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Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein. By Yohannes Sitorus 8-403. Albert Einstein was the one of the world’s smartest and most memorable scientist of the 20 th century. Who was Einstein?.

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albert einstein

Albert Einstein

By Yohannes Sitorus


Albert Einstein was the one of the world’s smartest and most memorable scientist of the 20th century.

who was einstein
Who was Einstein?

Albert Einstein was a German scientist who left his country due to the fact that his safety was endangered because of the war. Albert moved to America hoping to start a new life. Albert grew and later on became a scientist who discovered many scientific break through and invented one of the most useful tools we have today.

where did h e i mmigrated from
Where Did He Immigrated From

Albert immigrated from Germany. His safety was endangered due to his research in Germany. His life was threaten by the war because of Hitler’s rein on Germany.

what is albert einstein famous for
What is Albert Einstein Famous For?

Albert Einstein was a curious man dabbling in science and math. He then began making or inventing very useful items. Those items include the atomic bomb or atom bomb for shot, the refrigerator, and the theory of relativity. The atom bomb was first dropped on japan during the end of WW2 killing many people. The refrigerator is an invention to keep food from spoiling for a longer period of time. Lastly, the theory of relativity is the theory in which a object moving at a certain speed would have different time

when did albert einstein come to america

Albert Einstein came to America on 1933. He came when he was endangered in Germany. When he came he was about 54 years old.

When did Albert Einstein come to America
where did einstein settled
Where did Einstein Settled

Einstein came to America on 1933 and was forced to move to New York. Though it did not last long he then came to the decision to settle in New Jersey.

was einstein s move worth it
Was Einstein's move worth it

When Einstein move to America he did many things. He invented man inventions and became known for the most smartest physicist at that time period. His move was worth it because he became famous, unlocked many potential for science in America especially with his research on the theory relativity.

fun facts about einstein
Fun Facts About Einstein

He invented the refrigerator.

His refrigerator invention ultimately cause the ozone layer to be depleted.

The theory of relativity is when an object of some sort is traveling at fast distance in short amount of time causing a different time to be created making the object move forward in time faster than others.

arnold schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold was a famous immigrant who migrated for his career

who was arnold
Who was Arnold

Arnold was interested as a kid in body building. In his life he has moved to America to continue his career in body building. That’s when he accidently became an actor in the movies “Terminator”. He became very famous because of the hit movie and later went into politician and became governor of California.