake pine straw
  • start a pet-sitting or pet-exercise service
  • repair equipment (lawnmowers, tractors, chainsaws)
  • cut firewood; sell firewood
  • make an insect collection
  • make and press a tree or flower collection
  • create floral designs
  • create holiday arrangements
  • volunteer at a vet’s office
  • work at a horse barn
  • volunteer at a feed store or garden center
  • shadow an electrician or small engines mechanic