how to build leads with salesforce n.
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how to build leads with salesforce

how to build leads with salesforce

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how to build leads with salesforce

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  1. How to Build Leads with Salesforce Here we Go..

  2. Leads are the life force of every business. Salesforce helps businesses in inbound lead management and allowing them to customize their own lead building system. This helps even smaller businesses boost their revenue and conversion rates. Here are some of the ways in which this can be done.

  3. 6 ways how salesforce helps in lead management

  4. 1. Implement a lead process • Salesforce helps in establishing an effective and structured lead generation system. when the lead needs to be followed up, how the lead needs to be followed up, when to convert a lead to an account, and what a qualified lead is.

  5. 2. Make use of Web-to-Lead forms • Salesforce is high-end lead management software and if you’re a smart business, you’ll know how to leverage it. For starters, start using lead forms on your contact page. This will help you generate more queries.

  6. 3. Automate • There are automation features in Salesforce that allow you to process and categorize leads. This is done by creating a queue for incoming leads and then creating assignment rules that provide the queue with ownership to new leads.

  7. 4. Track lead sources • Create a tracking application to know more about where a lead has originated from. This is important because you need to know which method of advertising generated the best leads.   • In order to track, you will need a separate application and also, a tracking code on your website. There are existing applications that can help with this. Salesforce’s own Pardot is an example

  8. 5. Set up the dashboard • Dashboards make it much easier for you to spot issues, visualize data, and figure out which of your demand generation strategies are producing the highest returns.

  9. 6. Create an email program • Apart from auto responses, do implement an email program. This will help ensure that your leads continue to grow. Of course, the kind of email program you create will depend on your sales cycle and target market. So, make sure you factor those things in.

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