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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for customer services PowerPoint Presentation
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for customer services

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for customer services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Know more about expanded capabilities & benefits of Dynamics 365 for customer services to manage and track customer service activity in your organization.

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microsoft dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

For Customer Service

  • What is a Good Customer Service?
  • Need of Customer Service
  • What’s Possible: Using Customer Service in Dynamics 365
  • Introduction
  • Customer Service : Service Management & Service Scheduling
  • An Incident is ?
  • Services Management Entities
  • Case Management in Dynamics CRM
  • What is a Queue?
  • Service Level Agreement(SLA)
  • Business Scenario : SLA
  • What is Entitlement Entity?
  • Standard Dynamics CRM Articles
  • Service scheduling
  • Entities Belongs to Service scheduling
  • Service Calendar
  • Customer Service Hub in Dynamics 365
  • Conclusion
what is good customer service
What is Good customer service?
  • Good customer service relates to you and your employees provide before , during and after a purchase.
  • For example: It is how you interact with your customer.
  • Improving your customer service skills lead to a greater customer satisfaction and a more enjoyable experience for them.
  • Although it can take extra resources, time and money, good customer service leads to customer satisfaction .
  • Good customer service can help you to grow you business and prosper.
need of customer service
Need of Customer Service
  • The Best Customer Service build trust.
  • Customer service matter more than price.
  • It will build brand awareness.
  • Good customer services reduces problems.
  • It appeals to the customer.
what s possible using customer service in dynamics 365
What’s Possible: Using Customer Service in Dynamics 365
  • Delivering an exceptional customer services means empowering your service team with everything they need to deliver an experience that will deepen customer loyalty.
  • In this presentation, we will examine, the expanded capabilities and benefits that utilizing service by Microsoft Dynamics CRM can bring your business.
  • One of the most powerful and often ignore features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is Customer Service Module.
  • It allows you to manage and track customer service activity in your organization.

Use Dynamics 365 for Customer Service to:

  • Track Customer services through cases.
  • Share information in knowledge base.
  • Create queues , and route cases to right channel.
  • Define service terms through Entitlements.
  • Create and schedule services.
customer service service management service scheduling
Customer Service : Service Management & Service Scheduling
  • The customer service functionality divides into two main function sets:
  • Service Management
  • Service Scheduling
  • Service Management: It is designed to support Incident-based service called Cases.
  • Service Scheduling: It helps organizations to track the service scheduling and managing different service types and what resources are needed to carry those out.
an incident is
An Incident is

A failure in a :

  • System
  • Process
  • Product
service management entities
Service Management Entities
  • Cases
  • Queue
  • Contract
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Entitlement
  • Article
  • Product
case management in dynamics crm
Case Management in Dynamics CRM
  • The case entity provides Incident-based tracking for issues that may arises from customers.
  • For example: a customer service representative creates an incident(case) to track a customer request , question or a problem. All actions and communications can be tracked in the incident entity.
  • An incident can be in one of the three states Active , Resolved or Cancelled.
what is a queue
What is a Queue?
  • A Queue is Simply a list of “Work items” including cases , activities , or other entity types.
  • Queues are a place to organize and store “jobs” waiting to be processed.
  • Queues allows the set of distinct entity records, such as cases with the ability to claim or work on the queue item. It also allows users to know who is working on what.
service level agreement sla
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) offer an easy way to track the time it takes your service representatives to solve support requests.
  • SLA allow users to pause the timer depending on the status reason of the support request.
  • For example: if a service representative is waiting on certain information from the customer, the status reason “waiting on customer” will pause the timer until the status reason changes.
what is entitlement entity
What is Entitlement Entity?
  • Entitlements specify the support term based on number of hours or number of cases. The customer’s support level can vary based on the product or the service that the customer has purchased.
  • Customer who have purchased different product can be entitled to different support levels
standard dynamics crm articles
Standard Dynamics CRM Articles
  • Dynamics CRM Offers users the ability to generate articles which contain knowledge base information that may be surfaced within various records.
  • These articles are stored directly within the Dynamics CRM and are based on templates that are set-up within the services administration area.
  • Articles may be created and access by the users with the correct user roles and permissions .
service scheduling
Service Scheduling
  • The Service scheduler enables you to set up rules that will help you schedule services more efficiently.
  • Instead of listing individual people, you are able to group people with similar skills into resource groups which are treated as pools.
  • Once the service activity is scheduled it appears on the service calendar.
  • Users that are being assigned services can look at their calendar and see what they have to do that day.
entities belongs to service scheduling
Entities Belongs to Service Scheduling
  • Resources: Resources subsist of people, locations or equipment required for a specific service.
  • Resource Group: Resource group is the association of resources of same skills.
  • Work hours : you can use work hours to set up the availability of the user.
  • Services: These are the services that you offer to your clients, and they require one or more resources.
service calendar in service scheduling
Service Calendar in Service Scheduling

All the Scheduled Service activities appeared in the Service Calendar.

The Service Calendar is separate from the other CRM Calendar.

the new customer service hub in dynamics 365
The New Customer service Hub in Dynamics 365
  • The new customer service hub is optimized for the customer service module.
  • It is focused, interactive interface , designed to simplify your day- to day- job.
  • It unifies vital information in one place and lets you focus on one thing that require your attention.
  • The centre piece of the customer service hub is the Interactive Tier1 dashboard.
  • Giving excellent customer service leads to a happy customer.
  • Unhappy customers are not good candidates for repeat business and more importantly they are like to become detractors.
  • Giving good customer service involves having well defined business process , excellent information and a consistent repeatable approach.
  • I would suggest that it is essential for every business ensure their customers become fans who are “promoters” rather than “detractors”.
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