keep your dogs stay cool and comfortable with canine cooler n.
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Keep Your Dogs Stay Cool Comfortable PowerPoint Presentation
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Keep Your Dogs Stay Cool Comfortable

Keep Your Dogs Stay Cool Comfortable

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Keep Your Dogs Stay Cool Comfortable

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  1. Keep your Dogs Stay Cool and Comfortable with Canine Cooler!

  2. Did you know that dogs have difficulty to let their bodies stay cool?

  3. Well, as you all know, they have their built-in fur coat that makes them unable to sweat, they need to relieve their body heat either through gasping or contact with a cool surface - that's why they're always searching for cool tile or concrete to lay on.

  4. What is Canine Cooler? Canine Cooler is a patented pet bed that gives cool, cushioned resting place for your dogs. It is a self-cooling dog cushion that cools without refrigeration, electricity or maintenance, and even offers a number of exciting health benefits as well such as It helps to ease joint pains for the older animal and keeps the active youngsters cool.

  5. What Does Canine Cooler Look Like?

  6. How does the Canine Cooler Pet Bed works?  - Fill the Canine Cooler Pet Bed with water just once to activate it - this gives the device the ability to act as a heat absorber. - The water is fully absorbed into the patented, foam core of the Canine Cooler. Once activated, it will keep on working, so it’s always ready for use when you need it.

  7. How can I make this bed the most comfortable for my dog? This product uses new SoothSoft™ Comfort Technology, a unique way of providing thermoregulation and different types of bodily support. When filled properly with water, this bed should have a "vacuum packed" appearance. There should be no water motion. Try to follow filling instructions carefully.

  8. What does the Canine Cooler feel like? This was designed with comforting mind, so the Canine Cooler feels like cool, soft glove leather. It is a very soothing, relaxing, and has a soft comforting feeling.

  9. How do I keep it in place? The Canine Cooler sits easily on a carpet, vinyl flooring, or in your pet's favorite resting place. The weight of the water absorbed into its core will keep it in place during use.

  10. Is it easy to clean? This is the easiest bed to clean on the market. Simply wash with warm water and a light dish soap, rinse clean and wipe dry. The Canine Cooler® does not absorb odors like conventional beds.

  11. What about winter? Can I still use this bed? Many dogs are still too warm in the winter. If your dog lies on a tile, cement, vinyl or other hard surface, they are probably too hot. If your dog seeks warmth in the winter, the Canine Cooler® can still be used. Covering it with a thick cloth or blanket will block the cooling effect 

  12. Need More Answers about Cooling Dog Bed? Please feel free to visit for more information and selection of items.